IS IT TRUE April 10, 2017

first_imgIS IT TRUE that age and neglect have reportedly taken their toll on the Veterans Memorial Coliseum?…the classic old structure that has seen many a wrestling matches, basketball games and a series of rock and roll concerts in the 1970s and 1980s like our roads, sewers, and sidewalks is making news for the shoddy condition that it has been allowed to creep into?…this list of up and coming rock and roll bands that played at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum were KISS, Golden Earring, Thin Lizzy, The Eagles, Bachman Turner Overdrive, REO Speedwagon, and Dan Fogelberg?…that is just a few of the legends that graced the stage before they became international stars?…even in its poor condition we expect that the Veterans Memorial Coliseum has better financial results on an annualized basis than the Ford Center, the Old National Events Centre, and the Victory Theatre combined or individually?IS IT TRUE the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and Mesker Amphitheater are the two venues that could always be counted on to bring emerging acts to Evansville and now from an entertainment perspective both are dormant?…they were intentionally vanquished to make room for the newer that hasn’t turned out to be better?…the City and the County have spent millions of dollars on temples to, sports, tourism, questionable zoo projects and other less than successful entertainment venues with taxpayer dollars? …the consequences of the infatuation with fun and games projects has resulted in a city of dreams unfulfilled that cannot afford to repair the basic things like sewers, water pipes, and roads? IS IT TRUE Its time we take a look both the Veterans Memorial Coliseum and Mesker Amphitheater and see how we make them once again a major part of our social, cultural and entertainment offerings?IS IT TRUE the most effective members of the Evansville City Council Finance Committee were  John Friend -CPA and Curt John?IS IT TRUE that Willy Taylor did an outstanding job when he served as a Vanderburgh County Councilmen? …James Raben, John Montrastelle, Angela Koehler Lindsey and Tom Shelter  Jr. are also doing a creditable job as members of the Vanderburgh County Council?IS IT TRUE that the most effective Vanderburgh City Tax Assessors were Jim Angermier and Cheryl Musgrave?IS IT TRUE that Tom Ossenburg and Dave Mosby were very good County Commissioners?IS IT TRUE that Betty Knight Smith, Marsha Abell Barnhart and Shirley Cox did a great job in the Vanderburgh County Clerks office?IS IT TRUE that Rick Davis was an outstanding Vanderburgh County Treasurer?  …that Susan Kirk is doing a great job in that office?IS IT TRUE that Eric Williams, Brad Ellsworth and Jim DeGroote were outstanding Vanderburgh County Sheriffs? …that current Sheriff Dave Wedding is doing a great job?IS IT TRUE that we are blessed with 7 outstanding Superior Court Judges?  …they are Honorable Richard G. D’Amour, Honorable Mary Margaret Lloyd, Honorable Brett J. Niemeier-Juvenile Judge, Honorable J. Pigman, Honorable Leslie C. Shively, Honorable  Robert  J. Tornatta and Honorable Wayne S. Trackman?IS IT TRUE Betty Hermann was an outstanding Vanderburgh County Recorder?FOOTNOTES: Todays “READERS POLL” question is: Do you feel that the Veterans Memorial Coliseum should be saved from the wreaking ball?We urge you to take time and click the section we have reserved for the daily recaps of the activities of our local Law Enforcement professionals. This section is located on the upper right side of our publication.If you would like to advertise or submit and article in the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected] LinkEmailSharelast_img

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