HR in 2002

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Trust between employers and staff 2 July Research viewpoint Why are there so many work surveys? 9 July Equal opportunities Analysis Employers pay high price for turning backs on bias 15 January Analysis DTI drive for more women in IT 29 January Research viewpoint The true meaning of diversity 12 February News profile CPS HR director Indi Seehra on tackling race discrimination in the service 26 February Sounding out HR HR and the deaf and hard of hearing 26 March Redressing the racial imbalance How the private sector will be expected to follow public sector racialequality policies 21 May Analysis Public sector staff should reflect reality 18 July Flexible working and family-friendly policies News profile John Steele, group personnel director of BT, on work-life balance 9 April Research viewpoint Employers split over flexible retirement 14 May Striking a balance Is work-life balance just hype? 6 August Health Mind over matter Mental health and employment 8 January Fanning the flames Health & safety at Corus Steel incident 12 February Back in business Why occupational health is strategic 6 August International Net gains Is global online recruitment good for HR? 15 January Internet Research viewpoint The internet’s impact the way we work 12 March e-biz The mobile internet – maximising the benefit to HR 19 February e-biz Case study – Manpower’s use of intelligent candidate matching software 12 March IT In safe hands? 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The military has at lot to offer 23 July Legislation Cuts without bruises UK consultation – ignore it at your peril 22 January Analysis Will new Employment Bill measures arrest the spiralling compensationculture? 12 March Taxing questions New tax regulations and using car fleets in a cost-effective way 2 April Analysis The EU directive on temporary workers 9 April News focus HR’s biggest challenges: changes in employment law are causing HR headaches 21 May Research viewpoint Demise of the claim 18 June e-HR and the law 25 June Research viewpoint Employment regulation and its affect on employment 24 September News debate Are strike bans the solution to the escalating number of strikes? 8 October News interview T&G’s general secretary Bill Morris on why the Information andConsultation regulations must have effective penalties 22 October Local government e-biz Case study: Haringey’s approach to the e-government challenge 7 May Management The leaders who changed HR Captains of industry who have a profound effect on people management 22 January It’s a family affair How HR can deal with dynasties 5 March Testing times How Edexcel beat its management crisis 9 April News focus Interims hit by downturn 4 June Research viewpoint The evolution of HRM 4 June Big ideas debunked HR management theories put to the test 11 June Morse’s code Inspector Morse as man manager 18 June Playing to his strengths Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger 17 September The David Brent guide to people management 22 October Talent magnet Roundtable talk on managing talent 12 November Addicted to speed Quick-fix management books assessed 26 November Management development How leaders are increasingly turning to executive coaching 4 June Research viewpoint Learning from the coach 16 July Motivation Long service rewards 19 February e-biz Motivating staff during a downturn 20 August A finger on the pulse General Motors online method for gauging its workforce’s mood 17 September Organisational change Analysis Radical plans to overhaul the police 8 January News profile Martin Tiplady, HR director for the Metropolitan Police, on police reform 5 February News profile Helena Feltham, HR director Marks & Spencer, on its business strategy 11 June Outsourcing The perils of partnership The most common reasons for doomed partnerships and how to avoid them 26 March Outsourcing: A guide to successful partnerships Free supplement Winter/Spring 2002 Pay, incentives and benefits Analysis Performance-related pay in the voluntary sector 2 April A fair day’s pay? Research findings on executive remuneration 28 May Research viewpoint – What a performance! Why performance-related pay for senior staff rarely achieves the promisedreturns 20 August The flexible trend The drivers for flexible benefits 24 September Pensions Pensions: the future Four expert opinions on what needs to be done to tackle the crisis 30 April Performance management Research viewpoint Linking HR to organisational performance 5 March Making the grade Forced ranking needs to be used with other measurement tools to be effective2 April Analysis NHS star ratings need to be refined 25 June A manager’s guide to keeping on track The 12 common executive derailers and how to recognise them 22 October The top 10 anxieties of senior HR specialists 22 October Assessing true potential Use of assessment and development programmes as a broader business tool 12 November Profession HR through the ages A guide to the major HR trends through the past five decades 29 January The enemy within A guide to HR villains 14 May The A to Z of bad HR 2 July Monkey business Could HR have saved ITV Digital? 20 August What does Avaya think of this man? The board of the global communications network provider reveals what itthinks of its HR director Mike Young 19 November Recruitment and retention The RAD award winners 29 January Analysis How employers are making the application process more demanding 12 February Keeping face The issues surrounding Japanese employees working for Western companies 19 March Research viewpoint How long should you stay in one job? 26 March Getting a foot on the housing ladder Providing housing for key workers 23 April Best behaviour A recruitment method that matches the right candidate with the right job 4 June News focus – Keeping candidates in check Reference checking as an essential part of selection 11 June Putting online psychometrics to the test Concerns over online psychometric testing 11 June Research viewpoint Headhunters feel the pinch 25 June Mob rules Why working for the mafia is a job to kill for 25 June Altered image How high profile campaigns are helping to rebrand the public sector 2 July News focus Working time law and the recruitment crisis for freight and haulage 2 July Analysis A pressured Criminal Records Bureau causes recruitment crisis 1 October News profile Joe Stewart, HR director of Northern Ireland’s police service, on the uniquerecruitment problems facing the force in the province 8 October News analysis How the skills crisis is impacting on the ability of UKcharities to recruitand retain staff 12 November Redundancy Three HR practitioners on the lessons they learnt when they were maderedundant 25 June Exit strategies How should HR react when confronted by a case such as the mysteriousresignation of DoT adviser Martin Sixsmith? 9 July Sector watch: a new series comparing companies in the same sector Store wars: in-depth report on key players in supermarkets 12 March Off the rails An in-depth report on what train operators are doing to restore confidence 23 April Telecoms 16 July Special reports The talent report part 1: recruiting and selecting high flyers 19 February The talent report part 2: motivating and retaining talented staff 26 February Training 16 April Top 40 power players 7 May E-recruitment: does it work? Roundtable debate: going global – putting online strategies in place 3 September HR: The naked truth Body of evidence HR’s under-performance in six key areas Global work indicators How we rank on productivity, stress, equal pay, and workplace relations The rhetoric and the reality What HR says and what it really means Cutting HR down to size A quick and dirty guide to HR 22 October A day in the life Real life at the junior end of HR 22 October Strategy Analysis Is the balanced scorecard HR’s ticket to the board? 5 March Is HR measuring up? Time for HR to prove its strategic worth 5 March Measuring company assets A guide to the many ways that financial performance can be measured 28 May The human factor Exclusive research on management issues when developing an e-business 17 September Delivering HR strategy Major new series beginning with exclusive research into human capital 24 September Weighing up the options Ways of measuring human capital part 2 – which approach is the mosteffective? 1 October Charting the evolution of strategic HR The thinking behind HR strategy 8 October Blue sky thinkers The world’s influential strategic thinkers 8 October Turning people into profits Jonas Ridderstr†le, assistant professor at the Centre for Advanced Studiesin Leadership, Stockholm School of Economics, explains how 8 October Strategic visions Delivering a perfect HR strategy 15 October So you think you’re strategic? Where are you on the HR evolutionary scale? 15 October Eight steps towards delivering a successful HR strategy 29 October The hard sell Ad agencies on selling HR to the board 29 October Aligning HR to the business Aligning HR strategy with business needs 5 November What a performance The four core areas that can make or break performance management plans 12 November In line with customer needs The four key issues HR has to face when dealing with organisational design 19 November Planning for success The critical role of workforce planning 26 November Stress Analysis Stress and the burden on employers 26 February Research viewpoint Stress: is justice being done? 7 May Supplements IM4 Hiring or becoming an interim manager Spring 2002 Boardroom HR Leadership special Summer 2002 Public sector HR Free supplement Summer 2002 Public sector HR Free supplement Winter 2002 Flexible Benefits A guide to introducing flexible benefits Autumn 2002 Interim HR Today Autumn 2002 Training Mission impossible Teambuilding at Westland Helicopters 15 January Learning technologies HR’s challenges in keeping companies’ IT staff up to date 29 January Research viewpoint Learning initiatives 26 February Finding the right blend Four companies’ training preferences 28 May Content is king Four e-learning programmes that deliver 23 July The irresistible rise of e-learning How e-learning can be used to harness the UK’s increasingly flexibleworkforce 1 October Analysis Sector Skills Councils: More work needs to be done to include all industries15 October e-biz The NHS’s online corporate university 15 October e-biz Intelligent Finance’s learning model 19 November Workplace Parting shot Employee theft during redundancies 15 January Research viewpoint Work is a popular subject for novels and films – but how realistic is thedepiction? 23 April Research viewpoint The workplace is the new community 21 May Research viewpoint Can work be soulful? Spirituality at work 11 June Work practices Turbulent times How HR in travel coped after 9/11 5 February Wasting time Tackling long hours and presenteeism 26 March Analysis Can the UK break its long-hours culture? 2 April Research viewpoint Don’t believe the hype: Is the talk of revolution in work-life born out? 9 April The name game The dilemma of job titles 9 April An air of insecurity Following 9/11, airlines around the world are putting in place extremesecurity measures 14 May Research viewpoint: Vive le 35-hr week The French experience assessed 23 July Addicted to work? Workaholics and the harm they can do 22 October No quick fix solution A practical guide to interim management 15 October Victory disease A company is never more at risk than when successful – six classic symptoms 5 November Back on song The rise of the corporate anthem 19 November Comments are closed. 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