THE TRUTH: Did Zab Judah really floor ‘unsinkable’ Mayweather in training?

first_imgMayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe says that there is absolutely no truth to reports that Zab Judah knocked out Floyd Mayweather Jr with a body shot during a recent sparring session.This so-called incident has spread like wildfire after starting up somewhere on the internet. First Judah himself denied that it ever happened, and no Ellberbe is saying it’s not true.“False…nothing like that. It never happened,” Ellerbe told when asked whether Judah had knocked Mayweather down during one of their sparring sessions. Zab is in camp. He’s helping with the preparations along with several other sparring partners.When asked about the claims in an interview, Ellerbe told Sky Sports News HQ:“False. No. Zab is in camp. Zab is a tremendous fighter – he’s been helping with the preparations along with several other sparring partners. They are really pushing Floyd. Floyd is treating this fight and the preparation as business as usual.”That’s the end of that. A little over a week ago, Jeff Mayweather reported that Mayweather was really working Judah over during their sparring sessions. He said that Judah was getting dominated so badly that he’d stopped throwing punches back at Mayweather.Jeff later apologized for leaking the information about the sparring, because he felt that it wasn’t the right thing for him to have done.Ellerbe says that Mayweather is treating this fight like he has with all the other fights during his career. Pacquiao is no different than the other 47 opponents that Mayweather has faced and beaten.He’s just another name that he plans on adding to his win column as he heads towards his 50th win.We’ll see about that. –last_img

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