Eagles Host 4-Way Track Meet

first_imgJac-Cen-Del hosted a Varsity Track meet with SW Hanover, Switzerland County, and Trinity Lutheran.Final Results.  Men:  SWH 84, JCD 52, SWC 49, TL 44.Ladies:  SWC 80, JCD 59.5, SWH 56, TL 37.5.Top JCD Performers.  High Hurdles: Christian Comer 3rd 19.7 ; Kara Merkel 3rd 19.7; 100D  Adrian Peetz 4th 12.1; Lauryn Dilk 5th 15.0; 1600M Damon Hughes 3rd 5:17, Nathan Laswell 5th 5:42, Elyse Hunger 2nd 6:30; 400D;                 Katelyn Sizemore 4th 1:18; 300H Kara Merkel 3rd 1:08; 800R  Damion Hughes 2nd 2:21, Dillon Hughes 3rd 2:56, Lauryn Dilk 4th 3:04; 200D  Adrian Peetz 4th 24.7, Shaylee Volz 5th 32.8; 3200 Nathan Laswell 3rd 12.21, Elyse Hunger 1st 14.16, Katie Minch 3rd 15:30; Disc Dylan Parcell 2nd 122’0, Micheal Schmitt 3rd 119’5 Shaylee Volz 1st 92’3, Elizabeth Newhart 5th 73;  Shot Micheal Schmitt 2nd 39’5, Shaylee Volz 3rd 27’10, Elizabeth Newhart 4th 27’2; Long  Adrian Peetz 2nd 17’8, Garrett Boor 3rd 17’7, Lauryn Dilk 3rd 12’5.5.High Jump Garret Boor 1st 5’10, Christian Comer2nd 5’8, Blake Simon 4th 5’4, Taylor Wilhoit 2nd 4’7, Dillan Hughes 4th 4’6,5th Katie Minch 4’2.Courtesy of Eagles Coach Larry Hammond.last_img

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