AVN BoneCraft the Porno World of Warcraft Knockoff

first_imgAdChoices广告 We already knew about the folks at D-Dub software.The company old us that it aims to be the “adult video game version of South Park. Last year at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo, it was showing off BoneTown–a game that could only be described as a comedic, pornographic sex fighting game.This year, D-Dub has upped the ante with BoneCraft, a pornographic comedy sci-fi game that it promises “will appeal to both the adult gamers who always loved BoneTown and to the legions of fans the fantasy/sci-fi genre, who will now be able to experience what has never been possible in other games of the genre–taking the action all the way to bedroom.”In other words, the game is a dirty, dirty take off of Blizzards World of Warcraft and Starcraft. The company debuted the BoneCraft trailer today at the AVN show. The game (only single play, for better or worse) is due out later this year. last_img read more