Binghamton University professor teaches how people can better explore diversity

first_imgBailey says the best thing you can do right away is simple listen. She went on to say, “For the individual now who wants to educate themselves, decide that you want to learn more and seek out those readings and articles and listen to people of African descent…and others…who have some knowledge about this.” As more people hear from protesters about racial injustice and oppression, many want to get involved and learn more. The question is, where do you start? Binghamton University history professor, Anne Bailey, has that answer. Bailey has been studying African-American history and so much more since her days at Harvard and University of Pennsylvania. Now, she teaches her students how they can be more open to diversity and what changes they can make once they learn more. If you’d like to learn more about Anne Bailey’s work on African-American history and contemporary issues, click here. She says though it is not a job for people of color to educate others, it’s good to listen when they are willing to share their experiences. Bailey says once you open up to this, the next thing to do is educate yourself with articles and books by black writers.center_img (WBNG) — In wake of the protests calling for more people to listen and be educated on the topic, BU history professor shows her insight on where to start. “W. E. B. Du Bois is a classic. What he writes is what you can see happening today. What you read of about 100 years ago, you can relate it to George Floyd, Trayvon Martin…it’s amaizng,” said Bailey. “You can take them apart and say, ‘hey, what about this can we now take to the next level?'” Bailey encourages people to not be ashamed of being unaware of some issues, but simply, be open to hearing about them.last_img

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