How to Sell Green Upgrades: Exhaust Fans

first_imgEnergy Star fans are quietYes, one of the reasons we recommend Energy Star exhaust fans is because they use less energy. But by the far and away the main reason we recommend them is because they make less noise — and that’s a green upgrade every client is willing to pay more for.A fan that doesn’t rattle? A fan you can barely hear? And it uses less energy at the same time? Nothing in the home is easier to get a client to upgrade than these exhaust fans. HOW TO SELL GREEN UPGRADESPart One: Radiant Barrier PaintsPart Two: Tankless Water HeatersPart Three: Energy AuditsPart Five: Electrical ImprovementsPart Six: Better InsulationPart Seven: A Few Small Things Laundry rooms can be smellyBut don’t forget about location, our third important word I mentioned earlier. Do you put one in the laundry room? Have you considered offering your client the upgrade option to do so? You know there is likely no room in the house that needs proper ventilation more than laundry. Think about what’s in your laundry: dirty, musty — perhaps wet and muddy — clothes, cleaning supplies, pet food, a litter box with what on top? Likely several items that belong in the garage but have not quite made it the there: paints, thinners, charcoal lighter …?A dual-speed Energy Star exhaust fan with constant low volume exhaust will keep the laundry under negative pressure and make it less likely that polluted air will concentrate or migrate in to the rest of the home. This is an easy to understand the upgrade for your client, and an easy profit-maker for you.So whether the magic words are “Energy Star” or “location,” incorporating them into your lexicon will make your clients happier and you more money. You know every little bit helps. Whether you are helping a customer select a higher quality bath exhaust fan or you are making more money on the fans you sell, it all adds up, benefiting you and your customer. So don’t ignore the following opportunity to affect positive change with a small but important product — and make a couple of extra dollars along the way.There are three important words when it comes to upgrading bathroom exhaust fans: “Energy Star” and “location.” Now when I start talking about Energy Star and bath fans in the same sentence, most of our clients have reached E-Star fatigue, so they usually roll their eyes and ask, “Just how much energy does a ventilation fan use in the first place?” I smile, because I know they are about to love me!last_img

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