Hot Wheels gets a cool stunt cam

first_imgHot Wheels as most kids and adults will know are a cool range of die-cast models of vehicles which are manufactured by Mattel. Even though you have modern video games of the vehicles in action, the traditional method of play is to place the physical toy car/truck onto a track and let it rip!However, Mattel have brought the cars into the 21st century with the addition of an attached video camera. This allows for some really cool stunt action shots and best of all the cars can also be mounted into special protective cases so you can attach them onto a skateboard helmet or whatever.The video camera is found at the top of the car, but there is also a small LCD screen underneath so you can view back the footage. Video is captured at 30-60 fps and it even records audio, but you won’t be able to hear this until you plug the car into a computer. However, once you have done this you can also use the editing software it ships with to attach extra clips (sound tracks that sort of thing).Available in the fall for an SRP of $59.99 this is one toy we wouldn’t mind getting hold of.Read more at DVICE, via Pocket-Lintlast_img read more