(Update)Reaction tonight to the story we first broke tonight at six — as the mayor of Hamilton now says he’s not ruling out running again for the city’s top job in the fall election.Mayor Bob Bratina: “Well, you can’t rule anything out ever, I mean, never say never.”Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina isn’t saying yes. But he’s not saying no when it comes to running again for leader of the city in the fall election. This not so clear cut answer follows the news that the federal riding association has effectively ended his bid to run as a Liberal. But the possibility of Bratina’s bid isn’t fazing the other candidates.Brian McHattie: “When i signed up to run on January 2nd, Bob Bratina was still the mayor. I was running against him at that point. He pulled out, and if he comes back in, fair enough. I don’t mind, one way or the other.”And Fred Eisenberger, who lost to Bratina in the last election, says whether or not Bratina runs again is of no consequence to him as he decided long before to run for mayor.Politcial opponent’s opinions aside, what really counts is what voters think and the ones we spoke to seem to be on board with Bratina.“I’m excited. I think he’s a great guy. I really like having him around. I really hope he does go again.”“I think it would be great if he ran.”“I really think Bob Bratina has done a wonderul job for the period of time that he’s been there. But I also think there are other avenues Bob Bratina would wish to be.”And Bratina is clear about his current political ambitions, at least federally: “My intention right now is to seek a federal nomination for the Liberals. But that time for me is still some time away.”Bratina did tell CHCH News today that he’s open to representing the Liberals in other Hamilton ridings, like Hamilton East where he grew up. As for the municipal election, it’s not too far away. There are just over three months until election day, so if Bratina does decided to run, the clock’s ticking.

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