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first_imgA biweekly community newspaper in suburban Phoenix has admitted it was duped by 21-year-old Vinayak Gorur into running a raving article about his culinary skills. In a mea culpa, the reporter wrote that Gorur orchestrated an elaborate scam to persuade her that he had won an award from the American Culinary Foundation and been appointed the youngest sous chef by Phoenix’s prestigious Compass Restaurant.Gorur’s ruse apparently also duped his mother, who had participated in the Ahwatukee Foothills News interviews with her son. The fraud was exposed by two of Gorur’s friends who say he has a history of fibbing. “I don’t think he’s malicious, but he exhibits times of total immaturity,” his father Ravi Gorur was quoted by the newspaper. “He has told small lies in the past, and he has been punished, but he is a mystery.”In her apology to readers, the reporter Krystin Wiggs, acknowledged she had been deceived by an elaborate hoax in which Gorur even had someone pose as a chef at a famous restaurant, admitting, “You can’t outsmart every con-man.”  Related Itemslast_img read more

(Dis)Advantage Sharapova

first_imgBANNED!,” screamed a recent newspaper headline detailing the stunning news of five-times grand slam champ and one of the world’s highest paid athletes Maria Sharapova testing positive for the banned drug meldonium at the Australian Open.Predictably, gasps of disbelief and shockwaves swept the world with several sports stars flinging their hats into the ring of denunciation. UK tennis star Andy Murray demanded that she be banned from the game with immediate effect. He also chided Sharapova’s racquet manufacturer, Head, which (unlike sponsors Nike, Porsche and TAG Heuer, who instantly terminated Sharapova’s contract) announced that they would not only continue, but extended her contract for another five years.Had Head, wondered many like Murray, lost their head or were they cleverly seeking guaranteed publicity through notoriety and headlines, consciously heading toward a daring love-all challenge in the face of shame & scandal?It transpires that Sharapova had been taking the banned drug for 10 years to counter a magnesium deficiency and a family history of diabetes. The International Tennis Federation wanted her banned for four years, but finally settled for two, backdated from January 26, 2016 to January 25, 2018. Along the way, her 2016 Australian Open results have been annulled and she has also forfeited both the prize money and ranking points. The dazzling super star protested that the judgement was “unfairly harsh,” as she hadn’t realised that meldonium was on the Banned Substance list.Earlier this year, tennis was colored by another sensational accusation, when Buzzfeed and the BBC announced that at least 16 players among the top 50 in the sport were involved in match-fixing. “Et-tu-Tennis?” seemed to be the collective cry of disillusioned fans, who have long believed that unlike cricket and football, tennis was a pristine clean sport.Is nothing sacred? Is all sport susceptible to greed? Whatever happened to fair play and the noble spirit of the game in which hard-fought contests were a battle of skill and talent with the best team winning? Has this template been junked, labelled romantic, naïve, old-fashioned, and replaced by a mind set which decrees that since we don’t live in a perfect world, these goof-ups will occur and its best to go with the flow?High profile, Bangalore-based sports commentator and the man powering the Pro-Kabaddi League, Charu Sharma confesses that these scandals and controversies are not exactly what the doctor ordered. But the big picture, he gently suggests, should not be lost. “Of course all these unfortunate incidents are very unsavory and disappointing, but what are they compared to the joy, thrill and excitement that they unfailingly continue to offer to zillions of their crazed fans? Take the IPL & FIFA … sure they have been tainted, but do you think that either the sponsors, TV channels or the fans are going to give up on them? Two rotten eggs in a basket doesn’t ruin the entire dozen, remember? The bottom line is: The sport is way bigger than both the sportsman and the controversy.”Ex sprinter Ashwini Nachappa is not as charitable: “Sharapova was someone I truly considered a role model … and look what she’s gone and done? I am truly disillusioned and the star tennis player has plummeted in my eyes in terms of image and character.”She laments the fact that, in all probabilities, this too will pass and Sharapova, like other tainted sports stars, could well return to her position as tennis’s Golden Girl: “The tragedy is that we live in corrupt and immoral times when heroes are constantly discovered doing un-heroic, even villainous things and frequently getting away with it. So, will the game of tennis, football or cricket, despite the proven irregularities and scandals, be affected? Never! They maybe blackballed for a while, but once the heat is off, they’ll quietly return and all will be well. Too much vested interest, I guess, of the commercial kind. Sad, but true.”Brand Specialists, advertisers, marketers and pundits look through the prism of cold economics. They believe that if the controversy affects the sport, it is only temporarily. The love for the sport for the diehard fan is too overwhelming and public memory too short to affect it.“Sport is very primal and for all genuine freakos’, it’s too heady and irresistible a passion to let go for any significant period. Disappointment with tainted heroes is there, but new heroes and feats forever beckon” admits one seasoned ad practitioner.Adds another: “A cloud of suspicion may come over fans if defeat is seized from the jaws of certain victory and yes, if idols like (M.S.) Dhoni or (Virat) Kohli are involved in a controversy, it could be shattering …. But generally speaking, the sport is invincible. Stand by for the madness and hungama that will accompany the annual circus, IPL coming your way at your friendly neighborhood stadium, very soon!”In the end, it depends on the side of the table you are on. If it is about morality, integrity, honesty, fair play, transparency and accountability to fans … that’s one thing. If it’s about being pragmatic, realistic and grounded, accepting both the follies of human nature and the seductive temptations offered by sports today to players, many of who are laser focused only on the dream at the end of the rainbow, that’s quite another. For the most part, the latter has trumped the former. Related Itemslast_img read more

Meet the Indian Bailing Out Prisoners in UAE

first_imgFiroz Merchant, a Dubai-based Indian businessman has become the first expatriate to be honored with the UAE’s prestigious ‘community service medal’.The 59 year-old Merchant, who has spent more than USD 4 million to help free prisoners who were behind the bars due to non-payment of debts, is the founder and chairman of Pure Gold Jewellers.Merchant has been awarded with the community service medal to recognize his efforts in serving the community, reported Financial Times.“Whatever I have done, and will continue to do, is for the love of the UAE and India. I represent my country India and the UAE is my second home,” Merchant said while dedicating his award to his countrymen.Humble Beginnings The childhood of the billionaire who currently owns retail stores spread across the gulf countries and India, was spent in a one-room house in the Bhendi Bazaar area of Mumbai.After finishing school, Merchant began helping his father with his real estate business where he learnt how to manage people and business partners. “When my father would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say ‘businessman’. I didn’t know what I wanted to trade in at the time, just that I wanted to carve out my own destiny,” Merchant told Gulf News in an interview. It was during this phase when the family was struggling with the money that made him realize that there was no easy way to succeed. “Only hard work and determination can help you realize your dreams.”Reaching New HeightsThe first time he set foot in Dubai was during his honeymoon. It was also that time when he strongly felt that Dubai was the city for him. He returned to Dubai in 1989 and started his business with zero capital.He began trading in gold bars but didn’t have the money to buy them so instead he would arrange transactions between small-time merchants and wholesalers taking a small commission. In 1991, he had saved enough to start his gold trading business. In 1998, he opened his first retail jewellery outlet. Today he has more than 100 stores across the Middle East, in the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Sri Lanka amongst others along with 200 stores in IndiaHe was ranked 26th on the Forbes Middle East List of Indian Business Owners in 2014. In the same year, Dubai based leading business magazine, Arabian Business ranked him 28th on its 2014 Richest Indians list, with an estimated net worth of USD 435 million.Saving the PrisonersMerchant has also been involved in helping prisoners who are unable to pay off their debts. Since 2008, he has spent more than USD 4.08 million in paying off the debts of more than 10,000 prisoners who are behind the bars in UAE due to their inability to clear debts.He launched a rescue and repatriation programme for prisoners of all nationalities in 2011, those who were arrested under insolvency laws.In May this year he promised to donate USD 130,790 a year to fund the air tickets for released prisoners so that they can go back home to their families.“These prisoners are victims of circumstances and are not real criminals. They are in jail because of debt,” Merchant told PTI. Related Itemscommunity service medaldebt problemsDubai-based businessmanFreeing Prisoners in UAEIndian businessmanLittle IndiaUAE community awardlast_img read more

UKIP Leader Wants to Pay British Indians to Leave UK

first_imgThe UK Independence Party (UKIP) leadership candidate, John Rees-Evans proposes to reduce “unnecessary population” by paying British Indians to leave the UK using the £12bn funds from the vital foreign aid budget.Under the proposed scheme he wants to remove a million people every year using the foreign aid budget. The scheme would give dual-nationals £9,000 plus healthcare benefits to “return to their country of origin”, reported Daily Mirror.  Scheme Will Create Jobs in UK He used examples of Indians and Tanzanians, to claim that his scheme would “create jobs in this country, reduce unnecessary population and reduce the strain on infrastructure in Britain.”“We’ve got a lot of talented people, originally from Commonwealth countries, in our country who know how to run businesses who’d be perfectly capable of establishing trading relationships in their country of origin,” he said.Talking about the “fast-track” scheme Evans said, “We would reduce the cost of living in this country and we’d incentivise people who are not doing particularly well in this country to leave and return to their country where they can create a thriving business and improve our lives here in Britain.”Controversial StatementsThis is not the first time Rees-Evans, one of the eleven candidates in the running for UKIP leadership role has given a controversial statement. In 2014 he accused, ‘a gay donkey of trying to rape his horse.’ He received huge backlash for his anti-gay comments.“Luckily this ridiculous idea from the fourth placed favorite candidate of a party clearly on the skids which smacks of attention-grabbing desperation is going nowhere,” Indian-origin Labour MP Rupa Huq said speaking to Daily Mirror.But Rees-Evans, unfazed by the criticism told supporters, “It’s not going to be draconian, it’s not going to be fascist. I’m not interested in using eugenics or any evil things like that,” reported Daily Mirror. Related ItemsAnti-gay RemarksBritish IndiansJohn Rees-EvansLabour MP Rupa HuqLittle IndiaracismUK Independence Party.UK IndiaUKIP leadershiplast_img read more

Namit Deshpande, Sunny Dhaliwal Not Included in U-19 Asian Championship

first_imgNamit Deshpande and Sunny Dhaliwal, the two Non-Resident Indian (NRI) football players who were part of the Under-17 World Cup squad, will not be playing in the Under-19 Asian Championship qualifiers. Deshpande has returned to the United States for his education while Dhaliwal is expected to return to Canada soon.Deshpande created history as he was the first NRI to represent India in the starting line for the FIFA U-17 World Cup match against Colombia at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in New Delhi on Oct.9. He holds an Indian passport but lives in Maryland. His parents moved to the United States when he was eight. India lost the match to Colombia 2-1.Colombian coach Orlando Restrepo said that Deshpande and fellow center-back Anwar Ali were the best Indian performers in the match against Colombia.Deshpande was a member of the Bethseda Soccer Club in Maryland.“Once I go back to the USA, I plan on going back to the drawing board and look at my options. I am not sure yet on what I want to do in the future and will speak with my parents on the pros and cons of either decision,” he told the Times of India.Dhaliwal, who gave up his Canadian citizenship for an Indian passport, did not play in any of the matches. He plays in the position of goalkeeper and is a graduate of the Toronto FC Academy. He had played 15 matches for the academy.“Having a player of that height in Sunny is a bonus and with the proper training and infrastructure provided to him, I am sure he sees his future in India,” chief operating officer (COO) of the India U-17 team, Abhishek Yadav told the newspaper. “As a player, he wants to be a future star of the senior national men’s team and being a part of this U-17 World Cup at home will go a long way in him establishing himself as a top prospect.”The two NRI players were selected by the All India Football Federation (AIFF) after an online scouting process. Related Itemsfifa world cup indiaNamit DeshpandeNRI football playersSunny Dhaliwalu-17 fifa world cupU-19 asian championshipslast_img read more

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa Joins Gandhi Walk

first_imgIn a first for the head of the state of the country, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa joined the 33rd annual Gandhi Walk which took place in Lenasia, an Indian township south of Johannesburg, on April 15, PTI reported. The 12-km walk, in which 5,000 people participated, was also attended by American civil rights activist Reverend Jesse Jackson, Indian High Commissioner to South Africa Ruchira Kamboj, and popular Gandhi lookalike Harshvardhan Pitambar.“Thank you for inviting me and making me part of this great and wonderful Gandhi Walk, and especially with the man himself standing here right next to me Mahatma Gandhi,” Ramaphosa was quoted by the news agency as saying. The “Mahatma Gandhi” he was referring to was Pitambar, who had donned a dhoti, complete with a bald head, round glasses and a walking stick.The walk is organized annually as a fundraiser by the Gandhi Walk Committee to create a social platform for nation building, good health and community awareness. The theme for the walk this year was “Going Green” to promote awareness about climate change and sustainable living.Ramaphosa had expressed his interest in the walk earlier, with his spokesman Khusela Diko saying in a statement: “The President subscribes to the values that the Gandhi Walk represents of creating community awareness and ensuring that we all take part in our nation-building project. But also, most importantly, promoting healthy lifestyles and ensuring that our communities are able to come together in a fun way.”The Gandhi Walk Committee expressed joy that the country’s head of the state joined the walk for the first time. “Although we have had a wide range of celebrities and leaders over the years, and the blessings of previous heads of state, including the legendary Madiba (Nelson Mandela), we are elated that for the first time a head of state joined the actual Walk,” Gandhi Walk Committee chairman Parbhucharan was quoted as saying.The walk was originally started as a small fundraiser to complete the Gandhi Hall in Lenasia — a hub for all community events. The event is now billed as a family fun day, with senior citizens, differently abled and families joining either a 6-km or a 12-km walk.The community hall was built after the original Gandhi Hall in Johannesburg, where Gandhi was said to have had meetings with the community to mobilize a resistance against discriminatory laws in South Africa, was demolished as the Indian community was resettled forcibly by apartheid government.As the community hall has been built, the proceeds from the walk are now shared between a range of community welfare organizations. Related Itemscyril ramaphosaMahatma GandhiSouth Africalast_img read more

NRI Voice: Mardi Gras Forever

first_imgAdjusting to life in the United States was a fairly easy process for Sanjukta Basu, a PhD scholar in economics at the Tulane University in New Orleans. The temperature isn’t very different from India in New Orleans and the food is spicy enough, she tells Little India.Basu, 28, lives in a city that shuts down once a year to celebrate Mardi Gras — a carnival held before the start of the Lent season. The occasion is colorful, loud and crowded, not unlike sights in India.It is a matter of pride for Basu to collect as many memorabilia flung by different Krewes — different groups of people making floats for the Mardi Gras parade. Basu tell us about the three Mardi Gras parades she has attended so far, and other highlights of her life in New Orleans:Day 1I had the most unusual experience on my first day in the city. In New Orleans, I noticed that everyone greets everyone. People on the road wished each other “Good Morning,” bus drivers asked me about my day, passersby complimented my clothes. This was quite unusual for me. I have never acknowledged the presence of fellow bus riders or other people, waiters or others around me who are not directly part of my conversation, in India. The city is more inviting and people stop to talk to strangers. This was my biggest learning. It took me some time to adapt to the friendliness offered by the city.Odd One Out My class has more international students than Americans, although I am the only Indian in my department. I got along with my classmates very well and stayed with one of them for two weeks while I was between apartments.Initially, I became friends with a couple of Indians but that was because my classmates were all married and had kids, so going out for a drink on a weeknight was never in the schedule. However, over time I grew close to people from different nationalities. Besides a couple of Indians, a Chinese, Bolivian, and American person are my closest buddies. I have learnt about their culture and they were curious about mine.Mardi Gras Sanjukta Basu at the Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans. Photo: Abhinav JainMardi Gras or Fat Tuesday starts more than two weeks before the actual event. An adult-only parade is held three Saturdays before Mardi Gras. Over 50 parades are held in and around New Orleans, and each parade has its own krewe, or participants. They are all dressed according to the theme of the year and their krewe. They throw tons of stuff like beads, toys, balls, t-shirts, scarfs, jewelry, and other things. Each parade has its own signature throw. For instance, a krewe of muses will have sparkling, glitter decorated shoes, and a krewe of Nyx will have decorated purses, while a krewe of d’etat would give out bones, and a krewe of tucks will give fancy toilet paper rolls. The theme of the krewe of Orpheus in 2016 was Hindu gods and goddesses.The city is quite normal on all days except on the days of Lundi Gras and Mardi Gras. The only way to celebrate it is by being on the street. People dress up even if they are not in the parade. Most people have themes. For instance, once I saw a group of people dressed up as the characters from The Wizard of Oz, with men dressed as women characters and vice versa. New Orleans allows alcohol on the street, so you meet some crazy drunk people too. Bags Full of CollectiblesI like collecting Mardi Gras throws. I have got bags full of stuff. There is also a special cake called king cake available only during the Mardi Gras season. It’s sugary and colorful, and amazingly delicious.Warm and WelcomingIt’s hot and humid here, making me miss the dry heat of Delhi, although winters are relatively less cold than in Delhi. The weather was freezing a couple of times, but the city shuts down during those days, and I did not have to leave my warm home. However, the rainy season is very unpredictable, with the weather fluctuating for six months, before the onset of summer. I have experienced very hot days, heavy rainfall and close to zero-degree temperature all in one week. Other than that, I am glad I live here as the weather reminds me of home.Home-cooked but Creole I cook most of the time and unlike food in the north-east and west coast in the United States, it has more spices and flavor here. The Creole and Cajun cuisines use similar spices as Indian food. Although this city doesn’t offer good Indian food, their own cuisine is amazing. However, I do miss some specific Indian food items, which are not available here. Related ItemsMardi GrasNew OrleansUnited Stateslast_img read more

International Migration from Kerala to Gulf Nations Declining, Says Report

first_imgInternational migration from Kerala to traditional destinations like the Gulf countries will decline further while African regions could emerge as a prominent destination for migrant workers from the state, according to a research paper released recently by the Centre for Development Studies (CDS) and Centre for Migration and Inclusive Development (CMID).The mortality and fertility levels of Kerala have touched near saturation bottom levels, and migration plays a critical role in shaping the future demographic scenario, the report showed.Ageing of the population and a decline in the number of people in the migration-prone age groups could lead to international migration from the state dipping further, the report said.The research paper, titled Impact of Mortality and Fertility Transitions in Kerala on Migration and Its Implications for the State’s Economy, stated that migration has been and continues to be a significant catalyst in the development of Kerala.“The nationalization schemes and similar measures in the Middle East region may further reduce migration of Keralites to the region that accounted for more than four-fifths of the international migrants from Kerala,” the research paper stated.This is likely to result in a reduction of remittances, adversely affecting the economy of the state.However, it is also likely that the African region may emerge as a prominent destination for migrant workers from Kerala.The number of international migrants from Kerala peaked during 2013, with 2.4 million migrants from the state living outside the country, and then declined to 2.2 million in 2016, according to the paper. Both international migration and migration to the other states from Kerala have registered downward trends, the paper pointed out.“Not that Africa will become next Gulf but Africa is growing and we can go and invest in Africa and create employment for them. Countries like Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Sudan, Rwanda and other African nations have growing economies and big needs for education health, infrastructure, etc.,” Muralee Thummarukudy, the chief of disaster risk reduction of United Nations Environment Program, said, the Times of India reported.In 2016, remittances to Kerala constituted 36.3 per cent of the state’s Net State Domestic Product, and were also capable of wiping out 60 per cent of the state’s public debt. “As avenues outside India are not promising in the near future, Keralites will have to vigorously tap the opportunities within the country as the urban India expands. The state’s economy is to a large extent dependent on the migrant workforce in the emerging demographic scenario,” the paper said.Migration has become an all-pervasive phenomenon in Kerala that has influenced every aspect of life, impacting female education, infrastructure, prices, wages, transportation and status of women. Related ItemsAfricaKeralaRemittancelast_img read more

Xiaomi Mi 7 or Mi Note 3 could come with Samsung’s OLED display

first_imgXiaomi has reportedly partnered with Samsung and is said to source millions of OLED panels for its 2018’s flagship device. Reports coming from a South Korean publication – the Investor claim that the Chinese smartphone maker has apparently signed an OLED supply deal with Samsung Display which will be used either on the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7 or Mi Note 3. Not only Xiaomi, but reports are also such that Apple has also placed orders for over 70 million Samsung OLED display panels for its 2017 flagship phone – iPhone 8.The report further hints that as per the contract, Xiaomi has ordered a 6.01-inch rigid OLED panel from Samsung for its next flagship device. The shipment of which is expected to kick-start sometime around December this year. Samsung is further said to ship around 1 million OLED panels in the first month, followed by another 2.2 million units in the next month. While some rumours hint that it could be the successor of the Mi 6 aka Xiaomi Mi 7 that’s going to sport the OLED display. However, considering the size of the display that Xiaomi has ordered – 6.01-inch, chances are that it could also be the Mi Note 3, the successor of the Mi Note 2.Also Read: Xiaomi Mi Max 2 launched in India at Rs 16,999, comes with bulky design and 5300 mAh batteryXiaomi was earlier said to partner with LG Display for its next flagship phone, and was reported to score 5.49-inch flexible OLED modules. However, due to some delays, Xiaomi changed its mind and partnered with Samsung Display. This is because, LG Display’s new plant — E5 which was expected to start sometime around May, is now starting its operations in August. So, by depending on LG, Xiaomi probably didn’t want to experience any delay in the launch of its next flagship device.advertisementXiaomi is already working on Mi 7Xiaomi has already started working on the successor of the Mi 6 aka Mi 7. Ahead of the launch set for 2018, rumours about the flagship phone has already been making rounds on the web everywhere. Some rumours hint that the Mi 7 will come with the codename “Chiron”. Further, other rumours suggest that the flagship could sport a 6-inch display, which is also pretty much clear with the 6.01-inch rigid OLED panel that Xiaomi has ordered from Samsung Display.Lately, a concept video of the Xiaomi Mi 7 leaked online, which revealed a device with a metal and glass build, flat display, and a bezel-less design. No other details about the Mi 7 have been surfaced online yet. However, about the launch date, like Mi 6, Xiaomi next flagship phone – Mi 7 could also be launched at the same time, which is sometime around the month of April.last_img read more

We’re more confident in our abilities now, says Virat Kohli

first_imgAlthough India won by a whopping margin of 304 runs, that too within four days, they had to toil extremely hard to go 1-0 up in the three-Test series in Sri Lanka because of the resistance from the Galle International Stadium pitch that played totally out of character.”Yes, the last time when we played here, the surface offered much more to the bowlers. It kept the bowlers in the game throughout, the quicks and the spinners more so,” said Indian skipper Virat Kohli on Saturday evening.”This time around, the wicket was really good to bat on even ’til today. I mean, if you applied yourself, you could easily score runs on that surface. So, yeah, we had to work hard to get all the wickets that we did. I think the bowlers came up with different plans, persisted with those plans long enough to get those breakthroughs and that’s something that always helps at the beginning of a series.” (Also read: We have all the bases covered on this tour, says Virat Kohli after Galle Test win)”To get a victory on a surface which is not offering much, that really gives the team the confidence of doing it once more if we get a surface like that,” he addedIndia, the number one ranked side, were playing its first Test since the end of March in Dharamsala against Australia and while, typically, Kohli said there was plenty of scope for improvement, he did admit that the team had ticked most of the boxes.advertisement”Yeah, we would like to think so,” he agreed.”There are still some areas that we want to look back and try to improve upon; especially when you get four-five wickets and not letting the lower order to get away with a few runs in the latter half of the innings. It’s something that we can still identify and work on in the next two games as well.””But all in all, I think, playing Test cricket – March is the last when we last played Test cricket – and from then having played so much one-day cricket and not having the time to prepare so much in between . I think from that point of view, it was good to get back into the groove and do things that are supposed to be done to win a Test match. From that point of view, I feel we had a pretty good game. I won’t say that we don’t have areas that we look to improve on; as I mentioned before there are things that we can still improve on, but very happy with the performance.”The two teams will now lock horns in the second Test starting Wednesday in Colombo.last_img read more

When MS Dhoni blasted Kuldeep Yadav for not listening to him

first_imgIndia’s new spin-twin in limited-overs formats — Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal — have often credited their success to the senior most member of their team, MS Dhoni.Dhoni is always happy to help the youngsters and guide them during the matches. Both Kuldeep and Chahal also revealed on What the Duck show that Dhoni does 50-60 per cent of a bowler’s work in setting the field and telling them where to bowl to a batsman.In September last year, Kuldeep had even thanked Dhoni when he became the third Indian after Chetan Sharma and Kapil Dev to pick a hat-trick in ODIs.His magical feat came during the second ODI against Australia in Kolkata when he dismissed Matthew Wade, Ashton Agar and Pat Cummins off successive deliveries.Kuldeep Yadav 3rd Indian to grab five-wicket haul in T20 InternationalsHowever, in the next game on a relatively smaller Indore ground both Kuldeep and Chahal were hammered for 129 runs from their 20 overs and picked only 3 wickets.Rohit Sharma on his nickname: ‘Like Hitman a lot, goes with my name’Kuldeep, who gave away 75 run in his 10 overs, managed to get two wickets but not before getting some scolding from the senior statesman.”In Indore wherever I bowled, it went for six. The ground was so small – even if the batsman did not middle it, it would still go for a six.”So then, after every 6 I would look at Mahi bhai, he would say, ‘it wasn’t that far, you should keep it further…advertisement”And then I was bowling my fourth over; the batsman reverse swept me for four…Mahi bhai came to me and said ‘remove cover, move him deep and bring point up’…And I said, ‘No Mahi bhai, that’s okay…’ He said ‘Am I mad? I have played 300 ODIs.’ He got angry. And I did as I was told and then he said: ‘this is what I was saying…'”Chahal made his India debut under Dhoni two years back in the ODI series against Zimbabwe.Call me Dhoni, call me Mahi but not sir: MS Dhoni had told ChahalChahal revealed what makes Dhoni such an important part of India’s limited-overs teams at the moment.”Mahi bhai can read batsmen really well. So whenever we come to bowl we come after 10 overs.. by then he has observed how the wicket is, how the batsman is playing. So he lets us know how we should bowl, how we can be more effective,” Chahal said.”In the ODI where I took five wickets.. Duminy was batting and Mahi bhai told me to concentrate on the stumps and the next ball, he tried to sweep and got out…that’s the thing – he does 50-60 per cent of the work so we can play and other stuff. Or else it takes a couple of overs to just understand what sort of wicket you are bowling on,” Chahal said.Both Kuldeep and Chahal are currently plying their trades in England and played instrumental roles in India’s T20I series victories in Ireland and England.India next play a three-match ODI series in England before the two teams switch to Test cricket. The five-match Test series starts August 1 at at Birmingham.last_img read more

Lost at Feroz Shah Kotla: Shane Watson hits a six and bye bye ball

first_img No data available! commentary graphs view more view less Lost at Feroz Shah Kotla: Shane Watson hits a six and bye bye ballIndian Premier League 2019: Shane Watson hit a massive six into the Delhi crowd as the ball seemed to be lost to the fans at the Feroz Shah Kotla ground.center_img scorecard India Today Web Desk New DelhiMarch 26, 2019UPDATED: March 27, 2019 00:11 IST The ball could not be retrieved after Shane Watson hit it into the crowd at Feroz Shah Kotla (IPL Photo)Delhi Capitals (DC) faced Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in an Indian Premier League (IPL) at the Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi on Tuesday. The Delhi franchise, playing their first home of the season, have new owners, new name, new logo and a new jersey.But in the seventh over of the CSK innings, Shane Watson hit a massive six of Amit Mishra so much so the ball got lost in the crowd at the Kotla. As the players and umpires waited patiently for the ball to be returned, the fans in the stadium could not not find it themselves.Even when a policeman’s intervention could not help retrieve the ball, the umpires had no other option but call for a new ball.IPL 2019: DC vs CSKThe incident happened on the fourth ball of the over, as Watson launched the ball into orbit once again for the second six of the over.6.5 Overs, A. Mishra to S. Watson -OUT! Mishra had the last laugh as Watson tried to chase the tossed up leg break well outside off. Watson looked to go big downtown but the ball spun away and went across the line. Watson’s back leg was dragged out as Pant whipped the bails off.The change of ball did not help Watson in the end as the he was dismissed on the very next ball. He was stumped by Rishabh Pant6.5 Overs, A. Mishra to S. Watson -OUT! Mishra had the last laugh as Watson tried to chase the tossed up leg break well outside off. Watson looked to go big downtown but the ball spun away and went across the line. Watson’s back leg was dragged out as Pant whipped the bails off. The dismissal help Delhi get a foot in as CSK were looking comfotable of their chase of 148. Ealier, the Capitals were restricted for a sub-par 147/6 as Dwayne Bravo picked up 3 wickets for 33 from his 4 overs. With the ball stopping and coming, Capitals batsmen found Bravo’s variations difficult to handle. Ravindra Jadeja (1/23 in 4 overs) also made life difficult for the Capitals in the middle overs and Harbhajan Singh (0/30 in 4 overs) also bowled as many as 10 dot balls.advertisementDhawan, however, continued to hold one end up and hit the occasional boundary in between, even as stroke making became increasingly difficult.Pant (25 off 12 balls), during his 41-run stand with Dhawan, tried to negate the pitch factor but did not last till the death overs.He did reach out to a short ball from Harbhajan, dispatching it over long off for a six. In the next over, his short arm pull off Dwayne Bravo was taken by Shardul Thakur at deep square leg boundary.With Colin Ingram (2) and Keemo Paul (0) also being dismissed cheaply, followed by Dhawan, the expectations of a 175-plus total withered away.Also Read | Started to doubt myself after Koffee with Karan row, I was hated nationally: KL RahulFor sports news, updates, live scores and cricket fixtures, log on to Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter for Sports news, scores and updates.Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Download from Post your comment Do You Like This Story? Awesome! Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments Tags :Follow Shane WatsonFollow Feroz Shah KotlaFollow Delhi CapitalsFollow Chennai Super KingsFollow Delhi Capitals vs Chennai Super Kings advertisementlast_img read more

A New Way to Send Jet Lag Packing: Pure Flow Fitness

first_img Portion Control: The Best Meal Prep Containers on the Market The Best Leg Exercises for Sculpted Calves, Quads, and More The Best Whiskey Quotes of All Time Jet lag typically starts as soon as that cloying voice is piped through the airplane, kindly demanding that you return your seat to its upright position. Not even on the ground and already you’re forced to leave your comfort zone.But even if reclining while landing didn’t lead to certain death (just a theory) you’d still be jet lagged. It’s just nature or really, a convergence of air pressure, tight quarters, salty food, time zone changes and lack of peaceful sleep. And all of it revels in making you feel like a crusted over circus clown for at least a few days after reaching your final destination.Problem…Solution. At least if you’re arriving in New York City. It’s called the Pure Flow Fitness and they’ve re-appropriated technology originally designed to treat angina and cardiac patients into something that sends Jet Lag packing.The machine, which looks like a cross between a tanning bed and something James Bond might have confused, sexual nightmares about, is a series of strategically placed straps that get wrapped around your legs and buttocks. A few heart monitors are placed on your chest and when the controls get switched to on, the straps inflate and deflate according to the beat of your heart. Pressure is adjusted to your comfort and then you sit there, quite literally getting pumped, for 45 minutes. You can doze off or watch some stuff on your pad or phone, just don’t plan on getting heavy emailing done. You’ll be able to do that afterwards when your head’s all cleared and you feel as if you’ve been given a new lease on life.All of that inflating around your muscles has been working wonders on your circulatory system by oxygenating your tissues in a kind of cardiovascular work out that does not require you to actually, well, work out. Mental clarity and increased energy levels will be the first things you notice. But also, you’ll see that your skin looks less fatigued and you’ll fall asleep easier when the day is through. It’s a sustained feeling throughout the day, not dissimilar to the alertness you feel after a good workout in the gym.A few other benefits of the pure flow pulsation machine? It cleanses the lymphatic system, which is doctor speak for where your body sends all the toxins it can’t deal with. It also helps boost the results in the gym and mitigates insomnia. Long term, it can act as an anti-ager for your skin and it can be used to help treat any performance-related issues with your most masculine of features. Increased circulation guys!Pure Flow Fitness also offers pure oxygen boosts inside of a hyperbaric chamber, high frequency vibration technology for low-impact muscle stimulation and LED light technology to stimulate the metabolization of fat.The company has been using the machine since the summer of 2012 and is run by a team of three partners. Cardiologist Dr. Samir Shah, rehabilitation expert and co-founder of Station Fitness, Andrew Luke Barile and celebrity photographer Roger Moenks.In order for the pulsation treatment to alleviate jet lag, it is recommended to have one treatment for every four time zones traveled. Jet lag packages start at $255 and include three treatments, done once a day following your The Best Men’s Short-Sleeve Button-Downs Shirts Raise the Bar Editors’ Recommendations How to Buy a House: Must-Read Steps and Tips to Guide You Through the Process last_img read more

The Monocabin is the Pre-Built Tiny Cabin You Can Actually Afford

first_img Thailand’s WARchitect Design Studio is Elevating Home Design Previous Next These Treehouses Will Restore Your Sense of Childlike Wonder Zach Klein Is the Reason We’re All Obsessed with Cabin Porn Editors’ Recommendations 4 Tiny Houses You Can Buy on Amazon This Black Boathouse Is a Luxurious Retreat on a Small Island in Norway 1 of 3 Canadian design and construction company Drop Structures, which focuses on “small, lifestyle-specific luxury spaces,” wants you to be able to afford a tiny cabin. And by the looks of the team’s latest creation, the Monocabin, they’ve achieved their goal.Starting at a base price of just $22,000, this modular tiny cabin boasts 106 square feet of space, a four-foot attached deck, six LED pot lights and five outlets, a no-foundation-required steel base with solid core construction, Baltic birch interior wood finish, black leather (yes, leather) flooring, Douglas fir decking, and an electrical heater. Basically, for less than mid-level SUV, you can have a small house that functions. But again, that’s just the base price.Stepping up your budget a bit will get you even more. For $27,000 buyers can modify the Monocabin to have a glass front wall; for $33,000, you can get both a full-glass front and back. Other areas of customization a kitchen, a loft, additional windows, a built-in murphy bed, air conditioning, extended length, even a bathroom.Drop Structures says of its creation, “With the ability to seamlessly incorporate lofts, desks, beds, various wall and floor textures, and a plethora of other features with ease, the Mono’s ability to transcend a single use function is limited only by your imagination. It’s truly a simplistic ease of use asset, a quick ‘Plug and Play’ addition to your lifestyle.” And we have to agree. Great for a backyard studio, guest suite, listening room, man cave, and more, Monocabin makes having a separate space of your own easy and affordable — not to mention stylish and cool as hell. Plop one of these babies in your backyard add a firepit, and you’ve got yourself some additional income via Airbnb. Just don’t tell your HOA.The Monocabins that do not require water and sewage hook-ups typically don’t need a permit to place and, as mentioned above, do not require a foundation of any sort. The cabin is designed to sit on level, stable land; pilings; or even a concrete pad.For a deeper look at the world of modular structures, take a look at these mountain shelters.last_img read more

Batchewana FN disappointed Ontario appealing Robinson Huron win

first_imgWikwemikong Chief Duke Peltier, Wasauksing Chief Warren Tabobondung, Shawanaga Chief Wayne Pamajewon, Batchewana Chief Dean Sayersn on June 4, 2018, at the start of final arguments in the Robinson Huron Treaty Annuities court case. (APTN file.)APTN NewsAn Ontario First Nation is reeling after learning the Ford government is appealing the Robinson Huron annuities claim – including costs.The federal government has said it will not appeal the December 2018 decision.“The provincial government has a fiduciary obligation to honour our treaties and Ontario’s decision to appeal the ruling is unacceptable,” Batchewana Chief Dean Sayers said in a release.“For decades, our people have received the vastly inadequate annual amount that is nowhere near the value of our shared resources of this land.”An Ontario Superior Court judge sided with 21 First Nations late last year when she said annual $4 treaty payments should be raised.Justice Patricia Hennessy found the provincial and federal governments had been short-changing First Nations in Ontario for more than a century.But she did not set a new amount under the Robinson-Huron Treaty, which was signed in 1850.Now comes word Ontario has filed notice seeking leave to appeal the decision.Although Sayers believes the judge’s decision will hold and Ontario will come to the table and negotiate instead of litigate.“Batchewana is disappointed in the province’s decision, however, we are confident that Ontario and Canada will follow through on their inherited obligation through a mediated process,” he said in the release.The treaty payments are a share of natural resource revenues within the territory.There are about 30,000 beneficiaries in the 21 communities.last_img read more

Foreign exchange rates

These are indicative wholesale rates for foreign currency provided by the Bank of Canada on Tuesday. Quotations in Canadian funds.Australia dollar 0.9899Brazil real 0.3964China renminbi 0.1891Euro 1.4733Hong Kong dollar 0.158084India rupee 0.01929Indonesia rupiah 0.0000930Japan yen 0.01136Malaysia ringgit 0.2904Mexico peso 0.06927N.Z. dollar 0.8955Norway krone 0.1589Peruvian new sol 0.3822Russia rouble 0.02150Saudi riyal 0.3299Singapore dollar 0.9144South Africa rand 0.09579South Korean won 0.001094Sweden krona 0.1553Switzerland franc 1.2932Taiwanese dollar 0.04115Thailand baht 0.03731Turkey lira 0.3599U.K. pound 1.6094U.S. dollar 1.2371Vietnam dong 0.000054

British entrepreneur Nasser David Khalili named UNESCO goodwill ambassador

The head of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Irina Bokova, today named British entrepreneur and philanthropist Nasser David Khalili as the agency’s newest Goodwill Ambassador for the promotion of peace among nations through culture and education. Mr. Khalili, a scholar and renowned art collector, is the founder of the Nasser D. Khalili Chair of Islamic Art at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, as well as the co-founder and chairman of the Maimonides Foundation, which promotes peace and understanding between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Since 1970, Mr. Khalili has assembled five outstanding art collections: The Arts of the Islamic World (700-1900), Japanese Art of the Meiji Period (1868-1912), Swedish Textiles (1700-1900), Spanish Damascened Metalwork (1850-1900) and Enamels of the World (1700-2000). Together, the five collections comprise some 25,000 works. As a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, he will join the ranks of outstanding celebrity advocates, including Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nelson Mandela of South Africa, United States jazz musician Herbie Hancock, Cuban ballerina and choreographer Alicia Alonso, and Dubai-based philanthropist, educator and entrepreneur Sunny Varkey. read more

Six dead and dozens injured after storms and tornadoes hit US south

first_img By Associated Press 11 Comments Short URL Apr 30th 2017, 1:46 PM Sunday 30 Apr 2017, 1:46 PM 11,037 Views Share Tweet Email2 center_img Source: Tom Fox/PA ImagesUpdated at 7pmSEVERE STORMS INCLUDING tornadoes swept through several small towns in East Texas, killing at least four people and injuring dozens more, and leaving a trail of overturned vehicles, mangled trees and damaged homes.The storms in Texas were among several in parts of the South and Midwest that brought strong winds, thunderstorms and torrential rain, killing a total of at least six people in three states.In Arkansas, a 65-year-old woman was killed when a tree was blown into her home yesterday.In Missouri, a 72-year-old woman drowned despite her husband’s efforts to save her as their vehicle was swept away by rushing waters after heavy rains caused flooding.The storms were headed east into Mississippi and Alabama today. Source: Tom Fox/PA ImagesIn Texas today, search teams were going door to door, a day after storms cut a path of destruction 56 kilometres and 24 kilometeres wide in Van Zandt County, Canton Mayor Lou Ann Everett said.The largely rural area is about 80 kilometres east of Dallas.“It is heartbreaking and upsetting to say the least,” Everett told reporters at a news conference this morning.Video from local television stations showed uprooted trees and overturned cars along rural, wet roadways, along with flattened homes.The storms flipped pickup trucks at a Dodge dealership in Canton and tore through the business.Everett said authorities had confirmed four deaths in the area, down from the five deaths reported earlier, but cautioned that “it is a very fluid situation and that could change.”Searchers were using dogs to determine whether “anyone is trapped and needs help, or worse,” she said. Six dead and dozens injured after storms and tornadoes hit US south Videos from local television stations showed uprooted trees and overturned cars along the rural roadways. Source: Tom Fox/PA ImagesFifty-six people were treated at three hospitals and six remained hospitalised this morning, two of them in critical condition, ETMC Regional Health Care Systems spokeswoman Rebecca Berkley said.Officials urged people to stay away from the area. Rescue workers were dealing with gas leaks and downed power lines and trees, said Judge Don Kirkpatrick, the county’s chief executive. Fences also had been blown over, meaning livestock in the farming and ranching area were roaming free.“It’s a very dangerous situation out there,” Kirkpatrick said.The National Weather Service confirmed at least three tornadoes swept through parts of three counties, with two of the twisters tracking nearly the entire south-to-north length of Van Zandt County.The first reports of tornadoes came about 4.45 pm yesterday, but emergency crews were hampered by continuing severe weather, Kirkpatrick said.“We’d be out there working and get a report of another tornado on the ground,” he said.One resident, Ernestine Cook, told Dallas television station WFAA she rushed to a storm centre just in time.“It hit so hard, so fast. It just kept moving,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like it after 22 years of living here.”Oncor, the electric utility that serves the area, reported more than 4,500 customers were without power late this morning.Everett said about 30 crews from around Texas were arriving to restore electricity. Five major transmission towers were toppled and some were difficult to reach. Cellphone service was described as “spotty.” Source: Tom Fox/PA ImagesCanton is known throughout Texas and neighboring states for its First Monday Trading Days, a monthly flea market that draws thousands of people and goes back 150 years.Everett said the grounds of the market were spared from serious damage, although power lines and trees were down.In Missouri and Arkansas, some roads remained closed today because of flooding. Missouri reported nearly 100 evacuations and three dozen rescues yesterday.In Arkansas, utilities said tens of thousands of customers were without power.Read: Theresa May: People use food banks ‘for many complex reasons’Read: A Ja Rule-organised festival promised music and models on the beach, instead it turned into chaos Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article last_img read more