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first_imgTo view Closed Captioning, click on the “CC” in the lower right corner of the video.Having trouble viewing the video? Click here!Click here to visit our archived videos.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedMonday Tech Tip: Book Sense XT and DSSeptember 5, 2011In “Easter Seals Crossroads”Monday Tech Tip: The Lomak KeyboardSeptember 26, 2011In “Easter Seals Crossroads”Monday Tech Tip: iPad, tablet and laptop accessoriesOctober 3, 2011In “Easter Seals Crossroads”last_img

Monday Tech Tip BuzzCards

first_img as Wade Wingler demonstrates iPhone app, BuzzCards, that assists people who are Deaf or hearing impaired.Having trouble viewing the video? Click here!Click here to visit our archived videos.To view Closed Captioning, click on the “CC” in the lower right corner of the video.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedMonday Tech Tip: Tap ItJune 25, 2012In “Easter Seals Crossroads”Stay “ntouch” with Sorenson Communications’ Suite of ProductsApril 5, 2017In “Apps”BuzzCards from SorensonJune 13, 2012In “INDATA News”last_img

Fame Color Identifier for Milestone 312

first_imgImage Source: EnableMart.comThe Fame add-on for Milestone 312 lets you use your book reader as a color identifier. This assistive technology device is useful for people who are Blind or have impaired vision. An integrated comparison feature lets you know if colors match. Fame is a precise color reader for Milestone 312. Its high quality detector can identify up to 400 colors and nuances. Fame also provides an option to compare two colors in a very narrow range, giving feedback whether the colors are equal or not. More than just a good color reader, this add-on integrates a light detector which reports if there is light in a room and where it is. Fame is also a structure reader – scan over a piece of paper and as soon as there is some writing or other structure, Fame reports that.Fame provides clear output with easily understandable attributes like “pale light blue” or “strong dark red,” rather than fantasy names like heather violet or vermilion. Shiny and reflective surfaces can be read, as well as matte or slightly transparent ones. You always get reliable and reproducible measures.Features include:Easy to useDetect up to 400 colors and variationsCan read surfaces that are shiny or reflective, matte or transparentComparison function allows you to differentiate colorsBuilt-in light detectorShare this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedMilestone 312 Digital Book ReaderMay 5, 2015In “Products and Devices”Colorino Color Identifier – Light DetectorJuly 5, 2016In “Independent Living”ATU169 – Phillips Light Aide (Dr. Catherine Rose), Free iBill Identifier, 100,000 jobs for people with autism, How the Internet of things will impact people with disabilities, Closing the Gap 2014, 5 Tips for Students with Dyslexia for Back to SchoolAugust 22, 2014In “Assistive Technology Update”last_img read more

7 ways to conserve battery life on iOS 8

first_imgNow that iOS 8 has been available for a couple weeks now, several issues have been reported.  One frequently discussed problem is the increased dwindling of battery life.  In the recent update several new and exciting features were added to better improve the user’s overall experience.  However, these recent additions may be the culprit behind the decreased longevity of the iOS device’s battery life.Here are 7 ways to conserve battery life on iOS 8:1.  Reduce brightnessThis first one may seem a bit obvious, but the display on your iOS device drains your battery.  There is no need to have it shine any brighter than necessary.  In order to adjust the brightness, use the Control Center (swipe up) or visit Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and disable Auto-Brightness so you can decrease the setting manually.2. Manage Background App RefreshSimilar to iOS 7, the latest Apple software comes with Background App Refresh set to “on.”  This feature lets apps run–and continually refresh–in the background while you may be doing other tasks.  This is nice for its constant refreshing, but it does suck the life out of the battery.3. Identify the culpritsA new section has been added under Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage that provides a percentage breakdown of the biggest battery drainers.  This’ll give you a quick overview of the apps that suck away your battery life the most.  When not in use, it’s suggested to close out of these apps or just delete them, if possible.4.  Shut down parallaxWhile some people enjoy Apple’s newer parallax feature that makes it seem as though the wallpaper can move behind the apps, others think it’s dizzying.  Whether people enjoy it or not, it is one of the biggest battery drainers for iOS 8.To turn it off, visit Settings > General > Accessibility and switch Reduce Motion to “ON” 5.  Limit your notification widgetsiOS 8 offers widgets that users can access from the Notification Center by swiping down from the top of the screen and can be customized in your Today view.  These widgets can offer weather updates, transit information, sports’ scores and more.  While these widgets may be convenient, they also pull data frequently and thus decrease battery life.To adjust which widgets you’d like to enable (or keep at bay), simply tap the “Edit” menu at the bottom of the Today screen.6.  Stop location-tracking appsLocation-tracking apps are handy when you need directions or even if you want to keep a geo-log of where you take your pictures, but the constant monitoring is taking away battery life.  There are two ways to manage these location-tracking apps:You can turn off Location Services completely by going into Settings > Privacy > Location Services, ORYou can disable certain apps individuallyThe latter option is suggested so you can still leave on key location-based functions such as Find My iPhone if the device is ever lost.  But wait, there’s more!By selecting the System Services option under Location Services, you can find a collection of other app features that are contributing to battery drainage; these features include “Popular Near Me” and “Frequent Locations.”7. Don’t fetchWith the increased use of social media and smart devices, a majority of us have grown accustomed to always staying connected.  Always.  As a result, we hate missing things like emails.  The fetch function, however, pushes email notifications to your homescreen, and to do so it is always looking for new mail and exhausts the battery life along the way.To prevent further battery drainage, it’s recommended to check your email manually via the Mail app.  In order to turn off the fetch feature, visit Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedTop 7 features for the visually impaired in iOS 8October 7, 2014In “Products and Devices”Apple’s iPhone 6 EventSeptember 2, 2014In “Products and Devices”iOS 10: 10 New Accessibility FeaturesSeptember 14, 2016In “Apple”last_img read more

ATFAQ089 – Q1 Smart Locks Q2 Noise Canceling Headphones Q3 Indestructible iPad

first_img***[58:54] Wildcard Question: Do you buy refurbished or used technology?*** ***[33:11] Question 4 – BeMyEyes vs. Aira*** BRIAN NORTON:  Our next question is, my Aladdin CCTV – that’s an old CCTV.  That’s when I first started.BELVA SMITH:  I pictured it right away.  Todd had one for many years.BRIAN NORTON:  It reminds me of the Nokia brick phones. It’s like the tried and true.WADE WINGLER:  Did you rub my lamp? Wrong Aladdin, sorry.BRIAN NORTON:  It says my Aladdin CCTV – or video magnifier for folks who aren’t familiar with the word CCTV don’t stop working a few weeks ago.  What should I be considering when choosing my next video magnifier?BELVA SMITH:  You definitely want to go into your local assistive technology place and sit down with some of them and look at all the different options you got.  CCTV’s have come so far since that Aladdin.  You have to ask yourself what it is you need.  The first question is, can you still see it good enough with magnification? Or would it be helpful if it could only be magnified but possibly be read to you? Yes, that’s right, CCTV’s can do that now.BRIAN NORTON:  Say what?BELVA SMITH:  And you needed to be portable? Because the Aladdin is pretty small screen size.BRIAN NORTON:  It really is.BELVA SMITH:  So do you need something that is going to be portable and go from room to room or office to school to home? Or do you have a permanent location that you want to put it in.  And then what kind of features do you need? Do you need the line tracking? There is just so many changes with CCTV’s.JOSH ANDERSON:  There are so many different ones.BELVA SMITH:  Yes.  And you can’t just — you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if you listen to someone say to you, oh, here’s what you need.  You need the “XYZ” that does “ABC” because until you’ve seen it and seen all the other options can’t you just don’t know what’s going to be the best choice for yourself.  It’s a lot of money.  Even though CCTV’s have gotten all these great new features, and the prices have come down somewhat, they are still very expensive.BRIAN NORTON:  Usually your thinking probably between $2,500 to $3,500 for your kind of standard CCTV —BELVA SMITH:  Absolutely.BRIAN NORTON:  And then up from there with some bells and whistles.BELVA SMITH:  Where are the buttons located, that’s also a very important thing.  I definitely highly suggest that you go sit down in front of some different screen sizes and just shapes and sizes of them to see the need and “XY” table or is that not really important to you, lots of different questions to be asked once you see the different — that would be a good question to know, how many CCTV’s are on the market today?BRIAN NORTON:  That may show up in our next show.BELVA SMITH:  There are lots.JOSH ANDERSON:  A lot of the handheld CCTV’s have HDMI-out now so you can hook them to your big-screen TV or something like that and have a portable one and one for home, just depending on what you need before.  It’s really, what you need and what features work best for you?BELVA SMITH:  Right.  In my guess is you are probably using the Aladdin with a black background and white font.  You could probably replace that with an iPad and a scan jig for under $500 and have a screen almost the same size, if not bigger, and truer black, truer white.  That may be all you need.BRIAN NORTON:  Belva, you mentioned go to your local AT place.  I want to make sure folks who were in this situation where your technology has gone out, or for whatever reason you are considering a new type of technology, specifically assistive in nature, check out your local assistive technology act.  I’m going to drive you guys to our website, go to That will take you to our site where you can plug in your state and it will bring up your local or state assistive technology act.  They would then be able to look you up, if you are not in the same city that they are in, they’ll tell you where – typically they’ll come to your door to do a demo, but they may also send you to a regional site as well to be able to take a look at some of the technology.  But again, it gets you in front of stuff to touch it and feel it, experience it a little bit and make an informed decision on what you want and what’s going to best meet your needs based on some features that you may not know even exist or we didn’t get to mention on the show.BELVA SMITH:  I’m going to guess that in our lending library we have 20 plus desktop CCTV’s.  Those are all different ones.  Not because we have three of this one and four of that one.  That’s just the different ones.  What we have is a drop in the bucket to what’s available.BRIAN NORTON:  We will get one that has all the features.  But you can get any variation of that as well.  The other thing I’ll mention with care, because of a mentioned this before, vendors, a lot of time, will offer demos of their product.  If you are interested in a particular one, you can have a vendor come out.  Often they’ll be happy to come out and show you something.  But be careful, because they are there to sell you a product.  Just be careful with that.  But again, if you are interested in a particular one, they will oftentimes come to your door and show you the product because they want to sell you it.  That’s under the option and they were to get your hands on some of the technology.  But again, know that they are at the door to sell you the product and make sure that it’s really something that’s going to meet your needs and not anything extra.  It’s kind of what you are really looking for with that.BELVA SMITH:  A lot of times, the libraries, independent living centers in your area, they will have maybe one or two different CCTV’s set up that you can take a look at.  That might be another option.  But really, I would say you want to look at no less than four five different shapes and sizes before we figure out which one is going to be appropriate for you, especially if the money is coming out of your pocket.BRIAN NORTON:  Absolutely. Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadPanel – Brian Norton, Belva Smith, and Wade Wingler – Q1- Smart Locks Q2- Noise Canceling Headphones Q3- Indestructible iPad Cases Q4- BeMyEyes vs. Aira Q5- Accessing PDF’s using Jaws Q6- Desktop Video Magnifier features Q7- Wildcard Question: Do you buy refurbished or used technology? BRIAN NORTON:  Our next question is, I have an employee using JAWS — which is a screen reader for those who don’t know — to access an electronic medical record system.  For the most part, the EMR system is accessible but there are some screens and PDF prints that do not read for the employee.  Is there any way for the employee to access this information?I’ll just throw out there that in a lot of job situations, screen readers in general are going to work pretty well because I think a lot of things have moved to more accessible formats, so there using more of a Windows-based system.  A lot of it is a hybrid system.  It all depends on what the programmers did to make it accessible, making sure that there are all tabs and other kinds of information for the screen reader to grab onto and be able to read as it taps through forms and things like that.One of the things I’ll mention is we provide a lot of scripting around here.  If you do run into a situation where you are using a screen reader on a third-party application, maybe like this EMR system, scripting can really improve access.  You can make moving around the screen more efficient by pressing one keystroke as opposed to 10 keystrokes to get to a particular area of the screen.  Scripting is certainly a possibility to make access better.  I don’t know if scripting is going to do a lot with PDF documents that may be coming from the EMR system that they are talking about.  But certainly just general access to the EMR is going to get better as scripting can be provided.I know JAWS for a long time now has been including something called convenient OCR built into the system.  Anybody have experience with that? I’m looking at you, Belva, because I haven’t used convenient OCR –BELVA SMITH:  Yeah.  It’s been around for a while.  It’s such a natural thing anymore the I don’t even think of it as being –JOSH ANDERSON:  Has been three years?WADE WINGLER:  I think version 7 or something.BELVA SMITH:  It’s been quite a while.  My short answer to everyone who says, oh, I have PDF, I can’t access — you should be able to access a PDF as long as it’s text.WADE WINGLER:  I’m guessing this isn’t because they are talking about PDF prints.  My guess is within the EMR system, these are probably scanned documents.  These are probably things that were printed out, scanned in, and they’ve dumped them in there.  Then you’re going to have to look at OCR to make that happen.BELVA SMITH:  Or read aloud should be able to do it, which is built into the Adobe Acrobat program itself.JOSH ANDERSON:  Another thing is if you are in the EMR system, it might not be using Acrobat.BELVA SMITH:  You are correct.BRIAN NORTON:  Does Acrobat we just standard PDF files?JOSH ANDERSON:  A lot of them.WADE WINGLER:  If it’s real text.  But I’m guessing this isn’t real text.  It’s an image.BRIAN NORTON:  It’s just a picture.WADE WINGLER:  I’m guessing it’s an image.BELVA SMITH:  So probably the convenient OCR would be the best bet.  If you never use that – what is it, Josh? You press the space bar —BRIAN NORTON:  It’s like a 3-key keystroke.BELVA SMITH: Insert, space bar, “O” and you hear a funny sound.  Then you do a “W” for the window or “D” for the document. And it will run through and pull any text that you can from that screenshot.  And then it will begin to read it to you using the JAWS voices, so you’ll know that it has pulled that text.BRIAN NORTON:  You should’ve seen Belva work through that keystroke.WADE WINGLER:  Her fingers were going.JOSH ANDERSON:  She was playing a magical invisible keyboard.WADE WINGLER:  I’m googling it, and she guide right.BELVA SMITH:  I have to dig.  There are a lot of keystrokes.WADE WINGLER:  Our next show needs to be Belva’s brain where we just ask her things that she tries to recover.BELVA SMITH:  A lot of keystrokes in that head.JOSH ANDERSON:  Another thing you can do, especially for those PDF prints is see if you can use seeing AI.  I’ve used it to read a computer screen to myself before. OrCam is another, but that’s another pretty expensive way.BRIAN NORTON:  That’s a good idea.  I didn’t think about.JOSH ANDERSON:  Or if you use something else for OCR — and Wade is going to yell at me because this is probably a pretty bad HIPAA idea — but print it out and have it read to you by some sort of OCR device and then shred it.BELVA SMITH:  What about sending it to the virtual — what’s it called? Freedom printer.  You know what I mean? So instead of printing it out, you print it to the virtual freedom printer and then it will read it to you as well, hopefully.WADE WINGLER:  More options than there used to be, that’s for sure.JOSH ANDERSON:  For sure.  The thing is you may need scripting because it does say some screens.  If it is one where you have to fill out boxes are things like that, you might need some scripting just to know where you are all the time in order to fill in boxes and other things like that.BELVA SMITH:  What scares me about that is she saying some screens it doesn’t speak at all.  In order for scripting to work, Josh, you and I have had this conversation, the screen reader has to be able to pull something from the screen.JOSH ANDERSON:  At least say “blank.”BRIAN NORTON:  The number one thing I do just make sure that there is text – and what people can do is turn your jaws cursor on and just move your jaws cursor around the screen.  If your JAWS cursor can find it, it’s there. If it says “blank, blank, blank,” it’s not really there.BELVA SMITH:  And if it jumps from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen, then there is really nothing there.  No scripting is going to fix that.BRIAN NORTON:  Josh, I didn’t think of that, but seeing AI and some of these other apps, you might be able to put your Aira glasses on and go to town.  That might be enough.  But I think EMR systems, you’re talking about protected health information and you can’t really have that relationship.BELVA SMITH:  But seeing AI doesn’t say the information.  It captures it, reads it, and it’s gone unless you tell it to save.WADE WINGLER:  I’m freaking out over here.BRIAN NORTON:  Wade is our security officer.  He just blew up.WADE WINGLER:  Data has to be secure and encrypted both at rest and in-transit.  When you stored on your hard drive, he needs to be encrypted —JOSH ANDERSON:  Or if you send it to an artificial intelligence to read it —WADE WINGLER:  Yeah.  That would be a HIPAA thing. Just my opinion.  I’m not a lawyer.BELVA SMITH:  I wonder if the Aira glasses would also be a HIPAA thing because you’re dealing with someone on the other and that you don’t really know.WADE WINGLER:  You would need a business associates agreement in place with them.  I don’t know if they do that or not.BRIAN NORTON:  That would be interesting to find out.  That would solve a lot of problems who have special Situations.BELVA SMITH:  So the short answer to this question is try your convenient OCR if you haven’t already tried that.BRIAN NORTON:  Which is what keystroke?BELVA SMITH: Insert, space, “O.” And the “W” or “D.”BRIAN NORTON:  Nice.BELVA SMITH:  Hopefully that’s going to get to access to those PDFs.  As far as the screens, I don’t know.JOSH ANDERSON:  And if not, talk to your privacy officer.BELVA SMITH:  Another good question for this person would be what version of JAWS are you using? JAWS 2019 has developed so much more than some of the older ones.  A lot of businesses are still using – like I’ve currently seen JAWS 13 being used by a business.  That’s so outdated compared to where they are today with the 2019.  That would be a good question, is what version of JAWS are using, and could you upgrade?JOSH ANDERSON:  That might actually fix the problem in itself.BELVA SMITH:  That might fix the problem.WADE WINGLER:  It’s interesting, I’m looking at Aira’s website, and they do have some stuff about – I’m sorry but this is Aria. Different company. I’m googling the wrong thing.  I’m not saying anything about Aira and HIPAA which means they probably can’t do a business associate’s agreement.BELVA SMITH:  I don’t think they want people – and this is something that I have to explain frequently to my consumers.  I don’t really think they want you to put those glasses on and think that you’re going to be able to do your job all day long.  They don’t want you keeping someone on the phone for eight hours a day.BRIAN NORTON:  They don’t?BELVA SMITH:  I don’t think so.  Think about how quick your 300 minutes are going to go, right? Without further ado, we’re going to jump in today. We didn’t get any feedback last week, but we do have several really good questions that came in.  The first one has to do with smart locks.  The first question is, I have a patient that I’m working with that would like a smart lock.  She’s currently unable to lock and unlock the door and leaves unlock for her aides.  Smart locks.  I don’t have experience with smart locks?BELVA SMITH:  That makes me really nervous that somebody sitting around with their door unlocked, especially 24/7 in this day and age.  I would first like to recommend that whatever lock you choose to get, you should make sure to keep the paperwork on how to change those codes.  Because you don’t want an ex-aide to have your code.BRIAN NORTON:  Once you give it away, they’ve got it, right?BELVA SMITH:  That’s right.  We have a lock on our garage entry door to the house.  I think I’m going to say it wrong — schlage (phonetic). It costs $80 and has the keypad.  We just created a code for ourselves and we created a code for Todd’s mom, so if we are going on vacation or whatever and she needs to get in, she can get in without having our code.  I think it stores up to four different codes and they can be changed at any time.  This is not what you would call a smart lock in any way.  It’s not connected to a lecture or anything like that.  It does have batteries in it.  We’ve been using it going on two years and have never had to change the batteries.  Trust me when I tell you it gets used a lot, because I go in and out through that door many times every day.  I don’t know what to say about how long the batteries will last, but I know we’ve been using it for a couple of years and haven’t had to change them.Now there are a lot of different locks that are available on the market today that are compatible with your home assistant, the A-lady or the Google home.WADE WINGLER: A-lady, she plays on the A Team.BRIAN NORTON:  That’s the Amazon smart device.BELVA SMITH:  Yes.  Those range in price, anywhere from $100-$400.  The nice thing about those is – I would say the nice thing about those, but what I would say what I recommend if you’re going to go that route is to also consider one of the doorbells so that you can actually see who you are opening the door for.  Otherwise you are just having the home assistant open the front door and you may not know who is on the other side. For example, I have the echo show which has the screen so I can say show me the front door, and it will show me who was on the other side because I also have the ring video doorbell.  Those have come way down in price this year.  They are way cheap now.BRIAN NORTON:  Especially around Christmas.BELVA SMITH:  Exactly.  So if you are going to do a smart lock, I would consider throwing in one of the video doorbells just to be safe.  Of course, you can see who is there and they will tell you who is there.  Hopefully you can hear that.  But you don’t want to be just opening the front door to anyone.  You certainly don’t want to be in a position where you are living your front door unlocked.I think depending upon whether you’ve got Wi-Fi, whether you’ve got a home assistant, whether you want to spend $100 or three to $400 is what makes your decision as to whether you’re going with a smart lock or just a keypad lock.  I will say, I feel very secure with mine.  It’s a very stout lock.  It doesn’t feel cheap in any way.BRIAN NORTON:  Some of them do, right?BELVA SMITH:  Yeah.  We just got it at Home Depot.WADE WINGLER:  Belva, I have to jump in and say I’ve got the same lock.  It’s also a Schlage.  It has the ability – I think if I buy another thing to connect it to one of the home assistance.  Hours has been in place for almost 2 years and the batteries are still going good.  The same thing.  I do know there is a pinhole on the back of it that is the speaker whole, so I assume when the battery starts to get low, it’s going to chirp out us or something so I’ll know to go change that.A couple of things of interest.  I installed ours, and one of the things you have to know about any sort of it automated lock is when you install it, you’ve got the deadbolt plate and you’ve got the actual deadbolt.  The plate is to hold it in the door frame where the deadbolt slides into.  We live in Indiana, and the temperature and humidity changes here a lot.  If you have one of those doors where you have to lean and it.The year or wiggle it a little bit to get that that to go in, you can’t have that with one of these locks.  The deadbolt are actually tapered a little bit so that if the door is out of alignment a little bit, when it closes – because the deadbolt is tapered at an angle, it will slide the door into the right position to lock.  But I had to sort of do some wood surgery on my door frame because — until I installed of that, our door, you had to shut it, lean into it a little bit, and then close the deadbolt.  That will work because the little battery operated motors that make these things go can’t hold your door shut for you or wiggle it or whatever.  When you go to install, I know a lot of people who’ve  a lot been frustrated because it’s like, my deadbolt doesn’t line up on the new one or the old one and I got this problem now because I don’t know how to do the carpentry work required to make that happen.  I’m no carpenter and it took a would chisel and a few tries, but I finally got it all lined up to where all seasons now, it works and lives up.BELVA SMITH:  Mines going to be different from you, because mine is not a deadbolt.  Mine is just the standard door handle.  The way it locks is after I closed the door – this is what I love about it because we never remembered to lock that door when we went to bed at night.  In a minute or 30 seconds – I think in the beginning we chose how long it would wait — it automatically locks.WADE WINGLER:  The other thing I wanted to say – this is funny – you said two or three times in your response.  I agree you should never leave your house unlocked.  I was raised in the country —BELVA SMITH:  I know, right?WADE WINGLER:  In the seventies.  Our door in the house where we grew up out in the sticks did not have a lock.  We just did not own a lock on our door.  You could just come in to our house because – what if the neighbor do something? That was the logic that we used back then.  I’m with you.  I always like our door too, but I come from a time and place where we didn’t even have locks on our doors back in the day.JOSH ANDERSON:  Belva, going back to something you talk about, as far as giving out codes and things like that, or keys and getting — and that person no longer works there.  A lot of them you can have different pin codes.  As soon as someone leaves, you can just delete that.  Some of those can hold up to 100 different ones.  A lot of them will send you text messages or they keep a track of who comes in and out.  And some of them have what I think is called digital keys, so it’s basically something on your phone, you wave your phone across it.  It’ll unlock but in those whose phone that is, when they enter the door and everything else.  You can know who is there, when they are there, and all those things, and even get alerts if you’re not home and someone enters that code.BRIAN NORTON:  An example of that would be August locks.  August the locks have an app on your phone.  As you get close to the lock, it’ll unlock your door.WADE WINGLER:  That makes me nervous because that if you lose your phone — or someone steals your phone.  We debated whether or not to do one of those on our front door.  If you lose your phone or someone steals your phone, then they have a key to her front door automatically.WADE WINGLER:  What if you lose your key? Your phone you can shut off and do find my iPhone.BELVA SMITH:  Okay.  I don’t carry my keys so I guess that’s why —BRIAN NORTON:  You just carry the code in your mind?BELVA SMITH:  I push my bun to open my garage door, and I know my code to get into the house.JOSH ANDERSON:  What do you do if the power is out?BELVA SMITH:  We almost had that.JOSH ANDERSON:  Go somewhere else?WADE WINGLER:  Call Todd.BELVA SMITH:  We almost had that problem not too long ago with the bad weather.  We were like, thank goodness the garage door was up.  Otherwise — that’s when we took a key and found out – we have one key to our doors in our house.  That’s it.BRIAN NORTON:  All your locks are different?BELVA SMITH:  Yes.BRIAN NORTON: Oh wow.WADE WINGLER:  Hours are the same.BELVA SMITH:  We paid to have the condo keyed the same and we have it with this.WADE WINGLER:  We also keep a key part at a neighbors house that we trust really well.  So if we ran into that situation, you could just go and say, hey, give me the key.BELVA SMITH:  Thanks for saying that.  That did just remind me.  I do have one hidden key.WADE WINGLER:  Where is it?JOSH ANDERSON:  It’s under the rock next to the door.WADE WINGLER:  It’s a plastic rock.BELVA SMITH:  It is inside of the garage so you have to get into the garage.BRIAN NORTON:  A couple of things to keep in mind that I was taking about, what should you be thinking about when you buy a lock like this.  The first one is the style really does matter.  If it’s not a regular household deadbolt, or like options are going to be limited because I think a lot of these smart locks include a deadbolt in them.  Look for that.  If it’s just a regular one that doesn’t have a deadbolt, be mindful of that and look and make sure that you’re getting the right type.BELVA SMITH:  Which way does your handle go?BRIAN NORTON:  That’s true.  Absolutely.  Style does matter.  You also need to think about full replacement versus a conversion kit.  I know you can go out and get a conversion kit for some of these things as well.  I would never recommend a conversion kit because I think sometimes you’re trying to make it fit when it really doesn’t fit.  I think replacing the whole thing is going to allow you to have a tight fit and be more secure longer-term that some of those conversion kits.  For the smart ones, it does matter the kind of connection you want to have.  A lot of these use Zigby or Z-wave and they use a smart hub or smart home hub like smart things or wink that will allow you to then connect the lock to the smart hub and then your phone or the kinds of things to go over Wi-Fi and connect with the lock.  The other ones I mentioned, August locks, I believe that works via Bluetooth.  When you are in range, it connects and can unlock and lock those doors.  Keep that in mind.Belva, you mentioned keypads.  Some come with keypads, some don’t.  If you are interested in a keypad to make sure you grab one like that.BELVA SMITH:  That was very important for me because of Todd being visually impaired.  We needed tactile buttons.BRIAN NORTON:  That’s a very good point.BELVA SMITH:  So as we were looking for which when we were going to use, that was one of the things that we had to make sure that we had included.BRIAN NORTON:  Lastly, I would make sure to talk about battery life.  Figure out what the battery life is going to be.  Wade, you mentioned you had your battery for a couple of years now.WADE WINGLER:  Almost 2 years.BELVA SMITH:  Me too.BRIAN NORTON:  And they haven’t worn out.  I think a couple of them have AA batteries built into them or a place to be able to put AA batteries.  Again, check the battery life and what people say about some of those.  I know it varies from lock to lock.Schlage has some.  I think most lock companies have some version of a smart lock.  Some of the ones that I’ve heard of, Lockitron is one, Schlage Sense is their really smart lock line. August is another one. That is more of a direct to your phone over Bluetooth way to open and close doors.  There may be some options for this particular individual who wants to make sure she’s more safe and secure in her home instead of having aides coming and going back and forth with her door unlocked.You mentioned being in the country, Wade.  My parents still don’t lock their doors?WADE WINGLER:  Really?BRIAN NORTON:  No. We have to lock them –WADE WINGLER:  They aren’t in the country.  I’ve been to their house.BELVA SMITH:  Brian’s parents do lock their doors.WADE WINGLER:  And Belva’s code is 4444.BRIAN NORTON:  And they are going to be on vacation from such and such a day — yeah.  My parents still don’t lock doors.  We get frustrated with them when we go down.  This is in the time and place to be able to have that where you just unlock your doors.WADE WINGLER:  On the other hand, when my in-laws come down, they like all the inside doors, the outside doors, the storm doors, the windows, close all the blinds, pull all the drapes.JOSH ANDERSON:  What are they up to? They’ve got something going on.WADE WINGLER:  And they keep sending us crime statistics for the suburb we live in.  Then I look them up in the town they live in, which is much worse crime.  It’s just much worse.BELVA SMITH:  I’m kind of the same way.  I draw the blinds and everything.  My kids are like, awe, mom. But that’s just a habit to draw the blinds and make sure all the doors are locked.  But I would just say that, yes, having some sort of a safety lock is probably a good idea.  And because we didn’t always remember to lock our door, that’s why this lot became important for us, because now we don’t have to remember to lock the door.  It just automatically locks itself.JOSH ANDERSON:  When you look at it, some work well with Android, some with iOS, some with different apps, some need Alexa, some work better with different smart devices.  It’s always important to think about.BRIAN NORTON:  Connections are really important.  How do you want to access it?JOSH ANDERSON:  And just what do you need it to do? BRIAN NORTON:  Our next question is our episode on for the week.  What we are going to do is take a look at BeMyEyes and talk about it and how it compares with Aira.  BeMyEyes and Aira are both apps for folks who are visually impaired or blind and a lot of folks to be connected to a remote audio descriptor, so they are talking to you and looking through either glasses, a camera from your glasses with Aira would do – or BeMyEyes, which was looking through the camera of your mobile device – to then help describe what’s happening around you or what you are looking at, giving you a better understanding of what to do with whatever is in front of you.We’re going to jump in and start talking about BeMyEyes and Aira.JOSH ANDERSON:  If we are talking about a showdown in the kinds of differences, I would say the big difference is cost.  BeMyEyes is free.  Aira is a paid monthly service. And I would say this is one of those things where you do get what you pay for.  Like Mac, what it does is you open up an app.  Essentially it is for folks who are sighted or blind or low vision.  You let it know which one you are.  If I have low vision or am blind, I open up BeMyEyes, telling I need help, and it starts sending out feelers to those sighted folks who are on the app, saying someone needs help.  One of them answers and accesses your camera, your microphone, and you can ask them what’s the day on the milk, is it raining outside, anything that you would want.  And they would answer that question.  With Aira, uses smart glasses and you can get directions.  You can call you an Uber, all kinds of different stuff.  The big difference is BeMyEyes is volunteers.  It’s anyone who wants to sign up.BRIAN NORTON:  They are not trained at all.JOSH ANDERSON:  They are trained at all.  I guess you are accepting that you are not going to be weird or anything like that, but I’m sure that people read it about as much as they read the one when they update their iTunes.  Whereas folks on Aira are all going to be trained, vetted, background checked, all those things.  So you are along them a little bit more access and you know what you are getting a little bit more.  I’ve had folks use BeMyEyes and find actually helpful.  The thing is if they need help at 3 o’clock in the morning, it might be a while before someone actually answers because no one might be on their phone and hitting those apps at the time.  Also Aira is more encompassing.  It’s going to be able to walk you seven miles to the next bus stop or something like that and tell you everything that is around you.  If someone answer your call on BeMyEyes and you take them on an eight hour walk, they are probably going to be upset that they answer that call.BELVA SMITH:  I don’t think that it was intended to be used in the longevity like that.  It was intended for, like you said, quick question and not necessarily to give you directions or give you as much does what do they call it? Information about your surroundings?BRIAN NORTON:  Your periphery?BELVA SMITH:  Something they call it.JOSH ANDERSON:  I like information about your surroundings.  That sounds good to me.BRIAN NORTON:  It’s a very good term.JOSH ANDERSON:  That works.  The whole process behind it was borrowing someone’s eyes, so for something quick, something that I need a little bit of information on.  As simple as which one of these is the green tie? Something like that.  And other things.  It’s very different.  They are very different in the scope of what they can do, although they are based on the same idea, of sighted assistance.BRIAN NORTON:  I think a big thing that separates them is BeMyEyes only allows you access to the camera and the microphone on your smart device, whereas Aira, they can access not only your camera and microphone but your GPS.  They can also have proximity sensors, accelerometer, your gyroscope.  So they are accessing more information about — not who you are but where you are and what you’re doing to be able to help provide more information –JOSH ANDERSON:  Your surroundings.BRIAN NORTON:  Yeah.  I think a couple of other things, BeMyEyes, to picture it for folks who haven’t use the app, I think the FaceTime where you are just having a conversation through videophone where they are seeing what you are seeing to the camera on your smart phone.  That’s kind of what that is.  When you are talking with Aira, they have a dashboard that is connected to those glasses that you are wearing.  You are on essentially a video phone call where they are saying what your glasses are looking at, and then they have a dashboard with all this other information.  They can sense of where you are tricky if you’re looking for directions, they can send you places and tell you how to get there.  Lots of things.  If you need to call an Uber, they can tell Uber way to pick you up, those kinds of things.  Lots of information.WADE WINGLER:  I think the even keep track of your preferences, right? Like the kinds of restaurants you go to.  Things you provide and it’s okay.  But they like to know, you like Chick-fil-A.  Let’s find one of those.BELVA SMITH:  I think a good distinguishing explanation that I’ve heard about the two – because you have to keep in mind, one of them is classified as a wearable device, which is what the Aira is.  Aira is a service that is going to help the blind individual.  It’s basically like a visual interpreter for the blind individual.  It’s going to give them the ability to navigate, whereas BeMyEyes isn’t necessarily there to provide the navigational as much as the informational.BRIAN NORTON:  Right.  That’s true.BELVA SMITH:  And there is the cost comparison.  One of them is free, one of them is not.BRIAN NORTON:  I think another thing I’ll throw out there is, really, BeMyEyes is for that brief interaction.  There is no contingencies with that.  If you are in an emergency situation, those kinds of things, I think with Aira, you can have them call emergency or do things for you.  They have a partnership with Uber so they can get to the transportation if you need transportation.  There is a whole lot more that goes into it with Aira.  And that’s what you are paying for.  You are paying for that wraparound service than just in and out with specific questions and needing specific information about a particular something that’s in front of you.BELVA SMITH:  I think if you are a really independent, active blind individual who may be going to school or going to work, you want both.JOSH ANDERSON:  Oh yeah.BELVA SMITH:  If you can afford to have both, you want to have both.  They both have some similarities, but they are different enough that – I always think of the toolbox with the screwdrivers and the wrenches.  You need different sizes to do different jobs.JOSH ANDERSON:  Depending on what you are doing, Aira, while expensive for the time, some businesses are starting to pick that up.  There are some universities.  I think Ball State University in Indiana has their own license, so if you are a blind student going there and you have Aira, as long as you are on their Wi-Fi on their campus, you are using their minutes.  You are not using yours.BRIAN NORTON:  I didn’t know that.JOSH ANDERSON:  There are some grocery stores that are starting to do it.  Some airports are starting to make it available.  You have to have your own device, so you have to have Aira.  You can’t just walk in and pick one up and go.  As long as you are on their system, you are using their minutes and not using your own.  So if you only have so many, it can cut that price down because if that’s where you shop and you are in the airport a lot and you’re going to school, you probably don’t need as many minutes because most of the time you’re using someone else’s.BELVA SMITH:  They recently revamped their pricing package and lowered the price on their lower —BRIAN NORTON:  They have an intro package which is 30 minutes a month.  It’s basically like a data plan.  It’s $29 per month for their intro, which is for 30 minutes a month.  There standard license or feet would be $99 per month.  That gives you about 120 minutes of service.  And if you get the advanced, which is 199 per month — if you can afford that – that’s 300 minutes.  They also have this thing called guest free.  I’m not exactly sure what that is.  That’s new to me.  It’s free to download, free to use, and it talks about having access to the smartphone app that comes with it.  And then Aira access calls, I’m not sure exactly what that is, which I guess it allows you to connect to an agent for free when you use one of our Aira access offers.  I’m not sure what that is.  Maybe that’s when you have a promotion or something going on.JOSH ANDERSON:  Or that could be with those businesses that offer the service know.BELVA SMITH:  I would say that quoting those prices could be risky, because I think that they are constantly working on that.  Definitely if it is something you are interested in, you would probably want to contact them and get the current rates.  I do have a past consumer that was using it and was paying for it out of his pocket.  He loved it.  He just didn’t find that he was using it as much as he thought he would, which is again I think why having both devices would be — or both access devices would be good.  Because if you are getting close to your minutes and you just want to know is that a Coke in front of me or an energy drink, it’s probably going to be wiser to use BeMyEyes then —BRIAN NORTON:  Or just take a taste.BELVA SMITH:  Or take a test.BRIAN NORTON:  I guess if you are wanting a Diet Coke and you got a sip of energy drink, that could be shocking.JOSH ANDERSON:  Especially in the evening.WADE WINGLER:  Then you’ve ruined it.  Then you just throw it away.  Come on.JOSH ANDERSON:  What would the kids drink?WADE WINGLER:  Or if you are like me and you have diabetes I can’t tell regular Coke from a Diet Coke very well.BRIAN NORTON:  If you are interested in learning more about Aira, their website is You can find information about Aira there. BeMyEyes, you can go to the iTunes Store and look that up on iTunes. It’s BeMyEyes, all one word, B-E-M-Y-E-Y-E-S.BELVA SMITH:  It’s also available on Android now.BRIAN NORTON:  It is.  You’re right.  It will give you information about what it is, how it works.BELVA SMITH:  Be prepared because you do have to sign up for an account to use BeMyEyes.  They have to send you an email to confirm it.  It’s not like you’re going to download it and using it.  It does take a minute to get it set up.BRIAN NORTON:  In my opinion, I don’t mind doing that because you are —JOSH ANDERSON:  It’s not a bad safety check just to make sure you don’t have bots and things like that running accounts.BELVA SMITH:  I think it’s important —BRIAN NORTON:  I was going to say for the Joker out there who once to screw around with people, if they have to fill out an application and wait, they are not going to hang around most of the time.JOSH ANDERSON:  I never had to do it, never had anyone have to do it, and never had someone have problems.  But if you do have to ask for help and someone gives you – had you drink the olive oil as opposed to the Diet Coke, I think you can file complaints and things like that.  I was just thinking.  And energy drink and a Diet Coke, not that big of a difference.  But olive oil?BELVA SMITH:  I think it’s important to point out that the equipment that is required for the Aira glasses is also free.  They provide you with equipment.BRIAN NORTON:  Absolutely.JOSH ANDERSON:  And as they update and upgrade, I think they send you the new one.  They were using Google Glass for a while. Now I think they are using something else.  That would just continue to change and get better. ***[4:23] Question 1 – Smart Locks*** ***[17:39] Question 2 – Noise Canceling Headphones*** BRIAN NORTON:  Our next question is, I have a patient with a history of concussion.  She requires noise canceling headphones and currently has the ones from Bose.  I believe they are called quiet comfort – I look those up.  She cannot wear them and her glasses because they are comfortable for her.  She won something that covers her full ear.  Any suggestions on a good headphone that might sit on the back of her head or something that doesn’t press into the ears too much and then press on her glasses? It sounds like there is some discomfort when she has the headset pushing against her glasses which then push against her head and it makes you uncomfortable.I don’t know about you guys, but you either cover your ears or you don’t.  I don’t know if there are different tensions on actual – I’m looking around the room and we all have these big headsets on.WADE WINGLER:  We all look like Princess Leia.JOSH ANDERSON:  There are some different ones on the way they lay on the ear.  There are some called Libra tones, which I’ve used their in-ear headsets. But the over the ear don’t have – if you think of the big cuffs, the big enough part.  They are just a rounded in the middle and sit on the ear itself.  Maybe that would work? It would be something you would want to try out.  That might be even more uncomfortable.BELVA SMITH:  Isn’t that the way the Beats are designed? Don’t the Beats – they aren’t  cuff?JOSH ANDERSON:  They just sit on top? I think some of them are.  Granted, that may be a comfortable with it pushing on the cartilage, but maybe it won’t push on the glasses quite as bad.BRIAN NORTON:  We’ve used Libra tone headsets before with folks, and they do actually do the artificial noise cancellation that Bose does it.  Where you like a switch.  The Libra tone app is enabled and you can adjust that too however much noise canceling you want.  That’s a good suggestion.  Then that wouldn’t push against her glasses.  It would just be on the ear.JOSH ANDERSON:  Granted, it might be more comfortable because of the way it pushes against the cartilage of the ear, but you still have the over the — because some folks don’t like in ear headphones.  It annoys them, feels like something is playing around in your ear.  Maybe that would be a compromise that would go between the two.BELVA SMITH:  This would probably be a good one where you would want to go into the store or look for your local assistive technology act to see if they have some different ones that you could try.  I know that the caller is saying that they specifically wanted something that would go over the ear, but I’m hearing — I’ve not use them, but I’m hearing amazing things about the aftershocks, which actually sit behind the ear.  In fact, I was just with a gentleman a couple of weeks ago that was using them connected to his iPhone.  I didn’t even realize that he had a headset on.BRIAN NORTON:  Those are bone conduction headsets.  They sent over your ear and have a little pad that sits just in front of your ear —BELVA SMITH:  His was all the way behind his ear.BRIAN NORTON:  They go from the back of your head, wrap around to the front of your ear.  Then there are little pads that are vibrating and producing sound up on to the bones which would then allow you to hear it really well.BELVA SMITH:  I’m hearing really good.BRIAN NORTON:  It’s really good sound, yeah.  Absolutely.JOSH ANDERSON:  Can those do noise canceling? I haven’t really ever used the bone conducting.BRIAN NORTON:  Bone conducting headset are mostly for folks who want to still hear what is going on around them. You are not having anything over your ear or in your ear or anything like that, so you are still able to hear what’s happening around you.JOSH ANDERSON:  You just have the sound coming through?BELVA SMITH:  Then they wouldn’t be at all good for her, because she did want noise canceling.BRIAN NORTON:  Talking about Libra tone, which is the noise canceling headset, I put some the call Bose quite control earbuds — anything Bose is going to cost you $200 or more.  Libra tone, I want to say they were — before they are between $80 and $200, just depending on features.  What’s nice is you can set how much sound comes through, see you can actually get 80 percent of the sound through or set them as high as though go and less than 10 percent of sun will come through the headphones.BRIAN NORTON:  They are impressive.  I’ve been pretty impressed with those.JOSH ANDERSON:  They are pretty neat.BELVA SMITH:  The bottom line is none of them are going to be comfortable for long term wear. Any kind of headset is going to become uncomfortable after a certain my time.WADE WINGLER:  I think it’s important — this could be a tricky question.  If you have a particularly large or particularly small head, then the fit is going to be different.  All of the advice out there is you really need to try several on.  Most of them have some a disability, so most people think that the adjustment is just for up and down, how tall your head is.  But that actually adjusts the tension as well.  I think it’s about trying lots of different ones and adjusting them and messing around with it a little bit.  The ones that the caller is talking about are supposed to be super comfortable among the ones that are out there, but they just might not be the greatest fit in the world.  Like you said Belva, you need to try and put them on your head and check them out.  There’s also a ton of online discussion forums for people who are audiophiles about what headsets fit best.  If you put “over the ear headset fit” or “comfort” or things like that into Google, you’re going to find a lot of people discussing and saying I tried these and I’ve got a big head and they work great, or I tried these and I’ve got a big head and they were too small or whatever.  It may mean that you need to read some reviews on Amazon or wherever and some of those discussion forums.  But the best advice is to go and try them on.JOSH ANDERSON:  You might be able to do that at Best Buy or a place like that.  Still have a lot of them set up where you can break them out and try them on.  Maybe not the in ear as much but the over the ear, they probably have some.BRIAN NORTON:  That would be a little weird.JOSH ANDERSON:  That would be gross.  Be careful what you are buying or get there early.BRIAN NORTON:  I usually send folks to your assistive technology act.  I know even for our library, we have a couple of options, but you’re right, Josh, I think going to a Best Buy or some sort of audiovisual store.  We had a Fry’s Electronics here in town.  Trying out several different models and styles would be a really beneficial thing for folks to do.  We have the Bose headsets, both the earbuds and the over the ear styles.  We also have a couple of other versions of those that are less expensive.  I think going someplace to try out several of them at once would be really helpful for folks.BELVA SMITH:  And if getting out to the store isn’t an option, then just make sure that, as you are purchasing different ones, that they’ve got a good return policy.  Most places are going to give you anywhere from 7 to 21 days for a return.  That’s going to be the best way to find out, is having them actually on your head with your glasses to see what’s comfortable.BRIAN NORTON:  Right.  I would love to open it up to the folks who are listening.  Maybe you guys have had some experience with noise canceling headsets.  You guys may have an option that you use for whatever you do.  We would love to hear about those in your experience with those.  You can give us a call on our listener line at 317-721-7124.  Or send us any at  We would love to be able to provide that to our listeners as well.  Let us know. ***[52:42] Question 6 – Desktop Video Magnifier features*** ———————– Transcript Starts Here ——————————–WADE WINGLER:  Welcome to ATFAQ, Assistive Technology Frequently Asked Questions with your host Brian Norton, Director of Assistive Technology at Easter Seals Crossroads. This is a show in which we address your questions about assistive technology, the hardware, software, tools and gadgets that help people with disabilities lead more independent and fulfilling lives. Have a question you’d like answered on our show?  Send a tweet with the hashtag #ATFAQ, call our listener line at 317-721-7124, or send us an email at The world of assistive technology has questions, and we have answers. And now here’s your host, Brian Norton.BRIAN NORTON:  Hello and welcome to ATFAQ episode 89.  My name is Brian Norton and I’m the host of the show.  We are so glad that you’ve taken some time today to hang out with us as we jump into some questions.  I want to take a moment to go around the room and welcome the folks that are here with me in the studio.  First is Belva.BELVA SMITH:  Well hello, I’m Belva.BRIAN NORTON:  Hey Belva.WADE WINGLER:  She’s got the intro voice going.BRIAN NORTON:  That’s beautiful.  That’s such a nice voice, we might have you start your own podcast.BELVA SMITH:  Awesome.BRIAN NORTON:  Belva is the vision team lead here at Easter Seals Crossroads, a part of our clinical team.  We also have Josh.JOSH ANDERSON:  Hi everybody.BRIAN NORTON:  Hey Josh.  How are you doing today?JOSH ANDERSON:  Doing great.  How are you Brian?BRIAN NORTON:  Great.  Doing very well.  Josh is the manager of our clinical assistive body program and we’re glad that we are here.  We also have Wade.  Wade?WADE WINGLER:  Merry Christmas, Brian.BRIAN NORTON:  Hey.WADE WINGLER:  I’m so excited for Christmas this year!BELVA SMITH:  I cannot believe that it’s already December.BRIAN NORTON:  By the time this show releases on the tenth, it’ll be only a couple weeks away.WADE WINGLER:  I know.BRIAN NORTON:  Wade is already playing —WADE WINGLER: [SINGS] chestnuts roasting on an open fire.BRIAN NORTON:  What a song.  But it’s my favorite song.  You know what it’s called, don’t you?BRIAN NORTON:  No.WADE WINGLER:  The Christmas song.BRIAN NORTON:  Is it really?WADE WINGLER:  Made famous by Nat King Cole.BRIAN NORTON:  Really?WADE WINGLER:  Yep.BRIAN NORTON:  I’ve been listening to 105.7 here in Indianapolis, which plays just straight Christmas music from Thanksgiving on.WADE WINGLER:  It’s one of the light rock stations that kicks over to a Christmas format.  That happens in a lot of places.  I love it.BRIAN NORTON:  We went through a drive-through nativity this weekend which was super fun.JOSH ANDERSON:  Nice.WADE WINGLER:  We went to a thing called back to Bethlehem where they re-created the entire village of Bethlehem with actors and Roman soldiers dragging tax collectors around, and my kid was getting freaked out and stuff.  It was awesome.  We petted five camels.BRIAN NORTON:  You showed me pictures.  I want to go.  The one it was really cool.BELVA SMITH:  We did that once.  The church down the street nearby.  It was really cool.  It was freezing cold, but we did anyway.BRIAN NORTON:  All outside?WADE WINGLER:  Yes.BRIAN NORTON:  Very cool.  Excellent.  I just want to welcome new listeners.  Just to give you a little bit of information about our show, it’s a question and answer show, so throughout the week we come across various assistive technology questions and solicit your feedback based off the question that we have today.  We would love to hear from you and to include your knowledge and information into the show next time.  If there are certain things that we talk about today that you have some input on, we would love to be able to hear from you and include that in the show as well.  We want to give as much of a well-rounded answer to the questions that we have each week to our listeners.  The folks that asked those questions.  We welcome your input all the time.If you are looking for ways to contribute to the show, we have a couple of different ways to do that.  We have our listener line, 317-721-7124.  You can also send us an email at  You can send us a tweet with hashtag ATFAQ.  Again, those are always not only for question but for feedback as well.  If you are interested in telling your friends about our show, we are just about everywhere on the Internet.  You can find us on iTunes.  We have a website set up,  You can go to stitcher, Google play store and other commonplaces that you find podcast and subscribe to those.  Look for us, tell others about us.  We would love to be introduced to new folks. ***[24:48] Question 3 – Indestructible iPad Cases*** WADE WINGLER:  And now it’s time for the wildcard question.BRIAN NORTON:  So our next question is the wildcard question.  This is where Wade has spent time, studying, tedious work to look around for questions that maybe we would have a hard time and be challenged to answer.WADE WINGLER:  Hours of time searching for these.BRIAN NORTON:  What have you got for us today?WADE WINGLER:  It’s just before Christmas as we are recording this.  I have started my Christmas shopping.  My kids want a gaming console, right? The one that they’re interested in – they are six and seven – is the Nintendo switch.  I’ve been shopping around and looking for those and doing the black Friday sales and all that kind of stuff.  I won’t say whether or not they are going to get one for Christmas, just in case they happen to listen to the show or their friends do.JOSH ANDERSON:  They don’t.BRIAN NORTON:  They downloaded to their devices.JOSH ANDERSON:  Only this time of year.BRIAN NORTON:  If they don’t, you should have a conversation with them about the shows.WADE WINGLER:  Yeah, right.  As I was shopping, I noticed that I could save about $30 on a $300 gaming console if I bought a used one or a refurbished one.  Even on a game that was a $60 game, I could save five bucks if I bought a used game.  The game is nothing but software on a microSD card anyway.  My question for you guys: do you buy refer refurb or used when it comes to videogames or computers or phones? And the follow-up question is, if you do or don’t do used, do you buy extended warranties?JOSH ANDERSON:  I’ll go first just because I never go first.  They’ll be nice.BRIAN NORTON:  Okay, Josh is going first.JOSH ANDERSON:  On video games, yeah, used, find, not a big deal.  With systems, I haven’t because I’ve heard the horror stories of its already registered to somebody.  Four weeks later and 25 emails, it’s mine.  By that time, it was worth the extra $50 to go ahead and get one.  Extended warranties, it depends on how much the warranty is as opposed to what the warranty is with the device itself.  A lot of times, big-ticket items, you’ve got pretty much a year warranty anyway.  So if the two-year warranty is $100 for a $300 thing, it’s really not worth it.WADE WINGLER:  It’s usually about 10 percent of the cost is what I found.JOSH ANDERSON:  It’s usually about 10 percent.  We got a new TV as a gift, and we did buy the extended warranty.  But I think it was $50 for four years.  It was well worth it.  That will replace it and cover lot of the things that the warranty my neck cover in the long term.  With computers, systems, things like that, I have a hard time buying used or refurbished just because I’ve heard the bad news on some of those things.BELVA SMITH:  I personally would never buy a used computer, nor what I recommend to a friend or family member to buy a used computer, because the price of computers has come down so much.  Honestly, when you buy used computer, you don’t know what you are buying.  You don’t know anything about the hardware, you don’t know anything about the software.  Chances are anything that came preinstalled on it is already registered to someone else.  Is not going to work for you anyway.  Game decks I have bought used.  That’s an iffy question.  I trust game stop to sell me something that is going to be good and usable and are making a good deal.  I don’t know.  I could be wrong about that.  As far as games go, Oliver once the switch too. I straight up told him no because I don’t think he’s responsible enough yet.  We started with the DS, and I told him if you can take care of the DS between now and next Christmas, come back and talk to me about the switch then.JOSH ANDERSON:  That’s a good idea.BELVA SMITH:  I did buy two new games and several used games. Forty dollar game? $2.99.JOSH ANDERSON:  A lot of times, those used games, you can get buy two, get one free, or things like that.BELVA SMITH:  I just decided that that was a reasonable risk.  With the games, I’m like you, Josh.  The old CD type games, if they were scratched, you could tell.  But these are those SD cards.  You can tell if there is any damage to it until you plug it in and find out.  Again, I’m trusting games up to not be selling me something that doesn’t work.JOSH ANDERSON:  If it doesn’t, they’ll usually take it right back, no questions asked.  They are actually pretty good about that.BELVA SMITH:  I literally have paid $2.99 for a couple and thought, if it doesn’t work, I can eat the three dollars. Yeah, that’s where I am with the used.  Warranties? I don’t know.  I used to work at a big computer store.  I know those extended warranties are there to make the company money.  I think the last extended warranty or extra warranty I bought was for my Apple watch, and I did it because I was just sure that I would crack it and I never did.  So when I got my new one, I didn’t buy [the extended warranty].BRIAN NORTON:  For me, first off, I don’t usually ever buy anything that is used.  I don’t do gaming or anything like that, so I don’t know what that world looks like with the used games or whatever.  I never produce anything that’s been refurbished.  No particular reason, just I want new, fresh, clean. I want the cellophane on the packaging to be able to pull it off and just know that it’s right off the presses.  I know I’m not going to run into any issues.  Maybe I wouldn’t.  I just never think about buying something that’s refurbished in that particular way.  Also, I think with extended warranties, usually it depends on the device, depends on what I’m producing.  I think of things that typically break.  We have a carpet cleaner at home.  I bought a war to for that for three years and brought it back twice.  But there are other things.  I was just at the store today buying some thumb drives.  They want to sell me an extended warranty for three years for five dollars per thumb drive that they can go in and save my data.  I’m like, no, I’m okay.JOSH ANDERSON:  How much were the thumb drives themselves?BRIAN NORTON:  It’s a $9.99 thumb drive.BELVA SMITH:  I promise you they are not s saving your data.BRIAN NORTON:  I was like, can you explain how that works? Anyway, I hardly ever it depends on the expense of what I’m purchasing and the type of device I’m producing.  Usually for electronics, if it’s my TV, I’m probably going to get an extended warranty.  I don’t want something to happen to that.JOSH ANDERSON:  Wade, with game systems got with the switch, I think you are safer than with an Xbox or PlayStation because you can take Xbox and PlayStation apart.  You can add a bigger hard drive, at different things.  Essentially they are computers made for gaming, whereas the switch is different.  People are probably not going to be opening that thing up.WADE WINGLER:  I ironically ended up buying two videogame systems because they’re little and we had a Wii and have them playing the old games forever.  So this summer, we found a bunch of garage sales that had used Wii systems. So for like $100, we bought a box that had four Wii gaming systems, twelve controllers, and 50 games because some lady was unloading her kid’s Wii system forever.  I thought I don’t have to buy anything else for Christmas.  We just have to wrap all that stuff up separately and they’re going to get — I got four gaming systems and twelve controllers. Clearly I’m going to have enough working stuff that I don’t have to worry about buying a used.  As we get closer to the holidays, it’s like, Nintendo switch.BELVA SMITH:  That thing is $400, right?WADE WINGLER:  $300.  Although you can get it with bells and whistles and games and stands and stuff and get the price up.BELVA SMITH:  The DS was $199.BRIAN NORTON:  Here’s the favor I have for our listeners.  As far as the INDATA Project, we have just purchased an Xbox.  We got some of the accessible controllers that Microsoft has for their Xbox gaming console.  I need to purchase some games for it and I had no clue.  I’m not a gamer, I don’t understand games.BELVA SMITH:  You want to buy a racing game.BRIAN NORTON:  Racing game, a sport like golf.  I don’t know.  I was wondering if people have had some experience with the different games and things that would make it — things that would be engaging for folks to be able to do a demo with to show them what they can do and how maybe the accessible controller works, not necessarily the handheld one that folks typically use.  I would love to hear from you on that.The way to get that information to me, you can send a voicemail through our phone line, our listener line that is 317-721-7124.  Or you can send us an email at  We would love to hear from you on that.BELVA SMITH:  Take the opportunity to help Brian spend some of his money.  I’m usually the one that’s helping him spend the money.  Now you get the opportunity.BRIAN NORTON:  Because now I can demo games, which would probably then make me more interested in gamers.  As for the rest of it, please let us know if you have questions or if you have feedback with anything that we talked about.  I gave you that listener line, 317-721-7124.  Send us a tweet with hashtag ATFAQ.  Or email us at  We certainly want your questions.  In fact, without your questions, we really don’t have a show.  Be a part of it.WADE WINGLER:  Information provided on Assistive Technology FAQ  does not constitute a product endorsement.  Our comments are not intended as recommendations, nor is our show evaluative in nature.  Assistive Technology FAQ is hosted by Brian Norton; gets editorial support from Josh Anderson and Belva Smith; is produced by me, Wade Wingler; and receives support from Easter Seals Crossroads and the INDATA Project.  ATFAQ is a proud member of the Accessibility Channel.  Find more of our shows at***Transcript provided by TJ Cortopassi.  For requests and inquiries, contact*** BRIAN NORTON:  Our next question is, any suggestions or recommendations for an indestructible iPad case? This person has a student using it as an AAC device and has destroyed it two times in three months, which is something that I know does happen in K-12 environments quite a bit.  Those AAC devices can sometimes get chucked across the room if someone is not happy.  I will say, indestructible? I don’t know if there is anything that is truly indestructible.  But I know there are more durable cases.  I have tended to recommend OtterBox cases for a lot of things I recommend.  You can get that in all of the different sizes.  It is a matter what iPhone you have.  It doesn’t matter if it is an Android tablet.  They have cases for all of those.  They are very durable.  I believe they are waterproof — or at least water resistance.BELVA SMITH:  Some of them are water resistant.BRIAN NORTON:  Then they come with a shield with the screen.  They also have bumpers around the side.  It’s a big plastic case.  There is actually a plastic cover on a lot of them that will cover up the front of the iPad one is not being used.  OtterBox is definitely something that might be useful for folks.  I know I use — I’m a religious OtterBox purchaser.  I use that for my phone, my iPad, all of the different devices I have.  I’m not even that hard on them, but I know I’ve dropped my phone and my iPad several times and it comes up unscathed.  OtterBox would be a great option for folks.BELVA SMITH:  I think OtterBox is probably one of the ones that I recommend the most for the individuals that are getting iPhones.  Life proof is also a very good brand.  I got an iPad for my granddaughter last Christmas, and she was barely a year old.  I got it from Amazon and it’s called LEFON, L-E-F-O-N, Eva. It’s from Amazon.  It was really expensive, but it also included the screen protector.  It’s three pieces, the iPad sits in between two pieces and the screen protector fits in as well.  She’s been using it for over a year, dropped it many times.  I think once a month they take it apart and kind of it and put it all back together.  It gets, as they call it, “baby goo” on it.  The button will start to get a little sticky.BRIAN NORTON:  That’s funny.BELVA SMITH:  Yeah.  It’s been very indestructible for her.  I’ve seen it get sat on.  I’ve seen it get stepped on.  It’s survived it.  There is also another one called — I’ve seen this one be used as well.  I believe it’s stallion safe shockproof.  It’s S-T-A-L-L-I-O-N, again from Amazon.  Both of these are under $20.  I’m not sure which one you’ve been using, but if you are going through one on an average of every 4 to 5 weeks, at least this might be a cheaper way to go.BRIAN NORTON:  I will mention, since it’s being used for AAC — you are using it as a communication device — one of the challenges that might be faced by this particular person is when you put it into a case like OtterBox or life proof for some of these other ones, you are really enclosing it pretty well.  Your access to the speaker and other kinds of things are going to be somewhat limited or maybe muffled.  I know not totally, but I would be concerned about that a little bit because a lot of these AAC devices, you want to be able to produce speech so that someone can hear what your wants and needs are.  If you are covering up the speakers at all, it’s going to be hard for folks to hear and listen.  I know some of those cases are pretty airtight cases, so you might see some sort of degrading of the volume of what the iPad or device can produce.BELVA SMITH:  Yeah.  I think of the OtterBox, the ones I have recommended, have not necessarily had any kind of handle.  But the two that I described both do have a foldable handle that can then become the stand.  Again, is it going to be durable enough to be used as a communication device? Maybe, maybe not, I don’t know.  I know that it wouldn’t be, even with the stand, you can’t give it too much pressure or you’re going to knock it over.  Using the stand as a handle works out great, but I would probably want to consider a different style of stand or mount to use it.BRIAN NORTON:  Have you heard of this one? It’s called Griffon? It’s the survivor cases.  They are extreme cases for iPads.  It’s another want to look into.  They are probably falling into the category of at least what the OtterBox can do, but maybe more.  It can really make sure that things are protected.  Big grips is another one.  I don’t know if you guys have seen big grips.  They are big foam — didn’t really protect iPad per se, itself, but they are big phone groups that go around the outside of the iPad so people can hold onto them more easily.  You can toss them and they’ll be okay, but if you’re going to — if it gets tossed into the corner of a shelf or the corner — I’m trying to think of — drawers — desk.  Is that what I’m thinking of?BELVA SMITH:  I don’t know, Brian.BRIAN NORTON:  What do they call those things that have drawers in them and sit in classrooms?WADE WINGLER:  Desks.BRIAN NORTON:  Golly.  I got my tongue tied over here.  If you could throw it into the corner, it’s not protecting the face of the iPad or the back of the iPad.  It may cause some damage.  But if it is falling flat on the floor whatever, I think it might survive a drop of some sort.BELVA SMITH:  I considered that, big grips, when I was looking for Zoe last year.  I consider that one.  But I tend to feel like it had near the amount of protection that I really wanted.  Again, she’s going to drop it without a doubt.  She’s going to drop it.  I wanted something that was going to give it full screen front and back protection.BRIAN NORTON:  The other ones I’ll throw out there, there are specific AAC types of cases that actually have external speakers.  I do believe they provide a level of security and safety with it, so they are not without protection, if you will. Chat wrap has one. I know Toby DynaVox sells one.  We just got a couple of those in our library that folks can borrow for 30 days to try them out.BELVA SMITH:  How expensive are those Toby’s? I would imagine that they are very good.BRIAN NORTON:  I would say they were a couple of hundred dollars.  They come with speakers built in.  When you’re talking volume, when you’re trying to communicate with other folks with the traditional speakers on iPads.  They are good, but they are not great.  Sometimes if there is background noise or other things going on in the room, it’s hard to hear.  These would at least be able to add some extra volume to your speech and provide a level of protection.  It’s more of a traditional AAC handle and case where you can set it up on a desk and carry it around with you.  Something to think about.  Those were Chat Wraps. It’s from Touch HD, I believe. If you go to, you can find that one.  But also look up Toby DynaVox.  They have a speech case as well and it comes for the different sizes of iPads.  Definitely something to keep in mind.Anybody else have something on that? All right.  I want to open it up to our listeners.  If you guys have any feedback.  Maybe you’ve dealt with this particular thing in your classroom or you have a child who is particularly tough on devices and have you something like this, we would love to be able to hear from you to figure out what you use and how you’ve dealt with that situation in the past.  If you’re looking for a way to get a hold of us, that listener line is 317-721-7124.  Or you can email us at Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedATFAQ037 – Q1. Live Captioning Options Q2. Vocalize free cell pone equipment? Q3.Voicmail Transcriptions? Q4. Graphing calculator solutions for folks with dexterity and fine motor control issues? Q5. 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Danny Wayne Beemer A Local Leader On and Off the Air

first_img“Assistive technology ismy third leg,” Beemer said. “Easterseals is like the foot of that third leg,stepping out and helping folks like myself every day.” Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedATU200 – Wade Wingler is interviewed by Danny Wayne in This Special Celebration of 200 Episodes of Assistive Technology UpdateMarch 27, 2015In “Assistive Technology Update”A Healing Hand in Accessible HealthcareJanuary 27, 2016In “Communication”Aging in Place with Assistive TechnologyFebruary 28, 2018In “Aging in Place” “It’s hard to think aboutassistive technology in the state of Indiana and not feel the impactof Danny’s work,” said Easterseals Crossroads Director of AssistiveTechnology Brian Norton. “Danny has been a friend, advisor and tirelessadvocate for assistive technology as long as I can remember. He is constantlythinking about the people he serves and how technology can improve independencein small ways and large. I know he has made an impact on the lives of countlessindividuals throughout his many years of service. He truly is an AT champion.” Courtesy of Tribune-Star Last month, the INDATAProject at Easterseals Crossroads presented Beemer with the IndianaAssistive Technology Champion award. With the assistance ofsighted staff members, Beemer visits residents in several counties across WestCentral Indiana to assess their living situations and determine the servicesthat will best fit their needs. Beemer first made his wayto the airwaves in college, playing classic rock bands like Pink Floyd for theschool station. He used magnification devices and large print resources to helphim navigate through each broadcast. Beemer rose through the ranks of the radio community, eventually becoming a fixture for Midwest Communications and Terre Haute listeners. He currently hosts the public affairs show “Focus on the Valley,” in which he interviews local organizations about various programs for Wabash Valley residents. He also hosts a podcast called “Home Brewed Music,” which gives local artists a platform for sharing their original music, as well as weekend music shows on 102.7 WBOW and 98.5 The River. Many residents recognizeBeemer’s voice from the radio, which puts them at ease during theirintroduction and transition to a more independent lifestyle. He feels a senseof familiarity with them as well, as he faces the same challenges day in andday out. Beemer has been with theorganization from the beginning, initially jumping onboard to help withmarketing. In 2002, he began to promote the Older Blind and Visually ImpairedProgram, which provides low-vision support groups, orientation and mobilitytraining, assistive products and resource referral at no cost to people withvisual impairments who are at least 55 years of age. His relationship withEasterseals Crossroads reaches back to 1992 when he met Vice President WadeWingler. The organization’s level of dedication became most apparent to Beemeron a stormy night in Terre Haute when Wingler drove down at midnight to helphim switch the radio station’s computers from touchscreen to magnificationscreens. A Longtime Listener Beemer connects withpeople outside of the radio booth as well. Not only does he serve as a DJ forevents and parties in and around Terre Haute, but he also makes a positiveimpact on the community through his work with The WILL Center. “I used to stay up lateand fall asleep listening to DJs when I was a kid,” he said. “I just loved whatthey were doing, and I wanted to be part of it.” “I believe in homegrown,grassroots morning radio shows,” he said. “All my life, I’ve had a passion forconnecting with people on an intimate, local level.” Paving the Way withEasterseals Crossroads While Beemer acknowledgesthe appeal of big-time broadcast personalities like Rick Dees and RyanSeacrest, he prefers working with less “polish.” Courtesy of Tribune-Star Courtesy of Tribune-Star Beemer not only stands asa role model with his impressive radio career, but he also helps and inspirespeople with disabilities as the assistant executive director and low-visionprogram manager at The WabashIndependent Living and Learning (WILL) Center. Where There’s a WILL,There’s a Way Since he was born, Beemerhas had little more than light perception. From an early age, he tuned into theradio to connect with the world.  Despite his long andillustrious career within the disabled community and the world of assistivetechnology, Beemer was surprised to receive the AT Champion award. Danny Wayne Beemer and INDATA Project Director Brian Norton Established in 2000, TheWILL Center is a nonprofit, community-based, nonresidential organization run byand for people with disabilities. The Center’s mission is to empower peoplewith disabilities to ensure they have full and complete access to communityresources to promote their independence. “Working with The WILLCenter has really given me a platform to help others, and that means so much tome to be able to do that,” Beemer said. “Through this program, we assesswhat a person’s challenges are and develop a plan for him or her to stayindependent as long as possible.” Beemer is proud to berecognized by an organization that shares his commitment to assisting peoplewith disabilities. Many Hoosiers know DannyWayne Beemer as the velvety voice behind many Terre Haute-based radio programssince the 1990s. What they may not know is the fact that he has been hostingthese shows for more than 25 years while having significant vision loss. last_img read more

Adobe XD Makes MachinetoMachine Interaction a Reality Announces Voice Integration with Amazon

first_imgThe convergence of Customer Experience, Voice, Mobile, and Data Visualization could be possible with Adobe’s young and talented product development team working tirelessly to solve various experience-related challenges in the design and marketing industries.Additionally, the company also launched the Adobe XD skill for Alexa, the first-ever Alexa skill built by Adobe.Marketing Technology News: Airbnb Introduces New Search Capabilities for Business TripsIn an official blog, Mark Webster, Director of Product, Adobe XD wrote —“The adoption of voice technology continues to surge with assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant becoming staples in our everyday lives. And Adobe recently found that a whopping 91 percent of brands are already making significant investments in voice.”We are witnessing healthy growth in the Voice-enabled Conversational Commerce industry. The growing popularity of AI-driven smart speakers is resulting in far-flung adoption of Voice voice services on other connected devices.Mark says, “Voice is emerging as the next major human-to-computer medium of interaction, thanks to the fact that it’s simple to use and can remove tedious friction.”Marketing Technology News: Mono Solutions Joins Bauer Media Group to Strengthen SME Marketing Services Across the GlobeIn a quick-returning Voice industry, designers can use Adobe XD’s voice experiences for capabilities to design and prototype experiences that combine voice and a screen visual. Amazon Alexa is expected to add to overall visual experiences. Together with Voice, users can leverage Alexa-enabled device to fully manage product development cycles.In addition to on-device prototyping with Voice technology for Alexa Skill, the company also announced working with the Adobe XD Alexa skill through the Alexa Skills Store online, or through the Alexa app.At the time of this announcement, Paul Cutsinger, Head of Voice Design Education, Amazon, said,“It’s our goal to provide designers, developers, and creators with the support they need to build great voice experiences with the tools they are familiar with.”Paul added, “We’re excited to work with Adobe to help Adobe XD designers more easily prototype their Alexa skill experiences, and give their vision a voice.”Marketing Technology News: Gartner Survey Shows Inside Sales Organizations Risk Losing 24% of Employees This YearAdobe is exploring various insights and perceptions related to the Voice-enabled technologies ahead of the 2019 Voice Summit. Adobe XD Makes Machine-to-Machine Interaction a Reality; Announces Voice Integration with Amazon Alexa MTS Staff Writer12 hours agoJuly 23, 2019 Enterprise Experience builder, Adobe XD has officially announced testing Voice experience with Amazon Alexa. Adobe XD users can use these new Voice-enabled tools to export and preview voice prototypes on any Alexa-enabled device. These can be used with the Echo Dot or Echo Show to further build on XD’s existing voice prototyping capabilities introduced at MAX 2018.Earlier this month, Adobe XD recently announced support for commenting on shared prototypes from mobile devices:center_img Adobe XDAIAmazon Alexadata visualizationMarketing Technology NewsNews Previous ArticleThe Ultimate Brand Consistency Checklist for Local MarketingNext ArticleJumpshot Strikes Strategic Partnership Deal with Ascential to Provide Marketers with Deeper Visibility into the Entire Online Customer Journeylast_img read more

How to Boost Your Mobile Photography Workflow

first_img Actors Who Could Barely Stomach Kissing Each Other on Screen By David Cardinal on February 5, 2019 at 12:41 pm 10 Scientifically Proven Side Effects of Growing a Beard Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Ginny From ‘Harry Potter’ Is 28 and Unrecognizably Gorgeous You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 5 Is Already Planned Tagged In extremetech explainsHow-TonassynologyGoogle PixelAdobe Lightroom Classic CCAdobe Lightroom CCpixel slateGoogle PhotosAdobe CloudAmazon PhotosApple iCloudCloud Sync Post a Comment 6 Comments 6 Comments How to Boost Your Mobile Photography Workflow Here’s How To Catch And Purify Shadow Pokemon In ‘Pokemon Go’ Since we last visited this topic a year ago, phone cameras have become even better, and more options have become available for shooting with them. We’ll take you through some of the biggest changes and give you tips on new ways to capture, process, and store your images and videos.Capture: Should You Rely on Your Phone’s Camera App?When we reviewed the top camera apps for Android phones in 2017, one reason was that vendor-supplied apps left a lot to be desired. Quite a bit has changed since then. For example, most native phone apps now support RAW captures and a “pro” mode that gives you more control over your settings — although Google is still dragging its feet about adding a manual or pro mode. In many cases, using the native app has become the only way to unleash all the capabilities of a phone’s camera. For example, the super-wide and telephoto cameras on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro only operate in the native app (at least I haven’t found third-party apps that can use them). This is often also true for camera-specific computational imaging features, like night modes and some HDR modes.Of course, standalone apps often have their own version of these features. So, for example, if you have a phone without a built-in night mode, using an app like A Better Camera will equip you with one.The wide-angle camera on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro makes a big difference when it comes to taking in the broad expanse of outdoor scenes like this wave in the Valley of Fire State Park.Capture: Should You Shoot RAW or JPEG?Conventional wisdom dictates that for best results, shooting in RAW format (which means DNG for just about all phone cameras) and performing custom post-processing is the way to go. For standalone cameras that rely on single-capture images, that’s basically still the case. However, phone cameras have thrown us a curve ball, with sophisticated computational imaging that combines multiple captures to create a better image.As an extreme example, Google’s Night Sight and Huawei’s Night Mode take many captures over the period of a few seconds to create an impressive final image even in low light. There isn’t any way to replicate that effect by shooting a RAW image and post-processing. (Of course, you could try and shoot a burst of images, and do all the AI-based alignment and color matching they do after the fact, but it might take you most of the day.) Even fairly standard captures in good light benefit from the built-in multi-capture technology loosely described as HDR.Conveniently, most camera apps turn off RAW when you switch to their specialized modes that require multi-capture processing, as those modes usually only output JPEGs. So I typically leave my camera apps set to capture RAW (or both RAW and JPEG if that is supported) to make the most of times when I’m just shooting a conventional image. For quick sharing, that’s overkill; all you need is the JPEG, of course.This image from a slot canyon in the Valley of Fire conveys scale but isn’t much good as a portrait.With a simple tap of the Zoom icon, the 3x Zoom camera on the Huawei Mate 20 Pro turns the scene into an environmental portrait.Processing Images on the GoThe gold standard for image processing on the road is still a traditional laptop. You can run your choice of full-on image processing tools, and pick a model that meets your needs for display size, horsepower, and memory. For heavy-duty photo and video editing, I travel with my Dell XPS 15. However, it typically stays in the hotel room, and I use something smaller like a Surface Pro or Google Pixel Slate when I’m out and about during the day. Now that Google’s newer-model ChromeOS devices run most Android apps, you can fire up Lightroom Mobile on them and have your work automatically synced back to your main catalog. Ironically, that isn’t possible if you use Lightroom Classic on a Windows or Mac laptop when you travel, as Lightroom Classic doesn’t know how to sync multiple desktop/laptop computers. You can go cloud-first with Lightroom CC, but then you are beholden to paying Adobe for enough cloud storage for all your images (it would amount to about $1,000 per year in my case) and you’re also stuck needing enough bandwidth to keep all your images synced.So if you’re okay with the feature set of Lightroom Mobile, a Chromebook is an easy-to-maintain choice for image editing. Unfortunately, for video, the options aren’t as rosy. Adobe’s Premiere Clip is reasonable when you’re limited to a phone screen, but it won’t load on the Pixel Slate. What I’m waiting for is to see Adobe’s Premiere Rush available for Android.Even with a wide-angle camera, sometimes Panorama mode is needed. Flagship phones now do an excellent job of automatically capturing and stitching scenes.Syncing Photos to the CloudIt’s easy to forget how many images start to pile up on your phone, and how upset you’d be if they were all suddenly lost or deleted. Fortunately, it’s almost as easy to back them up to your favorite cloud service. Google Photos is by far the most popular, with unlimited free storage of images and videos in reasonable quality. Photos are down-sampled to 12MP if needed, and are re-compressed to save space. Videos are down-sampled to 1080p if needed.With Google Photos, like iCloud, Amazon Photos, Adobe Cloud, and others, you can of course store original images as long as you pay for the storage space — which averages about $100 per year per terabyte. Amazon Photos also offers unlimited photo storage for Prime members. In my case, I have all my phones set to backup in original quality to Google Photos. Since I’m just using it for my phone photos (and not my main image archive) I can get by with a relatively small and inexpensive amount of storage. Plus, my Pixel photos don’t count against the total.Besides taking competent images under a variety of conditions, Google’s Pixel 3 comes with unlimited photo storageCreating a Smart Local Photo ArchiveWhile it is unlikely that any of the major cloud vendors will disappear anytime soon, plenty of photo sharing sites have — sometimes taking user content with them. Personally, I’m more comfortable always having my own backups of my images. I’ve written about how I do that for my main photo archive, which mostly starts when an SD card is unloaded. But for mobile, manually transferring images is unnecessarily painful.Fortunately, there are a few ways to have automated backup to your local archive. Lightroom users have this capability already built in. If you turn on automatic import of images on your phone, they will be pulled into Lightroom Mobile and synced to your desktop catalog (once you enable syncing, of course).Synology Moments will recognize and tag common objects but you can see from these examples that it isn’t perfectWhile I do use Lightroom, I don’t want to rely entirely on it snaring every single image, so I use two other systems to create copies of my phone photos. The first is a Cloud Sync task on one of our Synology NAS units that pulls all of my Google Photo contents down from the cloud and stores them in my main local photo library (which I think periodically resync with Lightroom Classic). That’s fairly easy to set up as long as you tell Google Photos that you want your photos to be a folder within your Google Drive. You can then tell Cloud Sync to pull that folder and put it somewhere local. Remember, though, that if you set it up as a two-way sync, images you delete from Photos will also be deleted from your local machine.A different approach, which I also use, is Synology’s Moments package. Moments mobile app will automatically sync your images to your Synology NAS, which in turn will do some fancy face, object, and location-based tagging (if you want). Plus, you can create and share albums. You can then view images organized that way from your mobile devices or any web browser. The result is a totally private version of a system similar to Google or Amazon Photos, but one that’s completely under your control.[Image Credit: David Cardinal]Now Read:How to Store and Backup Photos, for Those Who Care About Their ImagesHow to Create Your Own Private Photo Sharing CloudIt’s World Backup Day: Here’s How the ExtremeTech Staff Stays Backed Up<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>  J.K. Rowling Confirms a Hermione Theory We Suspected All Along The Real Reason These Celebs Refused to Do Nude Scenes ‘Doctor Strange 2’ Release Date, Villain and Castlast_img read more

Google Might Try to Buy Your Face for 5

first_img This ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Star is Breathtaking in Reality 12 Comments You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. 10 Scientifically Proven Side Effects of Growing a Beard Google Might Try to Buy Your Face for $5 Jason Momoa’s Marriage Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder These Heroes Got Incredibly Fit for Their Superhero Roles The Transformation of Daisy Ridley Is Turning Heads Deleted ‘Endgame’ Scene Showed Us Tony Stark In The Afterlife Paul Rudd to Join the Cast of Jason Reitman’s ‘Ghostbusters’ By Ryan Whitwam on July 22, 2019 at 4:07 pm Tagged In googleprivacypixel 4face unlock Post a Comment 12 Comments Jim Carrey’s Tragic Life Just Gets Sadder and Sadder Unless you’re a digital hermit, Google probably already has a lot of data about you. Even when you don’t tell Google specific bits of data, it can make educated guesses based on your searches and how you use its services. One thing it doesn’t have is your face, and that’s what Google is after. No, this isn’t some Game of Thrones-style Faceless Men situation — Google reps are offering $5 gift cards to scan people’s faces. Google representatives are approaching people in real life and asking them to contribute data to developing “the next generation of facial recognition phone unlocking,” according to a report from ZDNet. As compensation for helping out, Googlers are offering people a $5 gift card to Amazon or Starbucks. Are people willing to sell their faces to Google for five bucks? It appears they are, yes. After agreeing to help out, participants are handed a phone inside a large case that obscured the shape. It’s common for engineers to use cases like this to hide pre-release phones during testing, which strongly suggests these devices are Google Pixel 4s. It reportedly takes a few minutes for the phone to acquire face data as people move their heads around, and then they’re free to paint the town red with their gift cards. The data is most likely feeding into a machine learning algorithm that will help the Pixel 4 recognize faces with some assortment of sensors and cameras on the phone. While Android has supported face unlock for years, it has always been 2D camera-based recognition. The iPhone, by comparison, uses a 3D sensor to unlock the device securely. Some Android phones like the LG G8 have imitated that, but Google is adding official support for 3D face unlock in the upcoming Android Q release. Leaks of the Pixel 4 also show plenty of sensors on the front of the phone that could contribute to secure face unlock. This is all speculation for now — Google isn’t talking, and it probably won’t say anything until the Pixel 4 is official. The teaser and leaked images don’t show a fingerprint sensor in the traditional place, so Google has either gone to an in-display sensor or it’s ditching that all together in favor of face unlock. That would make the accuracy of its algorithm extremely important. In that eventuality, I hope a lot of people sell their faces to Google.Now read:3D-Printed Head Shows Face Unlock on Most Phones Isn’t SecureAndroid Q May Support Apple-Like 3D Face UnlockFBI Forces Suspect to Unlock Phone Using Face ID last_img read more

Havas Group Reimagines PR Group With Launch of Red Havas

first_imgThe New Merged Media Micro-Network Will Put Data and Content First, and Unite Havas PR North America and Red Agency Australia & Asia, with Expansion to LondonAs creative and media agencies face a near-daily redefinition of their identities and scopes of work in the modern media landscape, public relations agencies in particular are being completely reconstructed. How can PR companies provide impeccable service that moves at the pace of today’s lighting-speed multimedia landscape? The agencies that comprise Red Havas are employing a strategic model called “Merged Media” that replicates the convergence of media consumption—blending traditional and digital publishing, content, social media and data in a way that it believes defines the future of PR as a category.Based on the success of this model to date, Havas Group announced earlier today that it has rebranded a number of its award-winning PR and social agencies under a new name, Red Havas, to drive the agencies’ shared Merged Media strategy to new heights and across new continents.Effective immediately, Havas PR North America, with offices in New York City, New England, Phoenix and Pittsburgh, and Asia Pacific-based Red Agency, with offices in Australia, Singapore and the Philippines, will all carry the new brand, which encompasses earned, social, experiential and content capabilities. In addition, Red Havas has opened a new office in London and rebranded its Havas PR offices in Manchester and Edinburgh, as well as Havas PR Vietnam and Jakarta. The new brand has expansion plans to Japan and South America within 18-24 months.Marketing Technology News: MuleSoft Sets New Standard for Successful API Strategies With Next Major Release of Anypoint PlatformThe rebranding coincides with major investments into data, content and bespoke insight tools, which will include listening and predictive analytics platforms that will layer in a foretelling media capability not seen before within the industry.“The guiding light of PR has always been to integrate brands’ or organizations’ stories into the daily conversations of the media ecosystem,” says James Wright, global chairman of the Havas PR Global Collective and global CEO of Red Havas. “PR is one of the most powerful tools that brands can use to connect to audiences, but it’s essential that it integrates seamlessly across content types and sources and operates at the pace, and in the ways, of today’s consumer. With content, social and predictive data at the core, we’ve built a model that merges all of the various media sources and essentially redefines the PR capability entirely.”Yannick Bollore, CEO and Chairman of Havas Group, said: “Red Havas is a new, transformational and unmatched micro-agency network that will help redefine PR and its value to clients. Along with the power of Havas Group and the world-class entertainment capabilities we have within Vivendi, the proposition of Merged Media becomes very interesting. We have big ambitions to develop and invest in this further.”Marketing Technology News: Hitachi Vantara Introduces Lumada Video Insights as Video, IoT Analytics and DataOps Drive Smart Spaces Growth and InnovationWright concludes: “Whilst PR has always owned the earned and will continue to, now we must earn the owned in the Merged Media world. That is the ambition of Red Havas.”Some background on the two groups:With hundreds of honors for its client campaigns, creativity, CSR efforts, staff and much more, Havas PR North America is among the most decorated PR groups in the U.S. It is known for leveraging trendspotting to ensure that its clients aren’t just in the news but that they are the news.In recent years, Red Agency Australia has become the biggest agency in its market, winning more than 150 awards across international, regional and domestic award shows, including Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia and PRWeek Awards. It opened in Singapore in 2016 and in Manila in 2018.Red Havas is part of the Havas PR Global Collective, the PR and communications arm of the Havas Group that comprises approximately 40 agencies around the world and more than 1,300 employees. At this stage, there are no plans to rebrand other Havas-owned PR agencies such as Havas Formula, Plead or Maitland which is a member of the AMO Network.Marketing Technology News: IBM Releases AI-Powered Anomaly Detection Capabilities to Mitigate Supply Chain Disruptions Havas Group Reimagines PR Group With Launch of Red Havas PRNewswireMay 16, 2019, 9:05 pmMay 16, 2019 HavasMarketing TechnologyMerged Mediamodern media landscapeNewsPR GroupRed Havas Previous ArticleMoz Announces Updates to Local Presence Management PlatformNext ArticleTealium Raises $55 Million in Series F Fundinglast_img read more

Anexinet Continues Growth Under New Ownership

first_img Anexinetdigital experienceMarketing Technology NewsNewsTodd Pittman Previous ArticleConnected TV is Transforming the Digital Advertising Ecosystem: ExtremLatest Video Benchmarks Report Shows 49% of Video Ad Impressions Going to CTVNext ArticleYext and Hootsuite Announce Integration Allowing Businesses to Manage Reviews and Social Media from a Single Dashboard Mill Point Capital Accelerates Anexinet’s Momentum in Helping Clients Provide a Complete Digital ExperienceAnexinet, a leading provider of digital business solutions, announced that it has been acquired by Mill Point Capital, a middle-market private equity firm focused on control-oriented investments in North America.The Mill Point team has extensive experience investing in transactions in the technology and business services sectors. Anexinet’s management team, including CEO Todd Pittman, will continue to lead the company, building on a strong track record of multi-channel application strategy and development, enterprise mobility, and full-lifecycle cloud/hybrid IT infrastructure support.Marketing Technology News: Verve Releases SDK 4.0 To Supercharge The Revenue-Generating Power Of In-App Inventory Anexinet Continues Growth Under New Ownership PRNewswireJune 28, 2019, 6:09 pmJune 28, 2019 center_img Anexinet is a leading technology consultancy and reseller, helping clients provide a Complete Digital Experience for employees, customers, and end users through transformative digital applications and platforms. For 20 years, Anexinet has delivered intelligent insights, customer engagement and enterprise modernization solutions that drive impactful business outcomes.Todd Pittman, CEO of Anexinet, commented, “We are thrilled to be partnering with Mill Point given their experience and relationships within the IT solutions industry. I am very proud of what our team has been able to accomplish and look forward to building on the momentum we have created over the past few years.”Marketing Technology News: Invoca Survey Finds Over Half of Consumers Only Offered Automated Communications By Brands Feel Frustrated When They’re Unable to Speak with a Live PersonMichael Duran, Managing Partner at Mill Point, commented that, “We are very excited to welcome Anexinet to the Mill Point family. Anexinet has grown into a leading specialized reseller in the IT marketplace under the leadership of Todd Pittman and his dedicated and skilled management team. We look forward to working with Todd and his team to further enhance Anexinet’s product and services capabilities.”Marketing Technology News: 4C Launches New Cross-Channel Video Solution to Help Marketers Reach Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers Across Streaming Environmentslast_img read more

Kareena Karisma Kapoor Vacation in Europe with Taimur Kiaan and Samaira See

first_imgKareena Kapoor Khan, Saif and Taimur are currently vacationing in Europe, where they are soaking in the serene ambiance and the picturesque landscapes of various locations across the continent. The fun trio as also joined in by Kareena’s elder sister Karisma, who was accompanied by her son Kiaan Kapoor and daughter Samaira. Karisma recently shared a sweet picture from their family vacation together on her Instagram account. The image features Kareena, Taimur, Samaira, Kiaan and Karisma herself. All siblings were all smiles for the picture while they gave out major vacation goals to everyone around the world. In the picture we can see the cute Taimur adorably squished betweeen Kareena and Samaira. In another picture posted by Karisma on her Insta stories, we can see Kiaan and Taimur walking hand-in-hand inside a park. See pics here: Actress Kareena Kapoor Khankareena kapoor khanKareena Kapoor Khan and Karisma KapoorKareena Kapoor Khan and Taimur Ali Khan First Published: June 15, 2019, 10:34 AM IST Also see celebrities reacting to the picture:Earlier, Kareena’s manager Poonam Damania shared a series of pictures from the actress’ exotic getaway to her Instagram. She captioned one of the photos as: “Hello from Tuscany from the Pataudi’s.” In the picture, the family of three can be seen soaking up the sun in a locale filled with postcard-worthy trees.center_img On the movies front, Kareena’s Good News is lined up for release in December 2019. She is also shooting for her TV debut on the dance reality show Dance India Dance- Battle of The Champions. Reportedly, she may also star in Laal Singh Chaddha opposite Aamir Khan. However, the news is not confirmed at the moment. Follow @News18Movies for morelast_img read more

Sara Ali Khan Kartik Aaryan Spotted with Covered Faces in Shimla Oblige

first_imgSara Ali Khan and Kartik Aaryan, who are currently shooting the sequel of Imtiaz Ali’s hit 2009 film Love Aaj Kal, were recently spotted in Shimla with covered faces.Despite Sara covering her face with a red dupatta and Kartik with a black bandana, their fans eventually recognised them. The actors were then gracious enough to pose for photos but without coming out of their disguise. Before heading to Shimla, Kartik and Sara have notably shot portions for the film in Delhi, Rajasthan and Mumbai. Kartik was last seen opposite Kriti Sanon in Laxman Utekar’s debut film Luka Chuppi. He will next be seen in the remake of Pati, Patni Aur Woh alongside Ananya Panday and Bhumi Pednekar. Meanwhile, Sara will star opposite Varun Dhawan in the remake of Coolie No 1, which will release in May 2020. It will be directed by Varun’s father, filmmaker David Dhawan, who also helmed the 1995 original starring Govinda and Karisma Kapoor.Follow @News18Movies for more. imtiaz alikartik aaryanLove Aaj Kal 2Love Aaj Kal sequel First Published: June 22, 2019, 10:52 AM ISTcenter_img However, this is not the first time that Sara and Kartik have made a public appearance with covered faces. They were last spotted similarly on Eid in Mumbai. Kartik had even shared an image of their outing, on which filmmaker Farah Khan famously commented, “Best uv ever looked (sic).”last_img read more

BJP Hijacked Lok Sabha Elections With Help of EVMs Alleges Mayawati

first_imgLucknow: After a Narendra Modi tsunami in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls and the BJP on course to win 350 seats, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati claimed that the saffron party had hijacked the elections with the help of electronic voting machines (EVMs). The former Uttar Pradesh chief minister also thanked her alliance partners Akhilesh Yadav of the Samajwadi Party and Ajit Singh of the Rashtriya Lok Dal for their efforts. The BSP fought the election in the state with the SP and the RLD. Mayawati’s party contested 38 seats in the state. As per counting trends at 8.30 pm, the BSP had won one seat and was leading in 10. The SP, contesting 37 seats, was leading in five. The RLD, meanwhile, lost all the three seats from where it was contesting.Addressing the media on Thursday evening as the results were being announced, Mayawati said, “People from 80 seats in UP, 40 seats in Bihar and 42 seats in West Bengal were unhappy with the Modi government, but the results of the Lok Sabha elections are exactly the opposite. These results raise doubts not just in the minds of political parties but also in the minds of the common people. “If they have nothing to hide, why don’t they get polls conducted through ballot paper instead of EVMs?” she asked. “BJP and company have hijacked the elections with the help of EVMs, people now don’t have faith in EVMs. Neither the BJP nor the Election Commission is ready to conduct elections with ballot paper, this again raises a doubt.”It appeared that EVMs in several places had been rigged, alleged Mayawati. “After looking at the results in Uttar Pradesh, it seems that a few seats were left as part of their planning so that people don’t doubt them. But at most places it seems that the EVMs were rigged,” she said. “People are watching everything and they will give a befitting reply at the apt time. Even the Supreme Court should now think in this direction.”Mayawati said the alliance partners would soon chalk out their future strategy. “The results in other states were also not as per our expectations,” she said. “However, we will continue our struggle by following in the footsteps of Babasaheb Ambedkar.” 2019 lok sabha electionsAjit Singhakhilesh yadavBSP First Published: May 23, 2019, 8:45 PM ISTlast_img read more

Desist from Propaganda Congress Denies Demanding Front Row Seat for Rahul in

first_img Adhir Ranjan ChowdhuryBJPcongresslok sabha First Published: July 10, 2019, 7:54 AM IST “We have proposed seat no. 466 for Rahul Gandhi ji. Desist from false propaganda,” Congress leader in the Lok Sabha Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury clarified.The number of front row seats a party gets in the Lok Sabha depends on its strength in the House.Rahul Gandhi recently announced his resignation, assuming responsibility for the Congress’ defeat in the 2019 general election, wherein it only won 52 of the 543 Lok Sabha seats. No announcement of the former party president’s successor has been made.This comes after the Congress, in much turmoil in Karnataka, protested in the Parliament on Tuesday, in which Gandhi was also seen raising slogans. Several legislators of the Congress-JD(S) coalition have resigned, leading to a massive political crisis in the state.The former Congress president is set to visit Amethi, the Congress bastion he lost to BJP’s Smriti Irani, for the first since the election on Wednesday. We have proposed seat no. 466 for Rahul Gandhi ji#Desist from false propaganda— Adhir Chowdhury (@adhirrcinc) July 9, 2019 Neither Rahul Ji nor Congress Party have ever put forward any demand for “Front Row” seat at Parliament for @RahulGandhi ji New Delhi: The Congress on Tuesday asserted that it has not demanded a front-row seat for Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha and dismissed media reports stating the contrary as “propaganda”.The clarification came after media reports claimed the government has ignored the Congress party’s demand for an additional front-row seat in the Lok Sabha. According to the report, the Congress was given only two seats in the first row for party leaders Sonia Gandhi and Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury.last_img read more

DGCA Permits Vistara Pilots Who Issued Mayday Call to Resume Flying Duties

first_img DGCADirectorate General of Civil AviationfuelLucknow First Published: July 18, 2019, 7:16 PM IST | Edited by: Karan Anand New Delhi: The pilots of Vistara Airlines, who had earlier issued a “Mayday” call on a Mumbai-Delhi flight, have been permitted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to resume normal flying duties on Thursday. But the DGCA will take a final decision once the investigation report comes in, according to PTI. The flight, with 153 passengers, had on Monday narrowly escaped an aerial mishap when it was diverted to Lucknow due to lack of visibility and almost ran out of fuel. The pilots, who had been de-rostered as per DGCA’s instructions, had issued a “Mayday” distress call due to low-fuel near Lucknow airport, indicating the seriousness of their situation to the Air Traffic Control.”The flight could have managed only 10 more minutes in the air before exhausting the fuel. The aircraft had barely 300 kg of fuel left when it touched down at the Lucknow airport,” the airlines had said.Usually, an Airbus A-320 Neo flight covering the Mumbai-Delhi distance lands with enough fuel for approximately 60 extra minutes of flight. This extra fuel carried onboard is used if the aircraft has to divert to alternate airports for emergency cases. However, the aircraft was not carrying enough fuel to travel the extra distance due to the diversion.According to the airline, “En route Prayagraj, the Lucknow ATC (air traffic controller) informed the crew that the weather in Lucknow had improved significantly following which the crew decided to return to Lucknow due to better passenger and aircraft support.”A senior Vistara official confirmed to PTI that the pilot had been “de-rostered” as per the instructions of the regulator. “The pilot who was operating UK944 flight and issued a ‘Mayday’ call on Monday has been suspended by the DGCA,” another source said.A Vistara spokesperson said, “Flight UK944 operating Mumbai-Delhi on July 15, 2019, initiated a diversion to Lucknow due to bad weather over Delhi. However, over Lucknow, the visibility suddenly dropped and a safe landing was not possible. The crew then considered alternative airfields, including Kanpur and Prayagraj to land in comparatively better weather condition”.He said the Lucknow Air Traffic Control then informed the crew that the weather in Lucknow had improved significantly following which the crew decided to return to the city due to better passenger and aircraft support there.”The unexpected drop in visibility at the destination alternate was the main reason why the aircraft ended up in a low-fuel situation despite carrying excess fuel over and above the required Flight Plan Fuel as per regulations. Safety of passengers and crew was kept at the highest priority throughout the flight,” the spokesperson added. last_img read more

Sony patent for PS5 could eliminate loading screens altogether

first_img Editors’ Recommendations Bethesda’s Orion reveal points to an industrywide shift to cloud gaming New Sony patents could be PlayStation’s answer to Google Stadia Everything we know about Blade’s Shadow game streaming service The best PS4 games Google Stadia vs. Project xCloud: Here’s what we know so far We have an idea of what kind of components will make up next-generation gaming consoles and they’re clearly in a position to enhance gaming experiences as we know and love them. Both the Project Scarlett and PlayStation 5 will have solid-state drives, improving speeds overall, but a patent from Sony suggests that the PS5 will be able to completely eliminate loading times. Here’s the abstract synopsis of what this U.S. patent is capable of, as reported by Inverse:“A system and method are disclosed for dynamically loading game software for smooth game play. A load boundary associated with a game environment is identified. A position of a character in the game environment is then monitored. Instructions corresponding to a next game environment are loaded into a memory when the character crosses the load boundary, such that game play is not interrupted.”The patent under the microscope here is specifically a patent continuation, which simply means that Sony is adding additional claims to the capabilities of a previously filed patent from 2014. If the description above isn’t clear enough, more detailed text further into the patent focuses on continuation points (not related to the patent’s classification as a continuation, but to points players encounter in a game). The methods of dynamically loading the content in the game depend on crossing specific continuation points which will, in turn, start or stop the loading in other areas. Multiple points would track the player’s direction of movement and focus on the areas they’re heading toward. Game developers have found other ways to mask or eliminate loading screens in games and this patent seems like an effort to simplify the process for anyone developing for the PS5.Sony famously didn’t make an appearance at E3 2019 but, prior to the event, there was an investor conference where the speed of the PS5 was demonstrated. In it, a scene in Marvel’s Spider-Man that took eight seconds to load on PS4 took less than one on the PS5. It’s arguable how important the PS5’s speed will be to the user’s experience but eliminating load screens altogether is changing gaming as we know it.last_img read more

Samsung Z4 ditches Android for Tizen

first_imgIt isn’t too often we see Samsung release a phone running its Tizen operating system, but today it’s doing just that with the Samsung Z4. The next phone in the Z-series, this is an entry-level phone in pretty much every sense, aimed at folks who are buying a smartphone for the first time or those who would rather have a phone that takes care of all the essentials at a lower price point. Story TimelineSamsung Z3 lands in India packing Tizen OSSamsung Z2 Tizen smartphone coming to Kenya this monthSamsung Z2 Tizen smartphone gets official in India If you’re buying a smartphone for the first time, this could certainly be a good buy, as Samsung has built in a number of convenience features. The phone offers a handful of shortcuts that can be performed by pressing a different combination of buttons or swiping the screen to pull up various “quick” features. These include Quick Talk – which, for instance, launches apps like Alarm, Music, or Call through voice commands – Quick Torch, and Quick Launch for the camera.The main benefit here is that you can perform these commands without having to return to the homescreen. If you find that your battery is always dying on you, you can turn on battery notifications, which will alert you when your battery drops below a stated level. Power Planner is another feature that’ll let you stretch your battery life, letting you pick one of three different levels while your phone automatically tweaks certain settings in return.While those features are interesting, the phone doesn’t have a whole lot going for it from a specifications standpoint. You’ll be working with a 4.5-inch WVGA display (merely 480×800 resolution), which notably isn’t as sharp or as large as the display on the Z3. A quad-core 1.5GHz processor of unspecified variety serves as the brains of this device, along with 1GB of RAM and 5MP shooters on the front and back.The camera does have some nifty capabilities – such as an auto-selfie mode that uses facial recognition to know when you’re posing – but beyond that, this seems to be a fairly standard entry-level device. As a result, those who are driven to get the best smartphones the market has to offer will probably want to steer clear of this one. If, on the other hand, this sounds like a device you’ll want, then you should know that release details are fairly slim at the moment. Samsung says it will launch in “select countries,” kicking off with India later this month. Beyond that, Samsung hasn’t announced any other release plans, keeping pricing details under wraps as well.last_img read more

Galaxy Note 8 benchmark confirms fears of no Android O

first_imgBy trying to release the Galaxy Note 8 very early, Samsung will inevitably have to cut some corners. For example, it might not have the mythical on-screen fingerprint sensor because the technology isn’t yet ready for Samsung’s expedited schedule. It might not also have the soon to be latest Android release, Android 8.0 “O”, because of it. And that is seemingly the case based on this benchmark that indicates the Galaxy Note 8 running on Android 7.1.1. The HTML5test benchmark isn’t your typical AnTuTu or Geekbench, so there’s very little else to be gleaned from it, other than how it scores a rather high 488 out of the perfect 555. That, however, is using Samsung’s own Internet browser, version 5.2, running on an SM-N950F. The Galaxy Note 7 had a model number of SM-N930. Remember, we’re skipping the number “4”.The fact that it is still running on Android 7.1.1 is going to be disappointing to Android fans, but there’s really no going around it. Android O isn’t scheduled to launch until the third quarter, so even if Samsung launched in September, it might still not make it. And considering how much modifications Samsung makes to the stock Android experience, it probably won’t risk any delay testing those changes on a newer Android version.The more important question is, perhaps, when or if Samsung will update the Galaxy Note 8 to the latest Android release. LG usually prides itself for how fast it updates its newest flagship model and, given that it is rumored to launch the LG V30 in August, it might do just that again. In contrast, Samsung has been notoriously stingy even with its latest models.The Galaxy Note 8 is shaping up to be a rather ambiguous phone. While recent leaks do hint that it will look as beautiful as this year’s Galaxy S8, the hardware and software features now seem to be up in the air. Hopefully it won’t explode though.VIA: SamMobile Story TimelineLatest leaks show best Galaxy Note 8 features yetGalaxy Note 8 might disappoint in one major way after allGalaxy Note 8 may debut Qualcomm’s new flagship chipGalaxy Note 8 announcement rush could cost Samsung againlast_img read more