Dembélé’s new controversy: like a montage of his with the Liverpool shirt

The French end does not stop accumulating controversies and meanwhile, messages of all kinds have emerged. On the one hand there are the offended fans because the player liked it, taking into account what happened in the Champions League Last campaignInstagram ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>The assembly of Ousmane Dembélé with the Liverpool shirt.Instagram eleven A user of Instagram He has hung a picture on his personal account in which his idol, Ousmane Dembélé, appears dressed in the shirt of the Liverpool, result of a photomontage. The image would have no more significance if it were not because the Barcelona player has given him a ‘like’. However, on the other side are Liverpool fans, excited that Dembélé ends up wearing net in the future, knowing that they have long been interested in Barca. In any case, the photomontage does not seem to have left anyone indifferent. read more

NRI Voice: Discovering the Land of Dragons

first_imgNitheesh PC, a visual effects and animation professional, moved to China to explore the country that has become a global hotspot. The fact that China is still a mystery for many prompted him to apply for a job in the country. This has been one of his best decisions, he says.Nitheesh tells Little India about his journey in the land of dragons, and how he has fallen in love with China’s food and culture:Journey to China I studied commerce in college in Kerala, and went on to learn visual effects and animation. ‎I was working in Bengaluru when China happened. I was thrilled when I got a call from a company in China two years back.Hassle-free Travel One thing that stands out in this country is its public transport. Everything is so organized, considering the population here. It makes traveling seem so much easier.Nitheesh at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing‎I currently live in a beautiful city called Wuxi, near Shanghai. It is surrounded by a beautiful lake called Lake Tai, one of the largest freshwater lakes in China. I often visit Shanghai on weekends to meet my friends as it takes less than an hour by bullet train. During my stay in China so far, I have been to many provinces and have made many friends. The ZhangJiaJie National Forest Park in Hunan Province, where the blockbuster Avatar was shot, was a memorable trip.Friendly People ‎Contradictory to the notion that the Chinese are not friendly to foreigners, I find them very accommodating and friendly. I have many good friends at work and outside. People have been very helpful, especially during my trips.Challenges on the Way The only challenge that I have faced here is the language. ‎I am still trying to learn the language as it’s quite difficult. The food here is also a bit different, but once I developed a taste for it, I started to love it.Different Flavors of China Food in China is a mixed bag of different flavors and ingredients. People in India know very little about Chinese food, except fried rice, noodles or chowmein, but Chinese cuisine is much more diverse. It varies from one province to the other.Nitheesh and friends during Sakura seasonI have traveled to different provinces and my dining experiences have been varied and wonderful. For instance, the food in North China is less spicy, but in South China it is quite hot. I love spices, and Chongqing offers the spiciest spread in China.  Now I enjoy eating food with chopsticks.Land of Festivals China, like India, has a lot of festivals, which also means more holidays. Most of the Chinese festivals are an occasion for family reunions, like moon festival and spring festival.A festival that I have fond memories of is the Lantern festival. It’s celebrated on the last day of the Chinese New Year. Cities come alive with red lanterns that are lit in honor of Lord Buddha. Other traditions on this day include eating dumplings, dragon dance and lion dance.While traveling, I have also attended many cultural shows, and fallen in love with their enriching culture.I feel people in China are steeped in customs and traditions and yet seem to have a modern outlook towards life. (The interview has been condensed and edited.) Related ItemsChinaShanghailast_img read more