Caribbean Food and Wine Festival

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:Blue Haven Resort, Caribbean food and wine festival, david lefevre, gourmet safari, Hans peter haider, hotel 12, Leah cohen, Leah kohen, Manhattan beach post and fishing, pig and khao restaurant, west bay resort Caribbean Food and Wine Festival goes to Gourmet Safari What’s on TONIGHT in Providenciales Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 5 Nov 2014 – Ironically this month, this weekend ushers in a fourth installment of the Caribbean Food and Wine Festival; a usually a sold out event held in concert with the island’s leading resorts and restaurants in a celebration of international cuisine and yes, wines! This year the opening dinner will be held at newcomers to the resort scene in Provo, Blue Haven Resort… also this weekend, The Gourmet Safari includes stops at Coyaba, Regent Palms, Seven Stars and Gansevoort… the food and wine pairing is set for the West Bay Club… the island street food fair remains on the Grace Bay strip… and the Grace Bay Club will host the final Dinner with the stars … Including celebrity chefs David Lefevre, who is a partner of the Manhattan Beach Post and Fishing; Hans Peter Haider, Executive Chef at hotel12 and Leah Cohen of the Pig and Khao Restaurant in the Lower East side of NYC. Recommended for you Dominican Republic rum a fine favorite at Caribbean Food & Wine Festival, Turks and Caicoslast_img read more

ShortTerm CR in Works as Talks Remain Frozen

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR Bipartisan negotiations over a year-end omnibus are stalled over whether to include about 40 contentious policy riders, forcing the House GOP to consider moving a short-term continuing resolution (CR) to provide the two parties a few more days beyond the Friday deadline to strike a deal.The stopgap would last “a handful of days” and allow the government to remain open past Dec. 11 when the current CR runs out, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) told reporters Tuesday following a meeting of the Republican conference.The president would sign a CR that extends funding by an “extra day or two” while lawmakers “go through the legislative mechanics” of crafting and clearing a fiscal 2016 spending measure, said White House press secretary Josh Earnest, reported CQ Roll Call.At the same time, Ryan vowed to finish work on the package before lawmakers head home for the holidays. “We don’t expect to do this for a long term. We need to get it right. I don’t want us to go home until we get this done,” Ryan said.Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), ranking member on the Senate Appropriations Committee, said “40 or 42 poison pill riders” are holding up the negotiations, including provisions targeting Middle Eastern refugees, abortion, campaign finance restrictions, environmental and financial regulations, and a National Labor Relations Board ruling. The two sides also are locked in a battle over a package of permanent tax extenders which may be attached to the spending package.“We were making very good progress on resolving the money issues,” Mikulski told reporters Tuesday afternoon. “We have about 40 or 42 poison pill riders, but some are really big — Hobby Lobby, campaign finance reform — things that should have never even been on the appropriations. So we’re kind of stuck at the riders stage,” she said.Mikulski said negotiations mainly involved congressional leadership and the White House.last_img read more

Why are Indians being petty after losing to New Zealand in World

first_imgThere has been unnecessary criticism of the formatSAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty ImagesMagnanimity in victory and grace in defeat are essential qualities for a sportsperson. The Indian team and Virat Kohli haven’t lacked either usually. But after this team suffered a loss in the semi-final of 2019 World Cup, among the fans and in the media, there have been unnecessary discussions about the format of the tournament.People have questioned why a team like India, which finished atop the points table and lost just one game in the league stage, is out of the tournament just because of having one bad day, and New Zealand into the final despite suffering three losses in a row at the back end of their league journey.This argument is incredibly stupid as tournaments like World Cup, across sporting disciplines, tend to have a knock-out format in their latter stages. Whether its football, handball or hockey, no major sports decides its world champion through a league format. So, what’s the big deal about India getting knocked out after losing the semi-final? Kiwis rose to the occassion while India didn’t on the big stageTwitter/Cricket World CupThen, there is the argument that World Cup should have an IPL-style format where instead of semis, there should be play-offs. Now, have you ever heard anyone suggesting that a similar format be used in football World Cups? Most probably, no.It just seems that Indians are unwilling to come to terms with the idea that there team has been knocked out. The argument that this format made India’s achievement of finishing atop points table irrelevant is equally flawed. It is because of being at no. 1 in points table that India got to play the weakest among the four semi-finalists – New Zealand.Just recall the exuberance among Indian supporters when Australia lost to South Africa and ensured that Men in Blue won’t be facing either England – the only team that defeated them in the league stage – or Australia – the second most formidable-looking side in the tournament. If the Kiwis proved too tough to beat for India, then it’s not the fault of the format that they are out of the tournament. India would have faced England if they hand’t finished atop the tableAlso, knockout matches have their own unique atmosphere and dynamics. Rising to the occasion in a semi-final or final is something that turns cricketers into legend. In fact, it is in these matches that the temperament and character of players is tested to the hilt. If a team manages to win all its matches in the preliminary stage but falls apart when it matters the most, why should that team not suffer.In short, India’s defeat and New Zealand’s win were fair and square. It’s time to congratulate the Kiwis for rising from the ashes and delivering on the big stage. Indian fans should rue things like a batting line-up overly reliant on Kohli and Rohit Sharma and a middle-order that isn’t able to deal with good spinners. These are the reasons that India is out of the event and not the format.last_img read more

Speedbump device converts traffic energy to electricity

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further © 2011 In 2009, New Energy Technologies conducted a field test at a Burger King in Hillside, New Jersey. Citation: Speed-bump device converts traffic energy to electricity (2011, November 9) retrieved 18 August 2019 from A Maryland company, New Energy Technologies, has devised that kind of speed-bump device, which the company likens to a rumble strip, that harvests kinetic energy from vehicles and converts the energy into electricity. New Energy’s MotionPower Express system captures the unused kinetic energy of vehicles at points where they are required to slow down or come to a stop. New Energy has ambitions to see its MotionPower Express devices become a part of the toll booths, rest areas, parking lots, airport arrival and departure areas, city lighting systems, zones in other places where traffic should be slowing down—scenarios that can benefit from a greener approach to energy and electricity cost savings.New Energy has been testing its technology for over a year. The company recently got a boost in publicity by partnering with the city of Roanoke in Virginia to put its MotionPower Express system to the test. According to the company and the city, that test, which was carried out late last month, was successful. Roanoke tested the device that generated energy when vehicles drove over it. MotionPower Express is suited for installation where vehicles are traveling faster than 15 mph and are slowing-down before stopping, including parking lots, border crossings, exit ramps, neighborhoods with traffic calming zones, rest areas, toll booths, and travel plazas.The installation at the Roanoke Civic Center was during a busy time when the center was hosting a gun show and circus. A total of 580 cars passed over the rumble strip in six hours.Reports claim this traffic over this amount of time generated enough electricity to power an average U.S. home for a day. In a commercial context, the traffic over a six hour period was claimed to produce enough electricity for a 150 square-foot electronic billboard or marquee for a day. New Energy Technologies has been field-testing MotionPower for over a year. In 2009, they conducted a field test at a Burger King in Hillside, New Jersey. ( — The two little words “speed bump” usually evoke unpleasant memories of spilled coffee and back-seat arguments questioning if and where you learned how to drive. In some green energy circles, speed bumps take on a far more pleasant image. You may even hear a more dignified and important term, such as “kinetic energy recovery device.” At the time of the Burger King test, the company estimated that each MotionPower speed bump would cost $1,500 to $2,000 and earn back its cost in two to three years. A business could use it to offset electricity costs, or sell back energy to the grid if applicable through state metering laws. The City of Roanoke will be publishing results of the trial installation in January.If all this sounds vaguely familiar, it is because numerous companies have been interested in deploying novel solutions that can harness energy. In 2009, news from the UK was that a startup called Highway Energy Systems was installing “Kinetic Road Plates” at a Sainsbury’s supermarket in Gloucester. The goal was to harness energy from vehicles driving in and out of the store’s car park to power store checkouts.Pavegen is a company that says that each time someone walks over its Pavegen tile, renewable energy is harvested from the footstep. Pavegen technology converts kinetic energy to electricity which can be stored and used for a variety of applications. Those applications include street lighting, displays, and signage. Image: New Energy Technologies More information: Passing cars to generate energy for new UK supermarketlast_img read more

Fortis owners in the dock for dodging Rs 100cr import duty on

first_imgDirectorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) has impounded 6 luxury aircraft from a company owned by the Fortis Group for alleged duty evasion to the tune of  Rs100 crore.  Six aircraft, including beachcraft and others, were being used for private purposes though they were imported for charter services and no duty was paid. All these aircraft are owned by Ligare Aviation, belonging to owners of the Fortis group, Malvinder Mohan Singh and Shivinder Mohan Singh. Also Read – Need to understand why law graduate’s natural choice is not legal profession: CJIDRI issued notices to them for alleged duty evasion but Ligare  secured a stay order from the court which clearly instructed that they could not sell these aircraft in between. Allegedly, Ligare covertly changed the ownership of all these aircraft to a foreign company and got it ratified with the help of officials in the directorate general of civil aviation. DRI saw this as a clear violation of court orders and after that they swooped into action and impounded 6 aircraft. According to top Revenue Ministry officials, DRI will soon call Malvinder and Shivinder Mohan Singh for interrogation. Also Read – Health remains key challenge in India’s development: Kovind This company has a fleet of 8 aircraft and helicopters, of which three are of king air beachcraft B 200, each coming at price tag of Rs 30 crore, 2 Falcon 2000 each costing Rs150 crore and one Falcon SX priced at Rs 200 crore and can fly non-stop from Delhi to London. Other than that they also have one Bell 430 helicopter and one Augusta 109 helicopter. As per Indian law, if any non scheduled airline brings aircraft to India for charter services, then it is exempt from import duty. But if someone uses it for private purpose, then they have to fork out 19 per cent customs duty.It may be recalled in July 2008, in similar case The air intelligence unit (AIU) of the customs department at Mumbai airport seized and sealed two aircraft – a Falcon 900 Ex and an Airbus 319 – belonging to Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) for non-payment of duty.Mukesh Ambani had gifted the A-319 luxury jet to wife Nita on her 44th birthday.last_img read more

3 Ways in Which AI Could Enhance Your Companys UX

first_imgSeptember 20, 2018 Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Register Now » User experience (UX) design is about making digital experiences easier by removing the hindrances that can lessen the ease of communication between the business (website) and the user.Related: How AI Changed Customer Service in the IT industryFrom the colors and features a business website offers to its interactions with users, strong UX means that everything will have been designed to eliminate or at least minimize these obstacles and drive up conversions.The need for automation to handle these challenges has caused an even larger (and newer) challenge to emerge: the gap between how intuitive websites need to be versus how they actually are. No design is perfect — there’s always a chance that the audience will disengage at one point or another in the journey. But, as globalization speeds up and more opportunities to sell to more people appear, business website design will have to become, well, perfect.How? Through AI.Certainly the promise of artificial intelligence seems always to be on the horizon, yet many businesses are already taking the lead in providing a much more intuitive UX using AI technology. According to a report by Narrative Science and the National Business Research Institute, 61 percent of businesses surveyed said that as of 2017, they’d already implemented AI. By comparison, only 38 percent had done so by 2016. In a separate study, 61 percent of marketers polled said AI was the most important aspect of their data strategy overall.That makes sense. In a few years, users will demand just this level of UX. Besides, it is useful now — having already demonstrated the advantages of use of machine learning and AI for improved efficiency. Gartner has predicted that by 2020 85 percent of customer interactions will be with a machine.Related: AI Can’t Solve All Of Our Customer Service Problems (Yet)So, how can AI make the digital experience more appealing to your website visitors?1. Expert guidancePart of the customer-buying journey involves research. During this phase, the consumer is actively looking for new information for helping in making a sound buying decision. And one of the best places to find this information is a website like yours.According to a report by Episerver, when consumers visit a business website for the first time, 92 percent of them initially go to do something other than make a purchase. Some 45 percent visit a website to search for a product. So, even when they visit with an intent to buy, 32 percent of consumers will rarely or never make a purchase. Why? The Episerver report suggested that 98 percent of shoppers are dissuaded by incomplete or incorrect content and 32 percent because they can’t find all the information they needed.This is where artificial intelligence comes in: Using AI, businesses can turn the odds in their favor during the research phase by offering their visitors expert guidance. Consider a decision involving the major (and expensive) purchase of an engagement ring or other jewelry piece holding a diamond. ROSI, an AI-powered algorithm, harnesses veteran diamond-buying expertise and has integrated AI processes to create “the world’s first digital diamond expert,” according to ROSI’s creator, Adam Stein.This kind of capability gives businesses using AI on their websites an edge over their competitors.2. SearchThe search bar is still an important tool of communication between the user and the website. It’s even more important to the business behind that website. People who use the search bar have been found more likely to purchase than those who go through standard navigation.According to Econsultancy, site search can result in conversion rates up to 50 percent higher than average. The reason is that people who use a search bar are shopping with intent. To them, the search bar promises more relevant results than standard navigation can.Businesses have realized that by offering a user-friendly search experience, they can help customers find products and services more easily. With consumers now more than ever in control of their shopping experience, a good experience means happier shoppers and a greater potential for repeat purchases. This is the context for semantic search, powered by AI. Semantic research improves search accuracy through a deeper understanding of user intent and context. This technology can improve the level of earning from past results. If you use Siri, you have already used this technology.And businesses are seriously investing in site search technology — witness Etsy’s interest in Blackbird Technologies a few years ago. Blackbird Technologies is a machine-learning tool that analyzes user behavior and other variables to give search recommendations.3. PredictionBased on your page visits, item selection and social behavior, the Amazon ecommerce app can tell what you’d like next. That’s AI in action. It can be used to predict what kind of entertainment spots you’d prefer, places you’d like to visit and merchandise you’d buy.Similarly, AI can be used to predict a customer’s next purchase on a business website, allowing the company’s customer help team to prepare for questions and concerns. Businesses can take advantage of such insightful predictions to anticipate their customers’ future actions based on their activity on the website.The more accurate these predictions get, the more insights businesses will be able to draw from them and, ultimately, the better the user experience they’ll be able to offer.ConclusionToday’s consumer is now more discerning, and the scope of research customers engage in before buying is expanding. Similarly, businesses are evolving and their websites are becoming an important point for meeting with the consumer.Related: Enterprise Chatbots With AI Are the Solution for Customer ServiceUsing AI, forward-thinking businesses have been able to address UX concerns by using an automated yet interactive system. Is your business one of them? Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. 5 min readlast_img read more