George’s Candies: An Ocean City Tradition Always Looking for Something New

first_imgGeorge’s Candies New Location for Summer 2016Something’s cooking at 7th St. and the Boardwalk: George’s Candies is whipping up batches of award winning macaroons, just as they have since 1954.But something new is brewing as well, just down the boards. What can only be described as a George’s super store. The new location will be much larger and not only offer George’s traditional “ ‘Roons” salt water taffy, ice cream, fudge and too many other assorted treats to mention here, but also full breakfasts cooked to order, gifts, toys and much more.The new location was born out of a space issue. People were simply too crowded at 7th St. and at peak times waited in a long line to enjoy one of George’s 50 flavors of homemade ice cream, said owner Bill Westerman, now preparing for his 21st summer with the store.  He took over for his parents “Big” Bill and Janet, who bought the business from founder George Koukoulis in 1974.That’s 42 years of family ownership.“When you’ve been at it that long, you can tell from the weather and the size of the crowd on the boardwalk how many macaroons to make,” Bill the younger says.His parents are still in the store working hard with the entire staff for another banner season, Westerman said. Until recently Big Bill, a CPA, was still doing the books for the business and Janet is still in the kitchen making many of the treats.“I just try to emulate them” Bill says of his business model. “There is never a shortcut and we always use the finest ingredients. Everything is made fresh and we don’t put anything in a freezer.  People who come to Ocean City love their traditions.  We try to anticipate what people will like and we don’t ever want a customer to be disappointed.”That means a lot more retail space at the new store.“We will actually have room for displays and a 60-ft. long candy counter,” he said. Westerman prides himself on the homemade ice cream, which should now be more readily accessible to customers.  They have 42 flavors which he calls “tried and true” and eight other flavors are rotated in and out of the offerings in an effort to see what will catch on, he said.  An example is a flavor Bill calls “Motor Oil”, an indulgent concoction featuring two different types of chocolate, topped with hot fudge.  Or his Jersey Peach with real chunks of local peaches mixed in…but get it while you can; its only available when local peaches are in season.As for toys and gifts, Westerman is always looking for something different. You can find traditional offerings like flip-flops, boogie boards and toys, but everything has an exotic edge.  “Sometimes you take a chance and you make a mistake and it goes out the back door, but most times people tell us ‘we always come here because you don’t have the same old things.’ We strive for everything we offer to be the best it can possibly be and at a reasonable price.”In addition to the stores, customers can call George’s at 609-398-4444 or check out the website at “same old thing” will never change under Westerman’s watch and that is “what we butter our bread” with: the world-famous, Macaroons.“I describe them as pure goodness,” he says with a laugh. “People come from all over to enjoy them. We make them with the finest ingredients and they are always 100 percent fresh. We even chop them up to make Macaroon-flavored ice cream.”That’s Georges for you: One of Ocean City’s longest Boardwalk traditions, but always with a new twist.last_img

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