Gibson-McCook Relays Watch | Edwin Allen vs the clock

first_imgTHE Girls Class One 4x100m – a championships event is slated for 5:55 p.m. on Saturday at the Gibson – McCook Relays and when the teams line up for this event, Edwin Allen will be eyeing the record of 44.48 seconds, set two years ago. That team included the likes of Christania Williams, Monique Spencer, Saquine Cameron and Claudette Allen. This time around they have a Class One team, which is just as strong and the clock should be their only competition here. They have already shown their speed this season with little or no competition. At the Central Hurdles and Relay meet at GC Foster College of Physical Education and Sport, they clocked a record 45.08 seconds. The quartet of Patrice Moody, Shellece Clarke, Kamoy Farquharson and Kasheika Cameron showed their true might at the Milo Western Relays, storming to 44.87 seconds despite some hitches. BETTER EFFORT With a better effort in their exchanges they could erased their old mark and it will be interesting to see if the likes of Holmwood, St Jago and company will give them enough competition to push them into a super time. Still, whether or not that competition arrives from their rivals, this Edwin Allen team certainly packs the power to lower that record on their own. Top 3 Prediction 1. Edwin Allen 2. Holmwood 3.St Jagolast_img

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