27 Persons Detained, For Allegedly Torturing Man to Death

first_imgAbout 27 persons are currently undergoing interrogation at the Tappita Police Station for allegedly torturing to death an elderly in the Town called Doe Zuaplay in Tappita District.On Radio Kegheaman Morning Show, the Doe Zuaplay  Administrative Commissioner Sam Nanpeh Wehyee said the man was arrested by the Poro people and taken to the Zoe Bush on Saturday 17th October 2014 where he was tortured for his failure to comply to the norms of the society.Commissioner Wehyee said  the man, Samuel Mansuo, and his son got into a tussle with one of his friends in Zuaplay over a parcel of land.During the tussle, the late Samuel Mansuo’s son vandalized the house his disputed friend was building on the land in question.Based on that behavior, the citizens of the town went through the case and fined the late Samuel’s son.  The fine consisted of bringing a pan filled with rice along with cattle.Upon the citizens’ ruling, the late Samuel Mansuo agreed to pay his son’s fine and asked for time.  But in the interim, his son escaped to an unknown destination.Commissioner Wehyee narrated that upon the expiration of the time requested for, the citizens and devil counterpart requested the late father to produce his son or make available the items agreed in the fine.“It was the failure of the man to comply that he was arrested and taken into the Poro bush and tortured for three days; with hands ties around his wrist and neck.  He was also  flogging,” Commissioner Wehyee said.“After he was tortured for two days in the bush,” Commissioner Wehyee added, “the man was released to one of his friends who begged   devil for time to provide the needed items to them. But Samuel Mansuo died a few days later at home.”In Nimba County, the Poro Society is widely practiced among the Mano communities, but in the  Dahn/Gio community, to have Poro bush controlled by the  devil was very shocking to them.Zuaplay Town is a predominately Gio settlement close to the Mano Town of Dounpa.  These two towns fall under the Doe Administrative District in Tappita Statutory District.The issue of lawless behavior is very common in Nimba.  Early this year in the Town called Soa Varyenglay, a man identified as John Miah was beaten unmercifully in the Zoe Bush after having been accused of witchcraft.In Tappita in 2009, a business woman was brutally murdered in a town called Granpea by some men and concealed her body under a creek, but the body was discovered after one of the perpetrators confessed to the police.In the incident of John Miah, Representative Garrison Yealue of Nimba Electoral District # 4 was linked to  masterminding the flogging,  which he denied. Because of his denial, case is yet to be established.But it is unclear whether this recent incident was masterminded by some officials of the district.  However, a source from Zuaplay, a former security officer, said the late Samuel Mansuo was very rude and disrespectful to the citizens.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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