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first_imgWith regards to Jonathan Brace’s letter (British Baker, April 27, pg 6), my book Bread Matters presents recent scientific research, which suggests that modern bread is based on wheat of declining nutritive value, processed in ways that make it less digestible than it could be.This should be either refuted or confirmed by joint industry research into the effects of different baking ingredients and methods.Until then, the attempt to mask industrial bread’s declining value by selective additions of synthetic nutrients is, at best, disingenuous. It verges on cynical manipulation when the mendacious notion of ’clean label’ is used to describe bread in which declared additives have been replaced by undeclared enzymes.Legal it may be – for the time being – but ethical trading it most certainly is not to deny those most concerned with eating healthy food the truth about what is really in it.I don’t dispute the industry’s efficiency and, having run a bakery for 25 years, I am well aware of market forces. With per capita bread consumption in long-term decline, suggesting reasons why modern bread doesn’t agree with so many people could hardly be called “scaremongering”.It is not “the whole milling and baking industry” that I criticise – simply its reluctance to deal honestly with disturbing evidence about its materials and techniques. Those who have nothing to hide have no need to be scared.Andrew Whitley, Bread Matters, Cumbrialast_img read more

San Antonio Texas USA – Emivest Aerospaces larg

first_imgSan Antonio, Texas, USA – Emivest Aerospace’s largest distributor, Action Aviation, is on hand at this year’s EBACE representing the factory, along with Action Aviation chairman Hamish Harding’s own SJ30 on display just in front of the entrance steps to the EBACE static display.Since the acquisition was announced at NBAA last year, Emivest has provided the necessary planning and capital to improve dramatically the company’s production line and manufacturing processes. Emivest Aerospace is committed to increasing the SJ30 production rate significantly over the next two years and to restructuring the company to improve its build efficiencies.Joe Gullion, Chief Operating Officer of Emivest Aerospace, commented “We are proud to be able to display at EBACE 2009 what must surely be the best performing light jet in the world. We are especially pleased to increase our visibility in the European market now that we are making real progress on ramping up the SJ30 production line. We are busy at the factory completing the necessary steps on the production line to allow us to meet all our contracted customer deliveries. This progress can be seen with SJ30 serial number 008 as we are about to do the first flight of this first customer SJ30 to be delivered since the acquisition of the company. In addition, we have been hard at work developing our customer service programs to support these early deliveries”.Hamish Harding, Emivest’s first SJ30 customer in Europe, adds “The SJ30 jet is a joy to fly. With the high-speed cruise of 486 kts (Mach 0.83), a range of 2,500 nautical miles and an operating ceiling of 49,000 feet, the SJ30 jet has truly exceptional performance for a light jet. The sea-level cabin all the way to 41,000 ft also means that pilots and passengers are not as tired from the effects of jet lag as we would be on a long journey in any other business jet”.www.emivestaerospace.comlast_img read more