Watch Stephen Colbert’s Incredible Sit-In With Gorillaz For “Feel Good, Inc.” On The Late Show

first_imgClearly, everyone has been buzzing about the return of Gorillaz in recent months, with the recent release of Humanz and their upcoming North American tour from July through October—Gorillaz’ first North American shows since 2010. The buzz around their new material is abundant, but sometimes, it leaves all of us longing for days long gone—specifically 2005’s Demon Days, but who’s counting? Clearly, The Late Show host, comedian Stephen Colbert, feels us on that though. The Late Show just released bonus footage from Gorillaz’ appearance on the show last week featuring a special performance of “Feel Good, Inc.”—the lead single off the iconic 2005 release, Demon Days—and we gotta say the bonus clip is incredible.Gorillaz Plot 2017 North American “Humanz” TourFor the new clip of “Feel Good, Inc.”, Stephen Colbert boldly steps up to take on the rap verse in the song that was originally laid down by De La Soul, and during the performance a video of the comedian rapping (and adding his own maniacal laughing) is projected behind the band. It’s worth noting that in addition to Colbert killing it, he also made some hilarious and appropriate modifications to the verse as well, with “Ladies, ponies at the track/It’s my mayonnaise attack” subbing in for the line originally citing a “chocolate attack” and references to “Care Bear” switching out to “Colbert.”Gorillaz, Pusha T, And A Holographic Mavis Staples Perform On ColbertIn addition to Colbert’s surprise cameo, Damon Albarn recruied Seye Adelekan, Jesse Hackett, Mike Smith, Karl Vanden Bossche, Gabriel Wallace, Jeff Wooton, and a five backup singers to perform the number that night, in addition to “Let Me Out,” a song off the new album featuring Mavis Staples and Pusha-T that aired on television. The video is truly delightful, so we recommend that you watch it for yourself below.last_img

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