Caribbean Food and Wine Festival

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:Blue Haven Resort, Caribbean food and wine festival, david lefevre, gourmet safari, Hans peter haider, hotel 12, Leah cohen, Leah kohen, Manhattan beach post and fishing, pig and khao restaurant, west bay resort Caribbean Food and Wine Festival goes to Gourmet Safari What’s on TONIGHT in Providenciales Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 5 Nov 2014 – Ironically this month, this weekend ushers in a fourth installment of the Caribbean Food and Wine Festival; a usually a sold out event held in concert with the island’s leading resorts and restaurants in a celebration of international cuisine and yes, wines! This year the opening dinner will be held at newcomers to the resort scene in Provo, Blue Haven Resort… also this weekend, The Gourmet Safari includes stops at Coyaba, Regent Palms, Seven Stars and Gansevoort… the food and wine pairing is set for the West Bay Club… the island street food fair remains on the Grace Bay strip… and the Grace Bay Club will host the final Dinner with the stars … Including celebrity chefs David Lefevre, who is a partner of the Manhattan Beach Post and Fishing; Hans Peter Haider, Executive Chef at hotel12 and Leah Cohen of the Pig and Khao Restaurant in the Lower East side of NYC. Recommended for you Dominican Republic rum a fine favorite at Caribbean Food & Wine Festival, Turks and Caicoslast_img read more

Paytm Money plans to raise Rs 8360 cr may become 3rd unicorn

first_imgPaytm via Twitter (screen-shot)Vijay Shekhar-led Paytm Money is planning to raise about Rs 8,360 crore from top investor groups like SoftBank and Ant Financial. As per a report in Business Standards, the company has a valuation of about Rs 34,833 crore and might achieve the unicorn status if the company successfully pleases the investors to raise the expected amount.Paytm is a subsidiary of One97 Communications that offers an online platform for commission-free investment in mutual funds. It has acquired a user follow up of about 1 million users within eight months from its launch. The company deals with debt mutual funds, insurance, forex, and offers investment advisory for equity services. The company is gaining momentum because of the growing Indian market in the vertical of financial services. ReutersThe startup has portfolios of mutual fund schemes to serve the needs of all types of investors. The company had taken the initiative of catering its users some investment packs after its launch as its advisory product. The startup is now adding on to the investment packs by enabling easy access to mutual funds by UPI, providing a user-friendly app to track personal mutual fund investments. The startup’s app also allows to register a SIP and pay later to attract the attention of the users.Paytm Money is dependent on the global investors as it has received a mere Rs 28.8 crore as investment from its parent company.Vijay Shekhar-led brand names like Paytm and Paytm Mall have obtained the unicorn status. Paytm Money is just in the queue to achieve it. If the investments run down smoothly, Paytm Money might be the next competitor to the edu-tech unicorn BYJU’s.last_img read more

MP favours killing rapists in gunfight

first_imgKazi Firoz RashidAn MP of Ershad-led Jatiya Party – an ally of ruling Bangladesh Awami League (AL) yet official opposition in parliament, Kazi Firoz Rashid, on Tuesday favoured killing rapists in law enforcers’ gunfights.“Gang rape can’t be stopped by executing them as per the existing law. People want justice immediately,” Firoz Rashid told parliament while speaking on the point of order.Calling for awarding Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) members for killing the rapist of a 9-year-old girl, the Jatiya Party MP also said militancy would not have been resisted in the country had there been no gunfights.The Jatiya Party led by prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s special envoy Hussain Muhammad Ershad has three members in the current cabinet.   In reference to the rape incident in a running bus at Dhamrai, Firoz said, “A female readymade garment worker got in a bus. Five people raped her on the bus when other passengers got down. Police seized the bus when locals, after hearing the screaming of the girl, informed the law enforcement. Yes, the rapists were arrested, but justice won’t be ensured.””A rapist had gone into hiding after raping a 9-year girl. A gunfight was taken place between the rapist and RAB members. Two RAB members were injured. The rapist was killed. This is what people want to see. These RAB members should be awarded,” he added.Firoz went on to say, “Everyday incidents of rapes will take place and you will resort to the law! This can’t go in this fashion. People want to see whether justice will be ensured right now.”Talking about Rupa killing after rape, the MP said the incident of raping of another girl on a running bus would not take place had a burning example been set up in case of Rupa killing.He said Rupa’s rapists were awarded death in the lower court, but they [rapists] would go to the higher court against the trial court verdict where there would be a discussion on law-point if the capital punishment would be retained.“And then there is Supreme Court [to take the final decision]. And then will come presidential decision. Nobody will notice when they [rapists] will be hanged,” he added.Addressing the government, he said, “How did you curb the militancy? Child militant, woman militant, juvenile militant and elderly militant – all the militants were annihilated in gunfights. Did you bring the militants to the law? Has justice been ensured as of today? Had there been no gunfight, militants wouldn’t have been wiped out.”Alleging procrastination in the justice system in the existing law, Firoz said, “One girl is being raped after another in running bus. Will you claim that there is rule of law in the country? This is not rule of law. This is rather misrule of law. You will take 10 years for sticking to the law. Nobody will notice even if one is executed after 10 years. Many will even go off scot-free using loopholes of the law.”The MP demanded introduction of summary trial to trying rapists.MP’s demand for killing the rapists in gunfights apparently lends credence to the allegation that the law enforcement agencies intentionally kill people in the name of gunfights and crossfire between the law enforcers and the accused. The law enforcers, however, have all along denied the allegation.last_img read more

South Africas struggling ANC elects Ramaphosa as new head

first_imgCyril Ramaphosa.Photo:ReutersSouth African deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa was narrowly elected head of the ruling ANC party Monday, winning a bruising race that exposed rifts within the organisation that led the fight against apartheid.Thousands of raucous Ramaphosa supporters sang and chanted in the conference hall as rival backers of defeated candidate Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma appeared dejected.Ramaphosa won 2,440 votes to Dlamini-Zuma’s 2,261.”We declare comrade Cyril Ramaphosa the new president of the African National Congress,” an official told party delegates in Johannesburg.The victory puts Ramaphosa in line to succeed President Jacob Zuma, whose reign has been plagued by corruption scandals, economic slowdown and growing anger at the once-omnipotent party.The vote was a long and acrimonious process. Delegates who had travelled from around South Africa cast their ballots after repeated delays caused by disputes over who was entitled to vote.President Zuma was seen as backing Dlamini-Zuma, allegedly to secure protection from prosecution on graft charges after he leaves office.But his loyalists did win senior positions in the vote, including David Mabuza as party deputy chief, meaning Ramaphosa is likely to face strong internal opposition to his pro-business reform agenda.President Zuma stepped down as party chief at the conference but could remain as head of state until the 2019 election.”I hope you will cooperate with the new leadership… as we move to the 2019 elections,” Baleka Mbete, party chairwoman, told delegates.- Falling public support -The ANC, which has ruled since 1994 when Nelson Mandela won the first multi-racial vote, could struggle to retain its grip on power in the next election due to falling public support.”The party will decide if Zuma goes (before the 2019 election),” Mzwandile Mkhwanazi, a delegate from KwaZulu-Natal province, told AFP.”Ramaphosa’s victory is good for the country. We need a stable country, a president able to fight corruption. We think he is up to the task.”Ramaphosa, 65, is a former trade unionist leader who led talks to end white-minority rule in the early 1990s and then became a multi-millionaire businessman before returning to politics.He is often accused of failing to confront Zuma while serving as his deputy since 2014.Dlamini-Zuma was head of the African Union commission until earlier this year and a former interior, foreign affairs and health minister.She had four children with Zuma before divorcing in 1998.”I believe Ramaphosa will work to bring back the principles of liberal politics in the party,” Amanda Gouws, politics professor at Stellenbosch University, told AFP.”The outcome of the vote was not easy to call. What is at stake here is unity — the new leaders need to forge unity and rebuild the image of the party.”Allegations swirled of delegates being targeted with bribes, but ANC spokesman Khusela Sangoni told reporters that the process had proceeded “smoothly”.”I’m bowing out very happy because I think… I made my contribution,” President Zuma said on Monday as he walked through the vast conference centre hosting the five-day event.Soaring unemployment and state corruption have fuelled frustration at the ANC among millions of poor black South Africans who face dire housing, inadequate education and continuing racial inequality.Party veteran Zikalala Snuki told AFP: “It’s democracy. We are happy that we managed to elect the top leadership.”We have Ramaphosa, who may be able to steer the ship in the right direction.”The opposition Democratic Alliance party said that the ANC was “held together only by the glue of patronage and corruption, and Cyril Ramaphosa is just a new face to the same old ANC.”last_img read more

Day On Not a day Off

first_imgDr. Joan Hillsman, former minister of music, Rev. Dr. Rudolph White, pastor of New Southern Rock Baptist Church and other members joined together to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The event included music, dance, a choir celebration and the church’s choir. The Honorable Judge Reggie B. Walton, District Court Judge of the District of Columbia was the guest speaker.last_img

Researchers discover a way to tease oxygen molecules from carbon dioxide

first_img New work from UC Davis shows that carbon dioxide can be split by vacuum ultraviolet laser to create oxygen in one step. The discovery may change how we think about the evolution of atmospheres. Credit: Zhou Lu, UC Davis NASA research gives guideline for future alien life search More information: Evidence for direct molecular oxygen production in CO2 photodissociation, Science 3 October 2014: Vol. 346 no. 6205 pp. 61-64 . DOI: 10.1126/science.1257156 ABSTRACTPhotodissociation of carbon dioxide (CO2) has long been assumed to proceed exclusively to carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen atom (O) primary products. However, recent theoretical calculations suggested that an exit channel to produce C + O2 should also be energetically accessible. Here we report the direct experimental evidence for the C + O2 channel in CO2 photodissociation near the energetic threshold of the C(3P) + O2(X3Σg–) channel with a yield of 5 ± 2% using vacuum ultraviolet laser pump-probe spectroscopy and velocity-map imaging detection of the C(3PJ) product between 101.5 and 107.2 nanometers. Our results may have implications for nonbiological oxygen production in CO2-heavy atmospheres.Press release ( —A small team of researchers with the University of California has found a way break apart carbon dioxide molecules and get carbon atoms and oxygen molecules instead of carbon monoxide and an oxygen atom. In their paper published in the journal Science, the team describes how they did it, and the implications of their findings. Arthur Suits and David Parker offer a perspective piece in the same journal issue that describes in more depth, minimum energy path (MEP) where reactants don’t always follow the easiest path during chemical reactions and how it pertains to the work done by this group. Ball-and-stick model of carbon dioxide. Credit: Wikipedia Explore further Over the years, scientists have developed a theory about the development of life on planet Earth that’s known as the “Great Oxidation Event,” where plants developed and began taking in carbon dioxide and pumping out oxygen. In this new effort, the researchers believe they have found a way to achieve the same feat using a non-biological approach. They’ve used the shortest wavelength of ultraviolet light, aka, vacuum ultraviolet light (VUV) to break apart carbon dioxide molecules.The VUV was provided in the form of a laser shooting a beam at carbon dioxide molecules to break them apart. Another laser was used to ionize the pieces from the broken molecule so that they could be measured by a mass spectrometer. The process resulted in just 5 percent of the carbon dioxide molecules splitting into oxygen molecules and carbon atoms (the rest went to carbon monoxide and oxygen atoms) but that was more than enough to show that the process can be used to get molecular oxygen from carbon dioxide—and that might have a far reaching impact.center_img Citation: Researchers discover a way to tease oxygen molecules from carbon dioxide (2014, October 3) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Journal information: Science © 2014 This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. The process works, the team explains because of MEP reactions and because of that, it seems reasonable to conclude that some oxygen in early Earth’s atmosphere came about the same way—with all the oxygen in the atmosphere today, VUV doesn’t penetrate very far but when the atmosphere had far more carbon dioxide in it, it follows that some of those molecules could have split into carbon atoms and oxygen molecules. That also means that the same process could occur on other planets, which means scientists looking for life on other planets would have to look for a lot more than just oxygen in their atmospheres.Another possible impact of the findings by the team involves space exploration—if an apparatus could be built that could continually knock oxygen molecules out of the carbon dioxide breathed out by astronauts, they wouldn’t have to carry oxygen tanks or use plants to do the conversion, making the whole process much more efficient.last_img read more